Competition in online doctor booking space is heating up, but Warsaw-based DocPlanner shows no signs of slowing. The health tech startup recently closed a $89.8 million Series E funding round led by One Peak Partners and Goldman Sachs Private Capital Investing, with contributions from Piton Capital and Enern Investments, as VentureBeat reports.

The company plans to leverage this funding to roll out its software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings in Europe and Latin America at an accelerated pace and to double down on R&D. DocPlanner also seeks to expand its sales, customer service, product development, legal and marketing teams, according to the news outlet.

“This fresh funding comes at the best moment in the company’s history. The growth rate in our core business is accelerating, and we’re seeing more opportunities in our space, both in terms of customer segment and product offering, as the health tech market matures,” CEO Mariusz Gralewski said in a statement. “Since our last funding round, we’ve focused on the core marketplace and SaaS business; now we are making a concentrated push into new growth areas. This is an exciting time for DocPlanner, patients, doctors, and partners alike.”

Over a million doctors can be found in DocPlanner’s marketplace, which simplifies the process of finding, booking and reviewing doctors, dentists, psychologists, dietitians or other specialists, as VentureBeat reports. If this concept sounds familiar, that’s because it is. DocPlanner’s competitors include ZocDoc in the US and Doctolib in France, which have raised more than $220 million and $170 million, respectively.

“We are impressed by what the business has already achieved for patients, doctors, and clinics.”

What separates DocPlanner from the pack, according to VentureBeat, is DocPlanner’s growth in international markets. DocPlanner describes itself as the largest health care platform in Poland, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Chile.

“DocPlanner has been at the forefront of digital innovation in health care for the past seven years,” Goldman Sachs Private Capital Investing’s Christian Resch said in a statement. “We are impressed by what the business has already achieved for patients, doctors, and clinics. We are excited to invest in DocPlanner and work with the company’s strong team on their roadmap to further improve patient and doctor experiences.”

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