In Canada’s media landscape, video games represent one of the market’s largest segments. The country is home to developers that reach players worldwide, not to mention millions of gamers. British Columbia has a large concentration of studios and these are some of the top game companies in Vancouver contributing to the industry’s growth.

Top Game Companies in Vancouver

  • Relic Entertainment
  • Blackbird Interactive
  • Endnight Games
  • Hothead Games
  • Smoking Gun Interactive


Game Companies in Vancouver to Know

Relic Entertainment makes strategy games in which players use decision-making skills to define the experiences they have within the game’s universe. The studio is behind popular franchises like Age of Empires, a strategy game set in various historic civilizations that has been in publication for over two decades, and Company of Heroes, a historically accurate European WWII game that’s critically acclaimed for its tactical combat features. 

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Blackbird Interactive makes immersive interactive experience games, which are driven by world building and narrative. With over 300 staff members, including an in-house cinematics team, the company seeks to keep and grow talent. Blackbird Interactive runs an internal incubation program that provides a space for employees to pitch original ideas on an annual basis. 

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Endnight Games was founded by a team of visual effects artists, whose influence is clearly visible in the aesthetics of the company’s games. Its signature game is called The Forest, which is described as an “open world survival horror game” that incorporates intricate visuals and simulated horror effects in a living forest atop a network of caves and underground lakes. The game can be played solo or with up to eight people. 

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HotHead Games is a studio that makes PC, mobile and console games like Kill Shot Bravo and Hero Hunters. It provides development services that extend from the early conceptual stage to testing, monetization and more. Founded in 2006, the company prioritizes a remote-first work culture with flexible work schedules and a generous training budget for professional development.

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Smoking Gun Interactive is an independent gaming development studio that was founded by veterans of the Company of Heroes historical gaming franchise. Smoking Gun’s specialties are the casual, action and real-time strategy genres, which it produces for mobile, PC and console play.

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