Built In Staff | Jan 27, 2023

It may be shocking to hear, but humans have been using money for nearly 40,000 years at this point. Over time, we’ve seen currency transform from shells to paper and coins to the digital wallets found in our pockets today. But when it boils down to it, it often feels like not very much has changed. For businesses of all sizes, the central tenant has remained — an exchange of goods and services for a fair monetary price.

Finance Tech Companies in Houston To Know

  • Acclara Solutions
  • Balance Credit
  • BitWallet
  • Beyond Finance
  • HighRadius
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • Capco
  • DRW

What is changing, is the ways in which we choose to access, receive and pay with money. From digital wallets living within our cellphones to cryptocurrency looking towards what exists beyond dollars and cents, there are constantly new manners emerging for managing and improving financial capabilities.

Money doesn’t grow on trees but these 18 fintech companies in Houston are still finding new ways to revolutionize how business is done and transactions of all sizes are made each day.


Houston Fintech Companies to Know

Capco is a technology consultancy that specializes in the financial services sector. Companies can work with Capco’s multidisciplinary teams to embrace digital transformation and streamline business operations. From extracting data insights to reinforcing security systems, Capco gives organizations the resources to compete in a digitized business environment. 


From large corporations to small businesses, groups seeking stable financial ground have found a reliable partner in JPMorgan Chase. The financial institution serves its global customer base with investment options available through online and mobile banking. To support communities further, JPMorgan Chase prepares workers for the future by promoting jobs and skills programs. 


DRW is a diversified trading firm with a global presence. Founded in Chicago in 1992, the firm has several offices across the globe, including ones in Houston and Austin. According to DRW’s website, it uses “sophisticated technologies to make markets more efficient, transparent and fair,” crediting its engineers, technologists and traders for much of its success.


Beyond Finance utilizes the power of advanced technology and an expert team to develop new solutions for bringing people out of debt and keeping them there. The process begins by using proprietary technology to analyze debt and determine where Beyond Finance can help. The company then creates strategies for consolidating or settling debt, helping most users eliminate their balance in one to two years.


HighRadius offers several revolutionary products for managing treasuries and receivables, utilizing automation and AI capabilities to bring increased power and predictability to an often intensive process. Products from HighRadius allow organizations to easily integrate cloud-based processes that include cash forecasting, cash management, eInvoicing, deductions, collections and more, allowing seamless transitions into the future.


MAJORITY is a financial membership company built by and for migrants in the United States to tackle many of the unique challenges they face on a daily basis. A low-cost, monthly membership fee provides users with an FDIC-insured account that includes a VISA debit card, no-cost money transfers, free international calling, and access to the MAJORITY app for easy money management at all times.


Acclara Solutions works with hospitals, health systems and physicians to provide a revenue cycle management solution that results in an improved bottom line and a better experience for patients. The platform combines technology, analytics and best practices in an intelligent approach that lays out patient financial responsibility clearly, leading to more on-time payments and less disputes.


American InfoSource is dedicated to lowering costs, improving quality and reducing cycle time for businesses across industries, leveraging technical and workspace expertise to unlock unique solutions. The company offers business process outsourcing and loan servicing through the use of data, analytics, technology, staffing, quality control and legal techniques, setting businesses up to thrive well into the future. 


Balance Credit exists to support people when life decides to change its plans without notice, offering users access to personal loans and emergency cash through an easy to use process. Users are able to fill out a short online form to determine the size of the online loan needed and, upon approval, receive cash deposited directly into their account.  This process reduces the need for people to go into debt or suffer through the collections process to pay single bills.


The BankCard Group provides businesses with modern methods for accepting a variety of payment methods and ensuring that transactions are processed seamlessly. Solutions from the company include virtual terminals, bankcard acceptance, e-commerce setup, NFC setup and more, empowering business owners to continue moving forward and put more money where they need it.


BitWallet offers a contained and intuitive platform for purchasing and selling Bitcoin and managing cryptocurrency wallets. Featuring military-grade encryption, universal compatibility and global access to crypto, BitWallet offers both individuals and businesses a user-friendly way to break into a revolutionary marketplace.


Founded: 1993

What they do: Cardtronics is amongst the largest providers of ATM units in the world, leveraging emerging technology to bring stability to payment methods in an ever-changing landscape. The company uses its size and global presence to allow users to access cash at virtually any time, with ATMs consistently updated to tackle accessibility issues and provide a more user friendly experience.


Envoy Mortgage’s mission is to take the hassle out of the mortgaging process, offering expertise in home loans and online tools to help users find the perfect plan for them. In addition to the knowledge provided by its home loan experts, the company offers an intuitive digital mortgage platform called EnGen, which allows users a convenient, secure and real-time method for taking control over purchases and refinances.


HashGains is an all-in-one platform for mining bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the cloud. A variety of plans are available to provide miners with the power and capabilities they need to make the most out of the platform, with online tools and materials easily accessible so beginners and experts alike can continue to discover new opportunities. 


HungerRush, formerly CRS Solutions, works with restaurants to ensure their digital and financial capabilities are in line with other leaders in the industry. Point-of-Sale units, digital signage, merchant services and cash advances are all available from HungerRush, providing restaurants with the tools and backing they need to continue driving sales.


Noventis offers small to medium-sized businesses with access to a network of more than 125,000 businesses, all utilizing Noventis’s capabilities to process fast, secure and efficient electronic payments. Financial institutions, payment processors, payment software providers and businesses accepting payments all partner with Noventis for access to best-in-class security, reductions in processing costs and more, with more than 25 million transactions processed to date.


PROS Holdings is redesigning how organizations and shops of all sizes do business both on and offline. The company offers an AI-powered commerce platform that features dynamic pricing to personalize offerings according to when and where they are most in demand. Several products for price management, price optimization, e-commerce, airline revenue optimization and more are available from the company, putting exceptional capabilities in the hands of business operators everywhere.


Virtus Partners Holdings provides alternative asset managers with unique solutions that utilize technology and service to create a financial ecosystem that covers the entire investment lifecycle. Combining loan agency, settlement, and fund administration techniques into one seamless platform, Virtus features several tools for empowering front, middle and back offices with order management and loan data capabilities, leading to more than 70,000 loan trades settled on the platform each year.

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