29 Companies That Pay for MBA Programs

Graduate school too expensive? These companies could help pay to get your MBA.

Written by Sunny Betz
29 Companies That Pay for MBA Programs
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Brennan Whitfield | Mar 13, 2024

Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees can provide professionals with specialized skills, job opportunities and often a higher earning potential and average salary than those with only bachelor’s degrees. But for many, the price tag of MBA programs can be intimidating.

If pursuing an MBA is out of your personal budget, working for these following companies may help cover (at least some of) the cost.

Companies That Pay for MBAs

  • Apple
  • Deloitte
  • Google
  • Intel
  • PayPal
  • Udemy 
  • Verizon
  • Wells Fargo


Companies That Offer MBA Tuition Reimbursement 

Tuition reimbursement amount: Full reimbursement

From renters and homeowners insurance to small business owner’s policies, Liberty Mutual Insurance’s global workforce provides a broad range of individual, family and business solutions. The company’s tuition reimbursement program covers employees’ graduate degrees such as an MBA. It provides full-time employees who have been with the company for a year or more and have received manager approval with 100 percent reimbursement for course costs.


Tuition reimbursement amount: Full reimbursement

While Deloitte supports its customers through its consulting and advisory services, it also supports its employees through its tuition reimbursement benefits. Deloitte’s Graduate School Assistance Program offers full tuition reimbursement for participants after two years of employment, and even offers participants to return to Deloitte as a senior consultant upon degree completion.


Tuition reimbursement amount: $13,250 per year

Verizon, one of the most used mobile network providers in the United States, rewards its employees by offering tuition assistance and reimbursement. In partnership with Bellevue University, Verizon covers up to $13,250 annually for full-time employees and $8,000 annually for part-time employees who attend Bellevue University programs.


Tuition reimbursement amount: $5,250 per year 

Capital One, known for its banking and credit card services, offers educational assistance among its benefits package for employees. Eligible full-time and part-time Capital One employees can be reimbursed up to $5,250 annually for course tuition, required books and course-specific fees.  


Tuition reimbursement amount: $5,250 per year

PayPal’s online payment platform lets users send and receive money from all over the world, and supports its employees’ development with tuition reimbursement and other saving perks. Through its Educational Assistance Program, PayPal reimburses up to $5,250 annually for employees furthering education for their current or future roles.


Tuition reimbursement amount: $5,250 per year

ServiceNow offers ample educational development and MBA reimbursement opportunities, providing both tuition reimbursement and online course subscription options. The company also supports professional and personal learning in a number of other ways including diversity programs, hosted conferences and online course subscriptions.


Tuition reimbursement amount: $5,250 per year

Management solutions company Verifi offers tuition reimbursement to lift some of the burden of paying for an MBA off its employees’ shoulders, covering up to $5,250 annually in tuition costs. The company also offers perks such as health benefits, 401(k) matching, adoption assistance and free yoga classes.


Tuition reimbursement amount: $5,000 per year

Tech leader Google is driven by thousands of employees, and as such aims to support its employees’ development and educational endeavors. For U.S. employees who have worked at the company for at least 90 days, Google offers $5,000 annually in tuition reimbursement toward career-related learning.


Tuition reimbursement amount: $5,000 per year

As one of the largest U.S. banks and financial service providers, Wells Fargo offers competitive employee benefits, including for educational needs. Wells Fargo provides up to $5,000 annually for tuition reimbursement, plus a $3,000 scholarship award to dependents of employees every year.


Tuition reimbursement amount: $3,000 per year

HouseCanary helps cover tuition costs for employees pursuing higher education, delivering $3,000 annually to go toward education reimbursement costs. The benefits package also stands apart from many other companies, which includes monthly Lyft credits, catered lunches and a $3,000 employee referral bonus.


Tuition reimbursement amount: $3,000 per year

Klaviyo hosts a platform where companies store and analyze consumer behavioral data for use in communications, as well as help these companies create a direct relationship with their customers. To help its employees thrive in the workplace, Klaviyo offers tuition reimbursement of up to $3,000 for participating in courses, earning certifications and more.


Tuition reimbursement amount: $1,000 per year

Ripl’s unique approach to social media marketing has earned them coverage from CNN, Refinery29, GeekWire and others. Ripl’s professional development offers tuition reimbursement up to $1,000 annually for costs of pursuing an MBA or other degree.


Tuition reimbursement amount: Contact company for information.

Apple is one of the biggest tech companies in the world, but its size doesn’t detract from its ability to support employees in getting to where they want to be. The industry giant offers their employees tuition reimbursement for MBA, certification or other programs.


Tuition reimbursement amount: Contact company for information.

Oil and gas company giant BP aims to provide its employees with the opportunity to advance their education how they see fit. The company offers tuition reimbursement based on the educational course taken and employee stipulations.


Tuition reimbursement amount: Contact company for information.

In addition to flexible time off, free healthcare coverage and 401(k) matching, Granicus also offers a tuition and training reimbursement program that supports employees looking to go back to school or hone a new skill to empower them in their field.


Tuition reimbursement amount: Contact company for information.

Since Haven Technologies’ specialty is helping more people access life insurance more easily, it comes as no surprise that they offer a comprehensive benefits package designed to make life easier and rewarding for their employees. Their professional development benefits include cross-functional training programs, online course subscriptions and generous tuition reimbursement.


Tuition reimbursement amount: Contact company for information.

Intel offers tuition assistance and reimbursement for employees, as well as free tutoring, scholarships for the children of employees and access to a variety of educational opportunities through Intel University.


Tuition reimbursement amount: Contact company for information.

Raytheon Technologies, being a manufacturer of aerospace, aviation and defense technologies, seeks the brightest minds possible to keep up with its production goals. Along with a variety of employee benefits, Raytheon Technologies also offers tuition reimbursement for approved academic courses and programs.


Tuition reimbursement amount: Contact company for information.

Wunder has an ambitious mission: to tackle climate change and reduce global emissions through solar solutions installation. And to do so, the company needs a strong team of talented professionals, so it offers a competitive benefits package to attract top talent. Wunder offers tuition reimbursement to employees seeking to bolster their skillset, whether they are pursuing an MBA or looking to attend a workshop series.


Tuition reimbursement amount: Contact company for information.

Adtaxi helps grow businesses through digital marketing solutions, and reward its employees in this endeavor too. Its tuition reimbursement program offers support for teammates looking to expand their horizons and opportunities, both in the office and beyond.


Tuition reimbursement amount: Contact company for information.

AT&T offers their employees a supportive and fulfilling workplace experience, and their culture has been rated so highly that it has topped lists compiled by Fortune, DiversityInc and The Civic. Its tuition reimbursement plan offers tuition reimbursement and assistance for full-time employees who have been employed for at least six months.


Tuition reimbursement amount: Contact company for information.

Boingo encourages a rewarding, mentally stimulating and entertaining work environment, offering everything from yoga and exercise classes to bowling nights. Boingo offers tuition reimbursement for any field of study employees want to pursue, whether that be a coding bootcamp or an MBA.


Tuition reimbursement amount: Contact company for information.

Travel industry giant Expedia Group operates well-known names like Expedia, Hotels.com and trivago, all while aiming to support its employees in the process. Its benefits package aids employees’ continuing education, offering both tuition reimbursement as well as flexible work arrangements to encourage them to pursue their learning goals.

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Companies That Offer Continuing Education Stipends

Stipend amount: $2,000 per year 

KPA, which offers software and consulting services to help businesses remain EHS-trained and compliant, provides employees with perks like tuition reimbursement and a continuing education stipend of $2,000 annually.


Stipend amount: $1,500 per year

The whole concept behind Udemy’s business is to support and democratize learning, so it only makes sense that the company would aim to provide the same support to their teammates. After six months of employment, each employee at Udemy can enroll in a continuing education program that provides $1,500 annually for tuition costs.


Stipend amount: $500 per year

Omaze is focused on reaching goals and causes through its charitable donation platform, and its aim to empower people to realize their dreams extends to its employees. Its education benefits package provides team members with $500 annually to go to further education, while also offering options for building development tracks and training across different functions within the company.


Stipend amount: Varies by degree and program.

Fandango, the movie-ticketing company, provides its employees with both a continuing education stipend and tuition reimbursement, varying in cost based on what MBA or other program each employee chooses to pursue. The extensive benefits package also offers perks like 401(k) matching, a flexible work schedule and an on-site gym.


Stipend amount: Contact company for information. 

MediaAlpha’s approach to advertising combines both tech and creative media talent, and the company places a strong emphasis on empowering each team member to develop their individual skills to their advantage. The company’s benefits package includes a continuing education stipend, as well as online course subscriptions, paid industry certifications and time allotments specifically devoted to employee education and learning.


Stipend amount: Contact company for information.

Otus’ benefits package, which includes competitive salaries, healthcare coverage and six weeks of annual PTO, has earned them a number of awards from organizations like Codie and EdTech Digest. Otus supports its employees’ learning goals both financially and practically, offering both a continuing education stipend and the option to allot work time toward personal education.

Rose Velazquez contributed reporting to this story.

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