30 Companies That Pay for College

Professionals are upgrading their skills and education, thanks to these companies that pay for college.

Written by Anthony Corbo
30 Companies That Pay for College
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Matthew Urwin | Apr 19, 2024

Holding a college or university degree is still a prerequisite to get hired for many of today’s jobs — especially in tech. Unfortunately for many professionals, a big thing stands in the way: the cost of tuition.

Today, the average American needs to earn an annual salary of at least $60,000 to afford in-state tuition without taking out loans.

Companies that Pay for College

  • ServiceNow
  • Boeing
  • Discover
  • Target
  • A Cloud Guru
  • Realtor.com
  • LiveRamp
  • PEAK6
  • Nuance
  • Alliant Credit Union

Crystal Cox, a student at the University of Missouri, told CNBC in 2019 that, “In my first two years at college, I’ve had to make a decision that my high school self could not have imagined: Go to class or be able to afford to eat...This is the reality that I, and many students who come from low-income families, face.” 

College tuition is only continuing to rise in cost, making the challenge of completing a degree on either a traditional or non-traditional track more challenging than ever. However, many employers have taken it upon themselves to carry some of this burden, launching education stipends, tuition reimbursement programs or various other means of paying for their employees’ college educations. 

Every program is unique, and benefits can vary in terms of funds provided, institutional options, degree programs, certification choices and other variables, but these 29 companies provide the groundwork for their employees to grow into the next stage of their careers and bring more exceptionalism to the workplace every day.


Top Companies That Pay for College

From cable TV packages to mobile data plans, Spectrum offers a range of connectivity solutions to meet the needs of consumers and businesses. As part of its commitment to professional development, the company provides employees with tuition-free opportunities to earn associate or bachelor’s degrees as well as professional certificates through Guild. The partnership gives Spectrum team members access to 300-plus academic and skills development programs from more than 30 different colleges and universities.


Caesars Sportsbook & Casino is a casino-style sports betting entertainment company that operates digital and physical betting locations for major sports leagues. The company’s All-In On Education program offers full-time employees up to $5,250 annual tuition assistance and low or no-cost education options at in-network schools. It also boasts student loan debt repayment options, 529 college savings plans and scholarship opportunities for dependents.


ServiceNow produces a platform for managing employee, customer, and IT workflows, and building proprietary applications, all in the spirit of helping business owners and agile departments become more streamlined and profitable. Employees of ServiceNow have the opportunity to grow their careers while maintaining full-time employment, with the company offering $5,250 annually in tuition reimbursement for qualified expenses.


Boeing is made up of thousands of engineers, scientists, technicians, innovators and pioneering aerospace professionals designing and implementing solutions that facilitate transportation, safety and efficiency both above and below the atmosphere. The company features no annual limits on tuition assistance to all employees enrolled in eligible science, technology, engineering and mathematics degrees and courses.


Discover’s financial solutions provide people and businesses with access to crucial funding and the ability to save for the future. The company’s College Commitment program offers U.S.-based employees the opportunity to participate in top-quality, fully-accredited business degree programs from several universities, with Discover footing the bill for tuition, required fees, books and supplies.


Target has been a constant presence in the ever-changing retail and e-commerce sphere, and the company continues to adapt by upskilling its workforce. Besides partnering with Guild Education, Target is collaborating with public schools like Oregon State and historically Black colleges like Morehouse College. As a result, employees can pursue their education through a variety of bootcamps, certifications, undergrad degrees and even master’s programs while Target shoulders costs through its debt-free degrees mission.


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A Cloud Guru is an edtech company focusing on helping people learn new skills across AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and over 360 more applications. The company utilizes hands-on training and certifications for learners of all levels. Expedia, Women Who Code, University of Notre Dame and Qualcomm are just a few of the organizations using A Cloud Guru to educate their engineers. In addition to other learning initiatives, the company offers $1,000 annually for each employee to use towards classes, tuition and textbooks.


Realtor.com operates a powerful online platform that allows users to discover deals on available properties or list their property on a marketplace that is viewed by millions of users nationwide. In addition to the company’s diversity, inclusion and work-life harmony initiatives, Realtor.com offers $2,500 to each employee in tuition reimbursement per calendar year, with in-house education and training programs available as well.


LiveRamp has dedicated itself to providing next-generation metrics and analytics that prove the power of TV advertising, painting a clearer picture when it comes to ROI. The company rewards employees dedicated to growing with LiveRamp, offering up to $5,250 per year for courses that lead to a graduate or undergraduate degree related to their roles or based on business needs.

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PEAK6 operates in the financial services, trading, insurance and esports industries. A creative and capable workforce is central to PEAK6’s capabilities, which is why the company offers up to $8,000 in tuition reimbursement to every employee enrolled in a degree, certification or other educational program, with manager approval.


Nuance develops and implements AI-powered solutions for companies working in healthcare, biotech, financial services, government and additional industries, boosting productivity, security and performance in the moments when they are most crucial. In addition to supporting its clients’ needs, Nuance supports employees by providing a $5,250 continuing education stipend that can be used towards a variety of degrees, training and certifications.


Alliant Credit Union provides a safe and secure method for digital banking, offering high-rate savings accounts, flexible checking options, loan financing and additional services that take stress out of the process. When it comes to their employees, Alliant Credit Union offers up to $5,000 in tuition reimbursement for graduate-level courses and $4,000 for undergraduate courses, which can alternatively be used for professional certification programs to drive growth in any career path.


Tinder is amongst the earliest innovators when it comes to combining online dating and mobile application capabilities, fostering a network of more than seven million users since launching in 2012. Full-time employees looking to make further investments in their education can receive up to $5,000 annually from the company in tuition reimbursement, paving the way towards major career advancements.


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iHerb offers a direct-to-consumer platform for purchasing supplements, personal care and grocery items tailored towards specific dietary needs, helping people achieve healthier lifestyles. The e-commerce company fosters a spirit of professional development through its tuition reimbursement initiatives, offering employees up to $5,250 per year with a $5,250 match.


Verifi offers end-to-end dispute management software for sellers, issuers and resellers, featuring end-to-end protection from fraud, disputes and chargebacks through several powerful tools. Emphasizing professional development from day one on the job, Verifi offers its employees $5,250 in annual tuition reimbursement so they can pursue the degrees and certifications that are most meaningful to their careers.


InStride partners with organizations across industries and institutions alike to design strategic enterprise education programs. These programs help achieve business growth and empower social impact causes like diversity-focused career pathing, employee engagement and more. To reinforce its commitment to lifelong learning, InStride’s Step Forward program offers all full-time employees complete tuition coverage for degrees from more than 350 online programs.

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MineralTree produces solutions for businesses looking to streamline their invoice-to-payment processes through automated payment software and technology that increases efficiency, reduces fraud risk and improves cash flow. Amongst an impressive package of perks, MineralTree offers employees up to $3,000 in tuition reimbursement towards the costs of tuition and books.


Pareto Intelligence provides healthcare organizations and professionals with access to crucial data and analytics solutions that streamline processes and lead to better care for patients across the board. After a year at Pareto, employees pursuing a postgraduate degree germane to their role can have the company cover up to 70 percent of tuition expenses, creating substantial personal and organizational growth.


MobilityWare is an app development company focused on bringing joy to others through a collection of digital card, chip and word-based games. Employees of the company are entitled to $2,500 in yearly tuition reimbursement with a maximum total match of $2,500 to pursue a degree or certification that will help them advance their career, wherever it may lead.


Blackbaud has devoted itself to working with organizations intent on being social-good leaders, providing them with software solutions, services, expertise and data intelligence to help streamline their processes and take a more analytic look at the impact they are causing. The company passes the spirit of doing good on to its employees, offering up to $3,000 a year per person to assist with costs incurred from continuing education.


CSC Corptax utilizes technology, business process expertise and award-winning support channels to transform how its clients handle their taxes, leading to breakthrough performances from its more than 1,000 domestic and international clients. To help reinforce the importance of professional growth amongst employees, CSC Corptax’s tuition reimbursement program offers an annual max of $5,500 per employee, along with a maximum total match of $5,500.


Advertise Purple produces affiliate marketing management tools that provide the foundation for e-commerce sites to form profitable performance revenue streams. To support its employees’ educational goals, Advertise Purple offers an annual maximum of $20,000 to team members choosing to pursue an MBA at select universities.


Vertafore works with independent insurance brokers and agencies to design software solutions that help them better manage their businesses and develop more long-term profitability. Employees of Vertafore can receive up to $5,250 in tuition reimbursement, helping them reach personal goals in their professional growth.

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CSG offers technology-driven customer engagement solutions that help companies make better connections with their customers, leading to better success throughout the acquisition, monetization, engagement and retainment processes. Career and personal development are crucial to CSG’s growth, so the company gives each employee up to $3,000 in financial assistance to pursue education.


SDI Presence is a diversified team of IT and technology experts with a presence in multiple cities throughout the nation. The company works with organizations to provide consulting and managed service solutions that can address nearly any technological challenge. To continue deploying new solutions and furthering its own capabilities, SDI Presence offers employees an annual max of $2,000 towards tuition reimbursement.


Social Solutions provides data and software solutions to both nonprofit organizations and the public sector, helping them utilize data to measure the impact they are making with their work. The company offers employees up to $1,500 per year in tuition reimbursement for role-related graduate and undergraduate programs, with $500 per year available as well for continued education courses.


SpotX (now part of Magnite) is a video advertisement and management platform helping publishers and broadcasters manage all of their video inventory, monetize content and exercise more control over their media, while providing advertisers access to more premium content. The software is used by names like Spotify, newsy, Sling, CBSLocal and Gatehouse Media. For education opportunities that SpotX approves, the company will reimburse eligible employees 50 percent of the cost of the education tuition up to a maximum of $5,250 annually.


UPS has become a leader in the supply chain and logistics industries, offering shipping and tracking solutions for a range of package needs. While the company moves orders around the globe, it also keeps the careers of its employees moving forward with its Earn and Learn initiative. Employees seeking to continue their education can earn up to $5,250 in tuition assistance each year with a lifetime maximum of $25,000. In addition, aspiring workers don’t have to wait since these benefits are available from day one.


Wells Fargo provides a slate of financial solutions for its clients, and it also ensures its employees enjoy the same level of financial success. Not only do employees receive up to $5,000 in annual tuition assistance, but they can also request support for their children’s education. The Employees’ Dependent Children Scholarship Program delivers financial assistance to children 26 and under after employees have worked for the company for at least a year. Eligible employees can apply at the beginning of each year.


As the food industry becomes more advanced, Starbucks is keeping its employees ahead of the curve with its unique college program. The Starbucks College Achievement Plan features a partnership with Arizona State, where Starbucks employees can choose between over 100 online undergraduate programs. Starbucks covers 100 percent of tuition expenses, allowing employees who have never attended college to work toward their higher ed goals.


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