5 Healthtech Companies in Toronto to Know

These healthtech companies are developing new medical solutions and many are using AI.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Jan. 23, 2024
5 Healthtech Companies in Toronto to Know
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Healthtech is at a crossroads, especially in Canada where innovative companies are changing the way we think about healthcare. The sector is evolving and adapting to AI, which may completely change the industry as we know it. We’ve rounded up some of the top healthcare companies in Toronto to watch.

Top Healthtech Companies in Toronto

  • Rocket Doctor
  • Greenspace
  • Swift Medical
  • Able Innovations
  • SharkBiit


Top Healthtech Companies in Toronto

Rocket Doctor is a telehealth platform that helps patients connect with primary care doctors. The platform partners with pharmacies throughout Canada to provide affordable prescriptions while collaborating with employers to provide the Rocket Doctor platform to workers. 

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Greenspace is a mental health platform that aims to improve treatments and patient outcomes using its measurement-based care solution. The company partners with hundreds of mental health organizations and measures patient progress to provide better insight to healthcare providers. 

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Swift Medical uses AI and phone cameras to analyze topical injuries. With the company’s platform, doctors and patients point their camera at a wound to capture its length, width and surface area. Since launching, Swift Medical has forged partnerships with care providers and expanded to new markets. 

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Able Innovations is a medical manufacturing company developing solutions to improve quality of care for patients. So far the company has developed patient transfer equipment that helps medical staff move patients in a safer manner than traditional gurney systems.

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SharkBiit uses machine learning and CT images to detect previously undiagnosed medical conditions in a patient’s scans. SharkBiit has developed solutions to detect obstructive sleep apnea, osteoporosis, sinusitis and carotid artery calcification.

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