15 San Diego Marketing Agencies Creating Compelling Campaigns

Written by Anthony Corbo
Published on May. 07, 2020
15 San Diego Marketing Agencies Creating Compelling Campaigns
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From emerging startups aiming to make waves to enterprises looking to take massive steps forward, there have never been so many ways for businesses of all sizes to grow their brands and attract new audiences. Marketing has evolved and while traditional methods like print and television are still holding strong, they now share the field with more accessible digital methods like SEO, email marketing, social media marketing and much more. To help brands utilize these new marketing methods, PR firms, branding agencies, consultants and full-service agencies offer their clients a little bit of everything.

As marketing has evolved, so have the agencies pioneering what is possible for their clients. These 15 agencies in San Diego are on top of the game and ready to create campaigns that turn brands into household names.

Marketing Agencies in San Diego To Know

  • BASIC Agency
  • BVA
  • Ingic
  • MDG
  • Mindgruve
  • Mirum
  • Telepathy
BVA marketing agencies in San Diego

Founded: 2013

Focus: E-commerce

What they do: BVA is a digital commerce agency dedicated to launching extraordinary direct-to-consumer brands through the Shopify platform. Taking a focused approach when it comes to branding and strategy, BVA offers creative, UX, digital media, analytics and additional marketplace services to ensure that when brands launch, they have everything they need to grow and corner their share of the market.

Clients include: UNTUCKit, Chubbies, Red Bull, WD-40, MVMT, Native and Kylie.



BASIC Agency marketing agencies in San Diego
BASIC Agency

Founded: 2010

Focus: Branding + design

What they do: BASIC Agency is a branding and digital design agency that allows brands to form stronger identities and grow their capabilities online. Branded e-commerce, digital product, website development and branded advertising solutions from BASIC utilize a combination of design, technology and cultural principals to create high quality work that fits with their clients’ distinct personalities.

Clients include: Google, Beats by Dre, Fender, American Express, Softbank and Riot Games.


Business Online marketing agencies in San Diego
Business Online

Founded: 1997

Focus: B2B Digital

What they do: Business Online is a B2B marketing agency that bridges the gap between data and creative strategies, leading to measurable and meaningful results. The agency specializes in delivering insight, activation and optimization services, including tech audits for cleaning up data as well as the implementation of SEO, CRO and retargeting techniques to aid in demand generation.

Clients include: Honeywell, Siemens, GE, Cornerstone, HP, Lithium and Lincoln Electric. 


Carling Communications marketing agencies in San Diego
Carling Communications

Founded: 2010

Focus: Heatlhcare

What they do: Carling Communications is a team of marketing professionals working alongside healthcare brands to deliver exceptional strategy solutions and compelling creative work. The agency identifies client needs and works to develop the perfect roadmap for acquiring new business, tackling market challenges and unlocking the highest potential in brands operating in various domains.


Doctor Multimedia marketing agencies in San Diego
Doctor Multimedia

Founded: 2010

Focus: Healthcare 

What they do: Doctor Multimedia creates web solutions designed to aid practitioners with their digital marketing needs. Website development, social media management, mobile integration, local SEO, email marketing, content creation and additional services are available from the agency, along with 24/7 support to ensure practices are always online and covered.


Ingic marketing agencies in San Diego

Founded: 2012

Focus: Digital

What they do: Ingic works with leaders in their industries to develop products and digital marketing solutions to deliver better capabilities to their customers. The agency takes a collaborative approach to developing mobile applications, software, websites and CMS platforms, additionally producing PPC, SEO, social media, email, and reputation marketing services to ensure brand offerings are robust and available to wider audiences.

Clients include: Citizen, Porsche, LG, Renault, SmartMart and Dubai Airports.


Lewis Piston marketing agencies in San Diego
Lewis Piston

Founded: 2008

What they do: Lewis Piston is a full-service marketing agency operating on a global scale. Emphasizing the importance of public relations, digital marketing, strategy and vertical expertise, the agency offers a wide variety of services to clients in the automotive, consumer, tech, and travel & tourism industries. 

Clients include: Blackberry, Jenny Craig, Mulesoft, McAfee, LG, Adobe, Jaguar and Comcast.


MDG marketing agencies in San Diego

Founded: 1976

What they do: MDG is a marketing-driven agency that combines the expertise of strategists, researchers, digital marketers, interactive media experts, creatives, data analysts and event managers to deliver solutions that allow brands to connect with audiences on a more intimate level. A wide range of services across branding, digital, PR, social media, publishing, event management, print and more are available for building thorough campaigns that aid brands on multiple levels.

Clients include: Public Relations Society of America, National Hardware Show, NoVacancy, National Honor Society and SuperZoo.


Mindgruve marketing agencies in San Diego

Founded: 2001

What they do: Mindgruve utilizes an agile and iterative process to deliver one-to-one consumer engagement at scale. The agency’s teams work in small groups and collaborate openly with clients to reach effective solutions, contributing strategy, creative, media planning, technology, analytics, e-commerce and PR services to build out exceptional campaigns.

Clients include: Budweiser, Victorinox, House of Blues, Skullcandy, PlayStation, eBay, Oracle and Groupon.


Mindstream Interactive marketing agencies in San Diego
Mindstream Interactive

Founded: 2001

Focus: Digital

What they do: Mindstream Interactive focuses its efforts on ensuring customers have the best experience possible when interacting with a brand. By connecting digital touchpoints like websites, email, social media and mobile applications, Mindstream offers clients the ability to build stronger connections with customers. The agency utilizes strategy, analytics, development and digital marketing services to get the job done when building exceptional campaigns. 

Clients include: UPS, Elmer’s, Big Lots, AARP, Bruegger’s Bagels and Title Boxing Club.


Mirum marketing agencies in San Diego

Founded: 2015

Focus: Digital

What they do: Mirum is a borderless digital agency with offices in over 20 countries, combining the expertise of digital experts, storytellers, technologists and curious minds to build campaigns with global reach. The agency offers services for transformation strategies, solution planning, prototyping, platform integration, campaign creation and more, engaging clients and consumers with the solutions that have the largest impact on business.

Clients include: Warner Bros, McDonald’s, Finnair, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Subway, ASUS, Mastercard and Nissan.


PACIFIC marketing agencies in San Diego

Founded: 2012

Focus: Consulting + Creative

What they do: PACIFIC offers marketing solutions to brands that strike the right blend of creativity and performance. Consulting services include strategic planning for branding, technology and audience needs, while agency solutions from PACIFIC deliver search, content, PR, creative and design capabilities that form compelling brand campaigns and activations for a wide range of audiences.

Clients include: Hotwire, Expedia, CubeSmart, Flights.com, CarRentals.com, Microsoft and Gexa.


PINT marketing agencies in San Diego

Founded: 1994

Focus: Digital 

What they do: PINT has over two decades of experience in helping its clients solve a wide range of web challenges. Multiple expertises in website, application and software solutions, including front-end and back-end development, digital transformations, creative design and more allows PINT to dive deep into the code to create best-in-class solutions for its clients, with robust digital marketing solutions available as well.

Clients include: Verizon, Qualcomm, UC San Diego, University of Southern California, Kyocera and San Diego Chargers.


RescueSCG marketing agencies in San Diego
Rescue SCG

Founded: 2001

Focus: Behavioral change

What they do: Rescue SCG works alongside government agencies and nonprofits to develop behavioral change solutions meant to encourage high-risk individuals to develop healthier habits. The agency focuses on using solutions backed by science and judgement-free communication when developing campaigns that include creative, strategic, media and community engagement services.

Clients include: Special Olympics, CalFresh, Havoc, People’s Opioid Project and Check Yourself.


Telepathy marketing agencies in San Diego

Founded: 2001

Focus: UX

What they do: Telepathy is dedicated to designing extraordinary customer experiences that allow companies to make great first impressions and grow the bonds with their customers over extended periods of time. From the business discovery and user research stage through design sprints and prototyping, Telepathy keeps the consumer at the forefront of the process at all times.

Clients include: Adobe, Patagonia, Marriott, Manfrotto, Quip, Elastic, Harmless Harvest and The 4-Hour Workweek.

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