India’s renewable energy sector is among the largest in the world. Fueled by government initiatives and a commitment to sustainability, the country has significantly expanded its investment and infrastructure in clean energy, particularly in the form of solar power. Many of the companies at the forefront of this push for solar are headquartered in Pune, where they develop, manufacture and commercialize technology that turns sunlight into energy throughout  India. Here are just a few names to keep your eye on. 

Top Solar Companies in Pune

  • Suzlon
  • Agni Solar
  • RelyOn Solar
  • Kirloskar Solar Technologies
  • Inject Solar

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5 Top Solar Companies in Pune

A long-time pioneer in the wind energy sector, Suzlon began working in solar in 2016, successfully installing and commissioning 340 megawatts of power across various states in India, according to the company’s website. In addition to producing renewable energy — including wind-solar hybrid projects — Suzlon offers forecasting, scheduling and remote monitoring software for its products.  

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Founded in 1993, Agni Solar began as a research and development firm before venturing into the commercial solar business. It now provides a range of solar-focused business verticals, including solar rooftop, water heating and street and outdoor lighting products, as well as open access solar parks. The company caters to all markets — from private residences to commercial spaces in both urban and rural areas.

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RelyOn Solar focuses mainly on on-grid and off-grid solar power plant applications. Its services include project management, design, installation, maintenance and consulting. The company has been involved in several projects throughout India, including a 1.5-megawatt solar rooftop installation at the Chennai Airport, an installation of flexible solar modules on railway coaches and a 400-kilowatt solar power car park in Pune. 

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A part of multinational engineering conglomerate Kirloskar Group, Kirloskar Solar provides renewable energy solutions for a range of industries, including healthcare, hospitality, automotive, education, agriculture and manufacturing, as well as private residences and commercial spaces. The company’s products include solar modules, solar panels, off-grid and on-grid inverters, and solar pumps. It also has various solar power plants across India.

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Inject Solar provides engineering, procurement and commissioning services for on-grid, off-grid and hybrid solar power projects. It offers its own IoT-based remote monitoring tech, too, helping customers track and improve the performance of their solar plants. The company has also recently expanded into the electric vehicle industry, according to its website. To date, Inject Solar has participated in dozens of solar projects, including at logistics parks, schools, engineering facilities and homes.

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