9 Companies With the Best Training Programs

These companies have training programs to help employees develop job-specific skills and advance in their careers.

Written by Rose Velazquez
9 Companies With the Best Training Programs
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Margo Steines | May 21, 2024

Companies offer employee training to ensure their workforces are job ready and have the tools they need to grow and advance. These programs can involve formal classes, online modules and mentorship or coaching. Whether you’re fresh out of school and looking to launch your career or you’re an experienced professional interested in working somewhere you can continue to grow, we’ve put together an overview of some companies that offer great training programs for their employees.

Companies With the Best Training Programs

  • First Entertainment Credit Union
  • AT&T
  • Walgreens
  • Morgan Stanley
  • SAS
  • Palo Alto Networks


Companies With the Best Training Programs

DearDoc runs a healthcare platform where healthcare providers virtually connect with patients and patients can set appointments, request referrals, access medical records and perform other administrative tasks. The company is known for its robust sales training program, which trains team members first in empathy, then in healthcare market trends. Sales reps can then access an articulated pathway to account executive status through a nine-month in-house training protocol.


Achieve is a fintech company that makes financial products for consumers who seek financial independence from debt. Personal cash flow loans and financial education tools are the cornerstones of its digital products. In-house, the company is dedicated to professional development and employee education, partnering with an educational organization to support hundreds of employees in obtaining free college credits. 


The Aerospace Corporation is a research and analysis company in the aerospace and defense industry. It conducts research and offers technical recommendations to leaders in space exploration and security. In-house training is serious business, with the company running its “Aerospace University” curriculum to train employees in space and technical development. Educational assistance is also available, including tuition reimbursement and fellowships, alongside a rotational program that moves new team members through a series of roles to enhance their experience and sharpen their skills.


First Entertainment Credit Union is the go-to financial institution for Los Angeles County clients in the television, movie and entertainment industries. Its learning and development team works with the mission of onboarding and training recruits so they are at the top of their game before settling into their roles. The L&D team focuses on training in product knowledge, technical training, and leadership, and partners with outside educational vendors for further professional development.  


AT&T is a telecommunications company delivering wired and wireless phone, internet and television services for millions of customers throughout the United States. The company says it invests $200 million each year in internal training course offerings through AT&T University. AT&T also has partnerships with platforms like Udacity and Coursera so that employees can access online learning.

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Retail pharmacy chain Walgreens allows employees to pursue career development and educational opportunities through Walgreens University. For example, an employee can work toward becoming a certified pharmacy technician or go through the School of Operations to train for becoming a store manager.


Morgan Stanley provides wealth management, investment banking and other financial services to customers across more than three dozen countries. Its Financial Advisor Associate Program puts aspiring financial advisors through three years of training that includes obtaining licenses, routine coaching meetings and fostering client relationships. While that program is meant for individuals who have a bachelor’s degree in business, finance or another relevant field, Morgan Stanley also offers the Morgan Stanley Experienced Professionals Program to train professionals who already have at least two years of work experience, but don’t have a background in finance.


SAS offers business analytics software for clients across a variety of industries, such as banking and life sciences. SAS established its Technical Enablement Academy to provide career training for individuals who have earned a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a field like computer science or technical writing. The company says the program is intended “to bridge the gap between academic life and your first role at SAS.”

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Palo Alto Networks’ cybersecurity solutions are equipped with analytics that give customers up-to-date threat intelligence and automations that enable fast incident investigations. LEAP is the company’s two-year career training program for recent graduates. It has three tracks: Product Manager Academy, Sales Academy and Systems Engineer Academy.

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