Telesign Customer Success Associate Alex Aguilar is hungry for more knowledge about his profession — and his recent onboarding has shown that the API-based user verification software company is the perfect place to hone those skills.

“I know I made the right choice joining Telesign because I wake up and feel excited to go to work and learn daily,” he said. “I’m surrounded by a team that is willing to teach me everything I need to be successful in the industry.”

Aguilar was brand-new to customer success and joined Telesign through a CS You internship. Afterward, he used hard work and enthusiasm to earn a full-time position.

“I was able to show my skills, integrity and determination to succeed in this industry,” he said. “And after being hired full time, I have continued to grow in my professional career.”


CS You

Telesign is proudly affiliated with CS You, a program built by SV Academy and Gainsight to provide entry-level training and placement in customer success roles. The program consists of four weeks of training, an eight-week paid internship and coaching following a full-time placement.


Part of Aguilar’s success at Telesign came from Telesign’s hiring and onboarding process, which focuses primarily on creating a positive candidate experience and letting new hires complete training at their own pace. For Aguilar, that meant being able to ask for more work to feed his voracious appetite for customer success skills.

“We had a great onboarding manager who was with us every step of the way,” he said. “I was so excited when I started that I was pushing myself to complete all the tasks I was assigned so I could get up and running with the team — and my request for more work was met with excitement.”

Like a fire given good kindling, Aguilar’s enthusiasm only grew as Telesign fed it with positive feedback and increased responsibility. In his conversation with Built In, this customer success associate spoke about why his onboarding experience at Telesign makes him excited to go to work every day, and how he’s using the skills he gained to further his knowledge and prepare himself for professional growth at the company.


One of Telesign's team members smiling as he works on a project at a table. Another Telesign employee is working on a project in the background at the same table.
Source: Telesign


What was your favorite part of the onboarding process?

I was given a lot of information and training to be completed, with the expectation that it would be done at my own pace. If I had any questions, I could reach out to our manager who was always willing to help and guide me along in this totally new industry. 


What pleasantly surprised you after you joined?

I was surprised by how transparent, open-minded and collaborative the entire team and organization is, and how well we all work together. Another surprise is how much the company invests in us personally — they want us to keep growing with the mindset of being all these core values we share. 


How have you hit the ground running since you joined?

I come to work with a growth mindset daily and take in all the information and guidance from the team, my manager and other teams. I am excited to transition from Associate CSM to full-time CSM — with a book of business — so that I can continue my growth here at Telesign. I continue to advance my knowledge through experience, and I am learning amazing techniques to become the CSM I want to be! 


“I continue to advance my knowledge through experience, and I am learning amazing techniques to become the CSM I want to be!”


What aspect of your professional growth are you most excited to evolve?

I am mostly excited to grow in my knowledge of the industry. Within Telesign, I want to gain more knowledge of our products so that, when I am ready to be a Customer Success Manager and I get a book of business, I’ll be ready to succeed and be able to support my clients in their needs.


What have your company’s hiring practices looked like recently? Anything we should know about open positions?

Candidate experience is at the core of our hiring practices. Recently, we’ve reduced the number of interview steps as well as the length of the interviews. We are in constant communication with our candidates and are always available for questions. This year our hiring focus is in Sales, Customer Operations and Marketing across the US, EMEA, APAC and LATAM.


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