YouTube Launches Podcast Strategy With New Homepage for U.S. Users

YouTube’s foray into podcasts started in earnest last year and has grown to a dedicated homepage.

Written by Charli Renken
Published on Aug. 24, 2022
YouTube Launches Podcast Strategy With New Homepage for U.S. Users
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While Spotify is currently the most popular platform to listen to podcasts, YouTube is hot on its tail. On Monday, the company launched a dedicated homepage for podcasts, an industry the video platform expects to grow in the coming months. 

Currently, the exploration page isn’t available on desktop and mobile devices in every region and isn’t optimized to individual user trends. However, according to 9to5 Google, the webpage is expected to become tailored to user data over time. 

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YouTube’s foray into podcasts has been a long time coming. The company first began investing in podcasts last year after organically becoming a large source of podcast rewatch and highlight reels. Last October, the company hired podcast executive Kai Chuk to lead the company’s venture into the podcast space. This March, an 84-page report was also leaked, detailing the company’s planned roadmap toward capitalizing on the podcast market. 

A YouTube spokesperson told Built In that the homepage allows users to explore podcast content and is currently only available in the U.S.

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