Alcohol Distributor Southern Glazer’s Launches Digital Marketing Consulting Company

DRAM Agency will help alcohol brands and suppliers better leverage new tech to reach their customers.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Dec. 09, 2021
Alcohol Distributor Southern Glazer’s Launches Digital Marketing Consulting Company
Dram Agency launch
Photo: Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits / Linked In

Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits — a national, multi-generational alcohol distributor co-headquartered in Miami and Dallas — recently announced the formation DRAM Agency, a new affiliated company that will offer clients marketing consulting services. 

DRAM, which stands for digital revolution of alcohol marketing, will consult brands partnered with Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits and offer services such as data and e-commerce education. DRAM will also assist with online content and display advertising among other marketing needs, according to a prepared statement. 

“Similar to the origins of the word ‘dram’ referring to a single pour of whisky, DRAM Agency is a single source of best practices in online marketing for the wine and spirits industry,” according to the statement. 

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Although the formation of DRAM was recently announced, the company has been busy at work over the last year. It has already worked with approximately 200 brands to maximize media effectiveness. According to the company, DRAM will continue working with brands to meet their e-commerce needs and will be based remotely to support Southern Glazer’s national footprint. 

“With the explosive growth in e-commerce for beverage alcohol over the last two years, we saw an opportunity to accelerate our wine and spirits supplier partners’ journey in the channel. While the largest suppliers had teams and resources in place, other partners were starting from scratch,” Nathan Mansperge, Southern Glazer’s VP of e-commerce, said in an email to Built In. “The mountain of requests for access to digital marketing capabilities highlighted the need for us to create DRAM Agency to provide these kind of incremental services.”

With the new service offerings, Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits will be able to help brands and suppliers leverage new technologies, market themselves and grow its sales, according to the company. 

“Southern Glazer’s has invested significantly in the digital marketing space by bringing in the best available talent and curating innovative e-commerce partnerships to create the strongest capability in the industry,” David Chaplin, Southern Glazer’s chief growth officer, said in the statement. “The new DRAM Agency brings a distinctive service offering to our suppliers to ensure they win at the digital point of purchase and grow sales and market share across e-retail channels.”

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