The marketing industry moves so fast, it’s easy to feel left behind. New channels emerge, platform algorithms change, consumer tastes evolve. If you try to stay up to date with everything, you can quickly become overwhelmed.

One way to stay on top of news and emerging trends is to subscribe to podcasts that deliver timely (and timeless) insights, making it easier to catch up while doing something else, like driving, exercising or cooking dinner.

To help you get started, we’ve gathered a non-exhaustive list of podcasts designed to give marketers relevant information they can put into action — whether they’re early career professionals focused on growth or seasoned executives who specialize in brand building.

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AdExchanger Talks

adexchanger talksEach week, AdExchanger senior editor Zach Rodgers welcomes key digital marketing figures, from agency executives to digital media insiders, to discuss the (often confusing) world of ad tech and the various forces shaping the industry. It explores topics like contextual advertising, the future of retargeting and how the streaming revolution is shaking up the advertising side of television.

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B2B Better

b2b betterThis B2B-focused newcomer has only been around since the summer of 2020, but it’s already published several episodes full of practical advice. It’s hosted by Jason Bradwell, a B2B marketer with a decade of experience in enterprise software, and for each episode he brings in a different guest. Together they tackle topics like how to improve your blog-writing skills, and how to build an email distribution list from scratch.

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B2B Marketing Leaders

b2b marketing leadersThis podcast is for anyone who wants to hear industry leaders reflect on their careers and share wisdom accrued from years in the marketing trenches. Each episode, Dave Gerhardt welcomes guests — like Twilio CMO Sara Varni and Matterport CRO Robin Daniels — and together they unpack the ins and outs of building and scaling B2B companies.

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Breaking Brand

breaking brandThis five-part limited series takes listeners on a behind-the-scenes tour of Gin Lane — the agency responsible for the branding and design of hugely successful startups like Harry’s and Sweetgreen — as the firm strikes out to build a direct-to-consumer brand of its own. The slickly produced, documentary-style podcast sounds like something made by NPR, but it’s actually the work of Buffer, the company that makes publishing and analytics tools for social media marketers. And it’s bingeable, with the entire series clocking in under two-and-a-half hours.

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E-Commerce Marketing School

ecommerce marketing schoolProduced by Privy, an email marketing platform for Shopify and Wix stores, this daily show tackles some of the most-common issues facing e-commerce businesses today. Typically, episodes are less than five minutes long and super practical — for example, “9 Subject Lines for Review Emails You Can Steal” — but occasionally host Ben Jabbawy sits down with e-commerce marketers and operators to ask them what strategies and tactics helped them find success.

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Growth Machine

growth machineThis podcast is for people trying to grow their businesses through content marketing, search-engine optimization, social media marketing and paid advertising. Hosted by Amanda Natividad, the marketing head of the Austin-based agency from which the show derives its name, episodes alternate between interviews with marketing leaders and mini lessons that break down various growth strategies.

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The Growth TLDR Podcast

growth tldrKieran Flanagan and Scott Tousley, two marketing leaders at Hubspot, share hosting duties on this podcast. Together they chew over important growth marketing topics, and they’re often joined by notable guests. Past conversations have covered B2B customer acquisition with Slack’s former head of growth Holly Chen, how to improve ARR with Calendly CEO Tope Awotona and how companies can plan their paid advertising budgets with ZoomInfo CMO Shane Murphy-Reuter.

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Indie Hackers

indie hackersWhile marketing and entrepreneurship aren’t the same thing, the two often go hand in hand — especially if you’re in a startup environment, where you’re trying to bootstrap growth any way you can. This podcast, hosted by Courtland Allen, is invaluable for such marketers. Each week he interviews different guests who share stories from their professional journeys and detail the different things that worked — and didn’t work — as they launched and scaled their businesses.

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Making the Brand

making the brandThis podcast takes marketing seriously, but it tries to have some fun with it too. Host Brianne Fleming, a brand marketing coach, unabashed pop culture nerd and self-described boy band aficionado, uses moments and figures in entertainment, sports and celebrity culture as case studies to explain how brands work and customer loyalty is cultivated. Notable episodes include “What the Spice Girls Teach Us About Brand Purpose” and “Peloton’s Pop Culture Brilliance.”

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The Marketing Millennials

marketing millennialsTwo members of my generational cohort host this podcast, where they talk shop and fill the air with fun, fast-paced banter in the process. They interview a who’s-who line-up of distinguished guests — like Tinder’s VP of marketing Nicole Parlapiano, Asana CMO Dave King and Ann Handley of MarketingProfs — and each episode explores a different high-level topic, like sales and marketing alignment and social media listening.

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Marketing School

marketing schoolHosts Neil Patel (a marketing influencer whose articles you’ve probably encountered by searching on Google) and Eric Siu (CEO of Clickflow) deliver a daily podcast with episode run times that are almost always under five minutes — so you can learn about marketing even while you make your morning coffee. The show focuses on dispensing actionable advice, like how to rank higher on search by writing shorter content, and what you can do to grow your following on Clubhouse.

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The Overthinkers

overthinkers podcastMarketers working in an agency or consultancy context, rather than as part of a company’s in-house marketing team, may want to prioritize this weekly show hosted by two strategists sending dispatches from inside the industry — and who get you. One admirer of the podcast remarked on Twitter that it accurately addresses the “realities of big agency life,” like how to navigate politics, departmental team structures and friction between creative and media.

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The Paid Search Podcast

paid search podcastIf your position focuses exclusively on search engine marketing, you probably won’t get a lot out of most podcasts on this list. But you might from this one. It’s hosted by Chris Schaeffer and Jason Rothman, two Google AdWords experts, and each week they discuss strategies and tactics relevant to people who spend their days thinking about PPC, keyword research and manual bidding.

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Product Marketing Insider

product marketing insiderProduced by the Product Marketing Alliance, this podcast welcomes product marketing leaders — including the likes of Mary Sheehan (Adobe), Kacy Boone (InVision) and Greg Davis (formerly of Gusto) — to talk about their careers, how they got to where they are today and share the product marketing insights they’ve picked up along the way.

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Social Media Marketing

social media marketing podcastFor nearly a decade now, the flagship podcast of Social Media Examiner has published weekly, 45-minute-long discussions addressing all things social media marketing. Hosted by Michael Stelzner, it provides useful, high-level insights that are especially helpful for businesses trying to reach audiences more effectively on channels ranging from Facebook and LinkedIn to Pinterest and Clubhouse.

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Social Pros Podcast

social pros podcastThe social media landscape changes on a dime. Hosts Jay Baer of Convince & Convert and Adam Brown of Salesforce put out this weekly show to help marketers keep up. They examine industry trends, impart practical lessons and interview social media marketing leaders about the strategies they use at their own companies — which has included IBM, Walmart and Kellogg’s.

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State of Demand Gen

state of demand genRefine Labs is a Boston-based agency that focuses on helping B2B SaaS companies grow. This podcast is like a pocket audio version of that. It’s hosted by Chris Walker, Refine’s CEO, and each episode he’s joined by fellow marketing leaders. They cover such topics as channel attribution, SEO analysis, and lead scoring and handoff optimization.

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The Strategy Inside Everything

strategy inside everythingHost Adam Pierno is a marketing leader who’s spent years in the trenches of the agency world. In each episode of this podcast, he’s joined by a new guest — typically a creative director, marketing executive or brand strategist — and together they tug at cultural events and business trends to get a better view of the strategies at work behind them. Listening to this might not give you practical tools you can implement at work tomorrow, but it will almost certainly make you smarter for the long haul.

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