5 Solar Energy Companies in Chennai to Know

These companies are helping India achieve its emissions goals and move toward 100 percent renewable energy.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Feb. 20, 2024
5 Solar Energy Companies in Chennai to Know
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India aims to switch entirely to renewable power sources by 2070, so the country is seeing a huge jump in demand for green jobs as it makes advances to meet this ambitious goal. These green jobs range from solar panel installers to hardware development to software development. As renewable energy becomes more accessible in the country, these are some of the top solar companies to know in Chennai.  

Top Solar Energy Companies in Chennai

  • ReGen Powertech
  • SWELECT Energy Systems 
  • Tata Power 
  • Adani Solar  
  • Loom Solar


Top Solar Energy Companies in Chennai to Know

ReGen Powertech is an Indian renewable energy company generating power through its products. The company manufactures several solutions including wind turbines, solar inverters and gearless turbines for offshore power generation. Through its research and development, ReGen Powertech has become one of the largest renewable energy providers in the country. 


SWELECT Energy Systems is an energy technology company founded in India and currently has one of the largest solar output in the country. The company manufacturers solar modules, inverters and water pumps used by industrial clients aiming to convert to solar energy. 

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Tata Power is one of India’s largest solar companies, and it operates offices in Chennai. The company develops and manufactures energy solutions both for residential and industrial rooftop applications. It also operates multi-watt solar farms that distribute renewable energy throughout the country. 


Adani Solar helps businesses and homeowners shift to renewable energy by manufacturing solar panels, heating devices and off-grid solutions. By developing its own products, the company can consult customers and install its energy solutions in a more timely and cost-efficient manner.


Loom Solar is an energy startup developing consumer-friendly residential solar solutions. Its products, include solar panels, lithium batteries and solar inverters. The company works with public and private banks to help homeowners can finance Loom Solar’s products.

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