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Launch a production-ready OpenStack cloud in 45 seconds with OpenMetal's on-demand cloud IaaS platform.

OpenMetal is the first company to offer an on-demand, open source hosted private cloud solution that is both affordable and easy to use. OpenMetal’s platform is based on OpenStack, a leading open source cloud computing platform. This means that OpenMetal customers have access to the latest cloud computing technologies at a fraction of the cost of proprietary cloud solutions. While a powerful open source cloud platform, OpenStack has a reputation for being difficult and complex to launch and manage. We truly believe in the power of open source and wanted to make it a realistic option for organizations looking for an alternative to mainstream cloud options like AWS and GCP. With OpenMetal, you can launch a production-ready cloud in 45 seconds – without the expensive hardware investment or steep learning curve. We’re on a mission to make OpenStack accessible to everyone. Many organizations are either building and maintaining their own private clouds, or using a mega-cloud provider. However, building and maintaining your own private cloud is complex and expensive, and the big public cloud providers can be costly and inflexible. We provide an open source alternative with lower costs, more transparency and control, and greater flexibility, all tailored to your unique needs. Businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises, have found success on OpenMetal Cloud. Companies that are currently using public clouds, but are looking for a new cloud deployment model with more flexibility and control are ideal candidates for our platform. Other potential fits include businesses that are running their own on-premises infrastructure, but are looking to migrate to the cloud. Our clients span a wide range of industries and use cases including SaaS providers, hosting and public cloud providers, managed service providers, and organizations that need to reduce cloud costs, find a public cloud alternative, build big data infrastructure, find S3 alternatives, run Kubernetes workloads, or launch large IaaS deployments.