6 Robotics Companies in Singapore to Know

These robotics companies are developing automation solutions for all industries.

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6 Robotics Companies in Singapore to Know
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Margo Steines | May 03, 2024

Robotics have long been the darling child of the tech industry because they’re an essential component to automation in manufacturing. But according to Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research, or A Star, robotics systems have uses that extend beyond factories, and as such, the industry is booming in Singapore. Here are the robotics companies to know in Singapore.

Top Robotics Companies in Singapore

  • AutoStore
  • FJDynamics
  • CenoBots
  • HiveBotics
  • Augmentus
  • CTRL Robotics


Top Robotics Companies in Singapore to Know

AutoStore makes robotics technology for warehouse order fulfillment. Clients in the grocery, retail, healthcare, third party logistics and industrial sectors use AutoStore robots and systems to improve efficiency and accuracy in fulfilling customer orders. Robots are the core of the system, driving containers around warehouses to deliver and retrieve goods as they are assembled and packaged.   

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FJDynamics develops robotics systems that promote the reduction of global carbon emissions. Some of the company’s products include hands-free auto-steering hardware for tractors and robotic lawnmowers that run entirely on electricity to eliminate oil and gas damage to grass fields. 


CenoBots is a robotics company that develops automated janitorial solutions. The company’s robots have uses in many environments like retail stores, schools and hospitals. They’re developed with lidar and AI capabilities to clean surfaces while avoiding collisions with guests. Since launching, CenoBots has launched two robotic systems, the CENOBOT L50 and SP50.

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HiveBotics develops maintenance robotics systems that can move independently and clean lavatories. Besides cleaning, Its products have capabilities to unlock doors and replenish toiletries. They come equipped with up to six hours of battery life. 


Augmentus develops robotics trained without the need for code. Typically, training robotics systems for specific actions requires custom code, but Augmentus equips its systems with software that scans the work environment to learn specific motions to carry out a task. According to the company, some uses for its robotics include welding, part inspection and painting.

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CTRL Robotics manufactures automated delivery and cleaning robotic solutions. The company developed its robots so customers could easily initiate and operate them. This means its robots don’t require special coding to operate in a physical environment. To further streamline operations, CTRL developed a platform wherein users can manage their robotic fleets and monitor their performance.

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