Anthony Corbo
SEO Manager at Pettable
Expertise: Search engine optimization
Education: Columbia College Chicago

Anthony Corbo is an SEO Manager at Pettable and a former Built In SEO content specialist. He previously covered startups and the tech industry. Prior to joining Built In, Corbo was a copywriter for Howl at the Moon, a freelance content creator and a podcast producer, host and website designer for The Knicks Wall.

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Data wrangling image of an open concept work space with several people sitting in front of desktop computers and focused on working.
Data wrangling is the process of transforming raw data into easily understandable formats and organizing sets into a single structure for further processing.
Data visualization conceptual image of a tablet with 3D graphs and charts hovering above it
Data visualization is a method of displaying data in graphs, charts and maps to make data easy to understand for those unfamiliar with the data set.
JavaScript Design Patterns image of a person sitting at a computer monitor and a laptop. He holds a pen and points to something on the desktop screen. We can see code on both screens.
JavaScript design patterns are sequences of code intended to provide developers with a streamlined method for solving common challenges.
Javascript algorithms and data structures image of a computer screen featuring code and a large block in the middle that says JavaScript
JavaScript algorithms allow a data operation to function precisely while JavaScript data structures are a method of storing data for efficient access and modification.
Python for machine learning image of close-up on a man's eye. He wears glasses and his computer screen with code is reflected in his glasses.
Python is a popular programming language to use in machine learning because it offers developers exceptional versatility and power while integrating with other software.
Python algorithms image of a woman shot from behind. She looks intently at two computer screens in front of her that are full of code.
Python algorithms provide a detailed set of instructions by which you can process data for a specific purpose. The most well-known are sorting and graph.
Image of a bearded man looking intently at three monitors with code on them.
Python is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language that’s popular in data science thanks to its rich libraries offering deep learning capabilities.
Cryptanalysis image of a man sitting in front of a computer screen. We are looking at the man head-on from behind the computer monitor. The computer screen reflects in the man's thick, dark glasses.
Cryptanalysis is the study and discovery of vulnerabilities within cryptographic algorithms that can be used to decrypt ciphertext without the secret key.
Python web scraping Image of a putty knife scaping paint off a wall
Python web scraping is an automated method used for collecting large amounts of data from websites and storing it in a structured form.