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Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Hardware • Machine Learning • Robotics • Sales
Longmont, Colorado, USA
90 Employees

Humanity has lost touch with nature - we’ve traded dirt and trees for asphalt, and we rely on loud, polluting, gas-powered machines to care for our limited natural spaces. At Scythe, we’re reinventing how we care for the outdoor world by building intelligent, all-electric machines that unlock a new superpower: the ability to care for the outdoors pollution-free at enormous scale. From today’s first steps in landscape maintenance to full-fledged re-terraforming in the future, Scythe is pioneering autonomous machinery that supports the ingenuity of humans, multiplying our power to nurture our planet.

Artificial Intelligence • Big Data • Computer Vision • Machine Learning • Analytics
Austin, Texas, USA
110 Employees

AI is driving a new Industrial Revolution. But most AI tools only work when the world looks the same tomorrow as it did yesterday. That's rarely the case. Striveworks was formed to fix this problem. Our platform lets teams build AI models, deploy them into unpredictable environments, and watch them deliver trustworthy results—day after day. Our approach has transformed AI outcomes for organizations where failure is never an option. As a result, Striveworks was recognized as an exemplar in the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence Final Report. In 2023, Striveworks placed on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 as one of the most rapidly growing technology companies in North America. In 2024, Striveworks was honored with a Built In Best Places to Work award—for the third year running.

Computer Vision • Digital Media • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • News + Entertainment • Software • Generative AI
27 Offices
1,700 Employees

Getty Images believes the right image, video or illustration can move the world. We deliver standout visual content to our customers, to power their commerce and ideas, and connect to their audience. For nearly 30 years, we’ve helped creative, business and media customers to define moments and shift perceptions using powerful visuals from gettyimages.com, istockphoto.com and unsplash.com.

Computer Vision • Healthtech • Information Technology • Logistics • Machine Learning • Software • Manufacturing
3 Offices
900 Employees

Dandy is transforming the massive ($200B) but antiquated dental industry. Backed by some of the world's leading venture capital investors, we are on an ambitious mission to integrate and simplify every function of the dental practice through technology. By building the operating system for every dental office in America, Dandy is empowering dentists with technology, tools, and world-class support to achieve more for their practice, their people, and their patients.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Machine Learning • Analytics
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
29 Employees

Voxel51 is an AI software company that enables machine learning and computer vision scientists to rapidly curate and experiment with their datasets in order to build higher performing machine learning systems. Learn more at docs.voxel51.com

Computer Vision • Mobile • Productivity • Software
Fully Remote, USA
300 Employees

FORM powers the world’s 2 billion mobile workers as they change companies and industries for good, with mobile technology that improves execution from the frontline. FORM activates and connects teams in the field – with leaders, missions, and each other – so they can deliver success in the enterprise. The FORM field execution platform serves as a digital assistant for frontline teams by guiding daily tasks, streamlining data collection, facilitating real-time communication, and providing leaders with real-time intelligence to drive faster actions and better decisions. FORM offers the world’s only integrated task management and image recognition platform and enables smart audits on more display types than any solution in the market, plus industry-leading field communications and photo reporting capabilities. FORM solutions have been deployed by Fortune 500 companies around the world.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Internet of Things • Machine Learning
Santa Clara, California, USA
130 Employees

AiFi provides the most flexible AI platform that enables retailers to affordably deploy and scale autonomous shopping solutions across their businesses. Leveraging computer vision, AiFi adapts to existing store formats without the need for shelf sensors, and provides advanced tracking algorithms that can scale up to 10,000 square feet to support various shopper journeys such as an app, credit card, gated, or hybrid entry. AiFi works with top retailers worldwide such as ALDI South Group, Carrefour, Compass Group, Morrisons, Żabka Group, REWE, and Verizon. AiFi has the highest number of computer vision powered autonomous stores across the globe. The company has raised a total of $80 million from investors including Verizon Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, HP Tech Ventures, Mithril Capital, Cervin Ventures, TransLink Capital, Plum Alley, Duke Angel Network, Reaction, GS Future, Drive Catalyst, and Evolution. For more information, please visit aifi.com.

Cloud • Computer Vision • Other • Real Estate • Virtual Reality
3 Offices
534 Employees

Matterport specializes in virtual reality for virtual tours and open houses. Matterport is leading the digital transformation of the built world. Our groundbreaking spatial computing platform turns buildings into data making every space more valuable and accessible. Millions of buildings in more than 150 countries have been transformed into immersive Matterport digital twins to improve every part of the building lifecycle from planning, construction, and operations to documentation, appraisal, and marketing. We’re excited to announce that Matterport is now publicly listed on NASDAQ. It’s an exciting time to join us! Visit our Matterport Comparably Profile to learn more about working at Matterport and the awards we have won! Recent Headlines: • Matterport Appoints Design and Product Executives Amid Business Transformation • Matterport Unveils New Cloud Platform, Unlocking Ubiquitous Access To 3D Technology • Former eBay product chief RJ Pittman takes the reins at 3D capture company Matterport

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • PropTech
San Francisco, California, USA
238 Employees

OpenSpace is on a mission to bring new levels of transparency to construction. We combine simple off-the-shelf 360° cameras, computer vision, and AI to make it incredibly easy to capture a complete visual record of a jobsite, share it via the cloud, and track progress remotely. Our customers have used the platform to capture over four billion square feet of active construction projects around the world. OpenSpace is based in San Francisco, California.

Computer Vision • Digital Media • Mobile • Social Media • Software
Fully Remote, USA
110 Employees

For creators, by creators In 2011, we set out to create a photo and video editing app that combines premium quality editing filters and tools, thoughtful curation, and a diverse community for creative professionals like ourselves. ‍ From day one, our mission has been to nurture creativity so you can make it. Our creative journey Along the way, we’ve built a vibrant platform of creators around the world who continue to inspire us and our evolution. ‍ Listening to their stories has helped us focus on three key elements: a creator-first editing experience with optionality and control; more ways to connect with other creators; and a transparent way to support themselves and the work they appreciate. Our inspiration today The way we express ourselves creatively is always changing. Whether we’re on a shoot, experimenting for the next one, or simply capturing life, we’re here to hone our craft, expand our perspective, and tell better stories. We’re here to grow. We believe you are too. You’re our inspiration. We believe that with the right creative tools, inspiring resources, and a supportive community, you can do anything. We’re investing in you. Join us.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • HR Tech • Machine Learning • Software
2 Offices
650 Employees

Veritone (NASDAQ: VERI) designs human-centered AI solutions. Serving customers in the talent acquisition, media, entertainment, and public sector industries, Veritone’s software and services empower individuals at many of the world’s largest and most recognizable brands to run more efficiently, accelerate decision making, and increase profitability. Veritone’s leading enterprise AI platform, aiWARE, orchestrates an ever-growing ecosystem of machine learning models that transforms data sources into actionable intelligence. Guided by its commitment to responsible AI use, Veritone blends human expertise with AI technology to advance human potential and help organizations achieve more than ever before.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Healthtech • Machine Learning • Software
4 Offices
125 Employees

At Iterative Health, we are a pioneer in the application of artificial intelligence-based precision medicine to gastroenterology with the aim of establishing a new standard of care for the detection, and ultimately, treatment of gastrointestinal (GI) diseases. Our powerful, proprietary artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies are designed with the goal of improving the accuracy and consistency of endoscopy readings. We believe the work underway at Iterative Health will lead to better patient care, allowing people suffering from IBD – and, eventually, other GI diseases – to improve their quality of life, relationships with their doctors, and access to clinical trials and potential therapeutic advances. ​And we're a group of dedicated, passionate people who find energy in working together to address these big challenges. We're headquartered in Cambridge, not far from MIT, where we were founded in 2017

Computer Vision • Gaming • Software • Virtual Reality • Web3 • Metaverse
San Mateo, California, USA
2,500 Employees

Roblox is reimagining the way people come together by enabling them to create, connect, and express themselves in immersive 3D experiences built by a global community. Our mission is to connect billions of users with optimism and civility, which starts by fostering a safe and inclusive environment—one that inspires creativity and empowers positive relationships between people around the world.

Computer Vision • Software
Washington, District of Columbia, USA
145 Employees

Oddball is dedicated to digital modernization of federal citizen-centric services.

Computer Vision • Machine Learning • Mobile • Productivity • Software
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
400 Employees

Scandit supports its customers by providing actionable insights and automating end-to-end processes. Our Smart Data Capture platform enables smart devices, such as smartphones, drones, digital eyewear and robots to interact with physical items by capturing data from barcodes, text, IDs and objects with unmatched speed, accuracy and intelligence. Scandit accurately scans up to 3x faster than dedicated scanners in challenging light or at angles, on damaged labels, across multiple codes, on any smart device. We enable innovation that delivers significant cost savings, increases employee retention and customer loyalty. Scandit partners with customers at every step with trials, solution design, integration and customer success support included. Specialties: Image Recognition, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Computer Vision, Transportation and Logistics, Healthcare, Barcode Scanning Software, Augmented Reality, Retail Software, Enterprise Software, Last Mile Solutions, BYOD Solutions, Digital Transformation and Machine Learning. Visit scandit.com to learn why market leaders across retail, transport and logistics, healthcare and manufacturing like Instacart, Levi’s Strauss, Sephora, NHS and FedEx trust us. We are hiring, take a look at our career opportunities - https://www.scandit.com/careers/

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • eCommerce • Fintech • Machine Learning
New York, New York, USA
150 Employees

Microblink's computer vision solutions create elegant user experiences and make life easier by eliminating manual data entry on mobile and web apps. Our AI-powered data extraction technology is used by companies worldwide to simplify identity verification and document capture to kickstart their onboarding processes and substantiate purchases.

Computer Vision • Gaming • Virtual Reality
Seattle, Washington, USA
241 Employees

Rec Room is the best place to build and play games together. Party up with friends from all around the world to chat, hang out, explore player-created rooms, or build something new and amazing to share with us all. With MILLIONS of player-created rooms, there is something for everyone. Hop into a game of paintball with some new friends or zen out in a park with a few of your besties. Rec Room is available on all major gaming platforms, including mobile, console and VR, and is free to play.

Computer Vision • Machine Learning • Mobile • Software • Wearables
New York, New York, USA
52 Employees

VisionX is a cutting-edge startup that builds innovative machine vision systems and products that enhance human productivity. VisionX’s machine vision products and platform power mobile, fixed, and wearables camera to see the world like the human eye. Our solutions empower businesses from startups to Fortune 500 companies understand and interpret visual information from text, images, videos, scan codes and live scenes. The proprietary algorithms and decision systems powering these solutions help our customers draw insights, establish baselines, and deliver real-time alerts and actions to enhance productivity, increase sales, reduce costs, transform experiences and prepare businesses for the future.

Cloud • Computer Vision • Software
San Diego, California, USA
203 Employees

ChiroTouch is the cloud standard in chiropractic software and the only completely integrated EHR software built for chiropractors, top to bottom. Backed by over 20 years of experience and insight from our 21,000 providers, the newest generation of ChiroTouch is built from the ground up and can be accessed any way, anytime, and on any device. ChiroTouch is a completely integrated system for payment processing and insurance claims management. No more need for multiple vendors so chiropractors can focus on patients, not paperwork.  Easy in Every Way - ChiroTouch is easy to get started, access, learn, and use. Completely Integrated - ChiroTouch is a completely integrated software system - one seamless, end-to-end experience. We Know Chiropractic - Loved, trusted, and used by more than 21,000 providers for over twenty years. The new generation of ChiroTouch is designed from the ground up to maximize efficiencies for virtually every process, including scheduling, SOAP notes, payments, billing, and more. Whether you accept cash, insurance, or both, ChiroTouch meets your needs.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Insurance • Machine Learning • Software
48 Employees

Our AI technology solves a big problem for moving companies and insurance carriers - by allowing their teams to do a home survey or inspection without physically visiting the home!