For 10-plus years, Built In has served up career and job advice to tech industry professionals. Now we’re taking it a step further with an advice column. Send us your most difficult questions — how to ask for a raise or a promotion, how to quit a job gracefully, how to handle a difficult situation with a colleague — and we will tap our national network of experts to get the best answer.

In our previous career development stories we’ve sourced advice from software engineers at Amazon to senior recruiters at Twilio and technical directors at Autodesk. All with the goal of helping you get your career to the next level. 

To get this column rolling, send us any career-related question you’d like. Questions about navigating the first few months in a new job, PTO and other forms of time off, and dealing with coworkers are especially welcome. 

Send questions with your name, location, job description and email to [email protected].

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