3 Marketing Pros Share Their Favorite Automation Tools

Marketing leaders discuss platforms that unlock more efficiency and greater success

Written by Adam Calica
Published on Apr. 27, 2021
3 Marketing Pros Share Their Favorite Automation Tools
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Finding quality leads can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. But what if you were given a metal detector? 

Used properly, marketing automation can be a difference-maker in lead generation, sales revenue, target audience engagement and a handful of other strategic goals. Moreover, studies show that those goals are being met: Invespcro reports that marketing automation drives a 14.5 percent increase in sales productivity and 12.2 percent decrease in marketing overhead. Just as important, the prevalence of these tools is growing.

According to Mordor Intelligence, the marketing automation industry was worth $6.8 billion in 2020 and will be worth nearly $20 billion by 2026. As more companies increase both the breadth and the budget of their automation tools, it’s important to look at what is truly working in the eyes of industry professionals.

We sat down with three tech companies to talk about which marketing automation tools are most important to their business. We learned that ease of use, efficiency and both qualitative and quantitative targeting are prime reasons to use tools such as Outreach, HubSpot and PostBeyond.

Top Marketing Automation Tools

  • HubSpot
  • Outreach
  • PostBeyond
  • Bizbible


On reaching target audiences:

As a data provider, quality content that showcases the value of our data assets is paramount. In order to distribute content at scale and ensure it reaches the hands of our target audiences, automation is key. 

Outreach is one tool we’ve leveraged as an organization for some time and we’re bullish on its ability to amplify messaging to prospects. The software allows us to plug the gaps in between touch points and allows us to pivot our content strategy based on easy-to-consume analytics. 

HubSpot is another essential tool in our toolkit, allowing us to gain control of our lead volume, metrics and to facilitate communications at scale and to targeted audiences.

Morgan Slade is director of product marketing at Reonomy, a platform for commercial real estate.

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On promotion and standardization:

The one marketing automation tool we love is PostBeyond. With the click of a button, our employees can promote content, announcements and more across their social channels. It is an easy, automated and standardized way to enable our employees to be our biggest brand advocates.

Samantha Taube is director of marketing operations and insights at at VTS, a leasing and asset management platform.

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modernize marketing attribution

Increasing multi-channel investments

“Last year, we decided to invest in Bizible, a marketing attribution tool,” Smith said. “Our marketing efforts have both offline and online contributions, and it was becoming more difficult to understand how we were performing across all channels and how all of these channels affected the performance of each other.

“Bizible helped organize our marketing campaigns so that we could understand where our marketing spend was contributing toward. As many marketers know, investing in different channels and understanding ROI can be tricky. Bizible helped us understand how our SEO channels were affecting our paid channels (and vice versa). In just a year, we started investing in channels we didn’t know were impacting our business and have seen incredible results in our multi-channel strategy. These insights continue to advance our marketing strategies.”

Jamie Smith is the director of homeowner communication and client acquisition for Modernize Home Services, an energy-efficient home improvement services organization.


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