5 Renewable Energy Companies in Singapore to Know

These greentech companies develop solar panels and innovative energy solutions to decrease the country’s dependence on foreign energy sources.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Feb. 27, 2024
5 Renewable Energy Companies in Singapore to Know
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Due to its size and location, Singapore relies heavily on importing energy from other countries. But with advances in renewable energy technology, the city state is researching new ways to leverage solar energy and offset its energy import needs. These solar companies may play a role in the country’s shift to domestic energy.

Top Renewable Energy Companies in Singapore to Know

  • TE Connectivity
  • Maxeon Solar Technologies
  • EDP Renewables
  • Sun Cable
  • Bluenergy Solutions


Top Renewable Energy Companies in Singapore

TE Connectivity manufactures sustainable energy solutions and products for a wide range of industries. Its sustainable solutions range from solar panel manufacturing to nuclear energy plants and offshore wind turbine projects.


Maxeon Solar Technologies develops solar panels and AC modules for home and commercial use. According to the company, its panels feature unique cell designs that extend the longevity of the product. Its panels also have connectivity capabilities that monitor power generation from a single platform. 

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EDP Renewables is an energy company that’s rapidly expanding across global markets. The company specializes in developing energy projects like solar farms as well as onshore and offshore energy generation. According to the company, through its vast energy portfolio, it’s able to power several million houses in its current state.


Sun Cable is an energy company developing large solar infrastructure projects. Its flagship project, called AAPowerLink, aims to collect renewable energy in Australia and transmit that energy to Singapore using a high-voltage direct current transmission system. The project will require significant innovation in developing battery storage facilities and high-voltage cables to move energy across large distances. 

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Bluenergy Solutions is a unique company as it uses submersible aquatic devices to generate, store and distribute energy. According to the company, it can harness tidal energy using turbines equipped with various battery solutions to store the collected power.

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