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Top NFT Companies Hiring Remote Workers (14)

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Fully Remote
10 Employees

Collective is the home for NFT communities. Formerly MomentRanks.

Fintech • Other • NFT
Los Angeles, California, USA
27 Employees

ZORA is a group of individuals working towards a new paradigm for creators by enabling the creation, curation, and collection of NFTs. We believe that by enabling a more equitable system for creators and communities, we will fundamentally rediscover the power of the internet.

Digital Media • Software • NFT
2 Offices
113 Employees

Creator-centric NFT marketplace. We are hiring!

Blockchain • Internet of Things • Cryptocurrency • NFT • Web3
2 Offices
135 Employees

Aptos Labs is a people-first blockchain on a mission to help billions of people achieve universal and fair access to decentralized assets in a safe and scalable way. Founded by some of the original creators and maintainers that researched, designed, and built the Diem blockchain to serve this purpose, we have dedicated several years toward this mission. We believe the open-source Diem technology we have developed is an important foundation of a safe and scalable web3 world where everyone has more equitable opportunities to grow and access financial assets with lower fees and fewer intermediaries.

Blockchain • NFT • Web3
83 Employees

Sweet is a complete end-to-end NFT platform, which consists of NFT creative services, token minting across multiple blockchains, token mechanics/gamification, and distribution to consumers. Sweet also consists of an NFT marketplace (accessible via web and mobile) and a user-friendly NFT wallet, which enables Sweet users to securely store their digital collectibles.

Blockchain • Gaming • NFT • Web3
Sydney, New South Wales, AUS

Immutable is scaling the world’s digital assets. Immutable X is the first scaling solution for NFTs which doesn’t compromise the security or decentralization of the world’s leading public blockchain, Ethereum.

Blockchain • Cryptocurrency • NFT • Web3
Fully Remote
21 Employees

The core development team supporting the growth and success of the Goldfinch protocol: goldfinch.finance. We believe crypto will reshape the global economy and expand access to capital around the world. We are building the tools and technology to make that possible.

Cloud • Fintech • Cryptocurrency • NFT • Web3
Fully Remote
3,700 Employees

Founded in June of 2012, Coinbase is a digital currency wallet and platform where merchants and consumers can transact with new digital currencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin. Our vision is to bring more innovation, efficiency, and equality of opportunity to the world by building an open financial system.

Blockchain • Software • Cryptocurrency • NFT • Web3
2 Offices
250 Employees

Ava Labs makes it simple to deploy high-performance solutions for Web3, led by innovations on Avalanche. The company was founded by Cornell computer scientists, who partnered with Wall Street veterans and early Web3 leaders to execute a promising vision for redefining the way people build and use open, permissionless networks. Our mission is to empower people to easily and freely digitize all the world's assets on one open, programmable blockchain platform. Ava Labs is redefining the way people create value with Web3.

Agency • eCommerce • Marketing Tech • Software • NFT
Fully Remote
38 Employees

At Amaze Software, Inc. our mission is to empower anyone to create a beautiful shopping experience. We combined marketing and design software to create some of the most innovative technology on the market that can be integrated anywhere. In the future, our designs will power commerce on every platform in the world. If you can imagine it, Amaze will help you create it and share it with the world. One idea turned into a beautiful design at a time.

Social Media • Cryptocurrency • NFT • Web3
New York, New York, USA
158 Employees

CoinDesk Inc. is a media, event, indices and data company and the most influential trusted platform for the emerging crypto economy. Founded in May 2013, the CoinDesk Media platform provides millions of consumers interested in cryptocurrency assets, blockchain technology and Web3 with news and insights, festivals and events, podcasts, newsletters, live streaming TV shows and research reports. CoinDesk Indices are the industry standard for institutional single and multi-asset benchmarks for crypto assets. The flagship CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (XBX) has served the industry since 2014. Consensus has been recognized since 2015 as the most influential big-tent event in crypto, blockchain, Web3 and the metaverse. The crypto festival, now based in Austin, brings together thousands of attendees from around the world to hear from the most sought-after thought leaders and experience a wide range of speakers, workshops, networking and learning opportunities. CoinDesk is a wholly owned subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, one of the largest privately held investment companies in the crypto industry whose mission is to accelerate the development of a better financial system.

Blockchain • Software • Cryptocurrency • NFT • Web3
New York, New York, USA
105 Employees

Uniswap Labs is a decentralized finance startup that contributes to the Uniswap Protocol and are the creators of the Uniswap Interface.

Software • Cryptocurrency • NFT
San Francisco, California, USA
21 Employees

Drip (Dripshop.live) is a fast-growing, VC-backed live shopping platform and community focused on collectibles and NFTs. Our platform enables streamers to build a community and earn a living around the collectibles they love. We're building the first live stream platform integrated with Crypto and NFT technology.

Fintech • Financial Services • Cryptocurrency • NFT • Web3
Miami, Florida, USA
4,266 Employees

Crypto.com was founded in 2016 on a simple belief: it's a basic human right for everyone to control their money, data and identity. Crypto.com serves over 10 million customers today, with the world’s fastest growing crypto app, along with the Crypto.com Visa Card — the world’s most widely available crypto card, the Crypto.com Exchange and Crypto.com DeFi Wallet.