Ellen Glover
Senior Staff Reporter at Built In

Ellen Glover is a Built In senior staff reporter covering all things tech, with a particular focus on artificial intelligence and data science. She earned a B.A. in Journalism from Indiana University - Bloomington in 2018, and began writing for Built In in 2019. Among other media outlets, her reporting has also appeared in USA Today, the Chicago Reader, the Daily Beast, and the Marshall Project, where she won a Pulitzer Prize. Her work in audio production also received a Scripps Howard award and a Pulitzer Prize finalist citation.

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A photograph of the White House, with an AI graph overlayed on top.
As Americans prepare to head for the ballot box, AI regulation is at a crossroads.
A photo of people walking down the street with their faces blurred out and labeled with squares.
This controversial technology is now a standard identification tool.
A photograph with a view of the back of someone's head, with various computer screens and calculators in front of them. The screens have graphs and charts on them.
These top fintech companies have offices in Bangalore.
A smartphone with 'Grok' on its screen and the face of Elon Musk peaking behind it.
The flagship product from Musk’s xAI is programmed to answer “spicy” questions with witty and “rebellious” answers.
A group of three people sitting around a computer, looking and pointing at its screen.
India is one of the world’s most important tech hubs, drawing in high-growth companies from all over the world.
A closeup photograph of a smartphone with Anthropic's Claude on the screen. The screen reads, "Meet Claude."
Created by OpenAI rival Anthropic, Claude is a “helpful, harmless and honest” chatbot with a built-in ethical constitution.
A photograph of green medicine capsules packaged in wrapping, running through a conveyor belt.
Delhi’s dynamic pharmaceutical industry stands at the forefront of healthcare innovation worldwide.
An arrangement of healthcare utensils, including a stethoscope, pharmaceuticals and a thermometer, against a purple background.
Specializing in everything from cutting-edge pharmaceuticals to revolutionary medical devices, these innovative companies are right here in India.
A close-up photograph of OpenAI's GPT-4 displayed on a smartphone, and the smartphone is laying on a laptop keyboard
Everything you need to know about OpenAI’s newest language model.
Image of a computer chip with various blue nodes and lines coming out of it, indicating connectivity.
The future of artificial intelligence largely hinges on the development of AI chips.
A robot hand holding a pencil as if it is writing, with various books and letters flying off the surface it is writing upon.
Large language models are the backbone of generative AI, driving advancements in areas like content creation, language translation and conversational AI.
A photograph of Singapore's skyline.
Singapore is a hub for some of the top engineering companies in the world.