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Young Entrepreneur Council Young Entrepreneur Council
Updated on April 15, 2024

Giving a Virtual Sales Pitch? 10 Ways to Set Yourself Up for Success.

Members of the Young Entrepreneur Council share strategies for making your sales pitch over Zoom more effective.

Dmitry Sverdlik Dmitry Sverdlik
Updated on April 15, 2024

How Marketers Can Solve the Challenges of the Connected TV Ad Market

As connected TV has exploded in popularity, its unique properties have presented several challenges to marketers. Here, our expert explains how to solve some of these problems to better target your audience.

Image: Shutterstock / Built In
Margo Steines Margo Steines
Updated on April 08, 2024

7 Top Direct Marketing Companies

Direct marketing companies work with brands to help them build connections with prospective customers.

Photo: Shutterstock
Bailey Reiners Bailey Reiners
Updated on March 15, 2024

What Is Recruitment Marketing? 15 Inspiring Examples.

These tips aim to bolster your pool of potential talent amid the pandemic and move to a hybrid or fully remote office.

Image: Shutterstock
Prashant Tomar Prashant Tomar
Updated on February 14, 2024

3 Ways to Make Customers Like Your Text Messages

They’re less likely to block you if you ask for permission, respect their data privacy and don’t bombard them with texts .

Image: Shutterstock / Built In
Joe Zappa Joe Zappa
Updated on August 02, 2023

Finding Marketing Support as a Leader Who Distrusts Marketing

In tech, lots of C-suite folks have an innate suspicion of marketing despite its proven utility as a growth factor. Here’s how you can overcome your preconceptions to find a great partner in the field.

Image: Shutterstock / Built In
Kevin Carroll Kevin Carroll
Updated on May 31, 2023

Why It’s Time to Dust Off the Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

A modernized direct mail campaign can help your company stand out from the crowd. Here’s what you need to know.

Image: Shutterstock / Built In
Brian Nordli Brian Nordli
Updated on March 15, 2023

How to Make Sure You're Reaching Your Target Customers

For some tech companies, landing the wrong customer is expensive in the long run. Here’s how Shipfusion identifies a fit.

Amy Choi Amy Choi
Updated on March 15, 2023

Need Results and Need ’Em Fast? For D2C Sales, Influencer Marketing Is the Way to Go.

For time-sensitive marketing campaigns, choose influencers to get conversions quickly.