Healthtech Startup Pivotal Analytics Raises $10.2M

With almost 30 million Americans lacking access to hospitals, Pivotal Analytics is positioned to close the geographical gap between patients and care.

Written by Charli Renken
Published on Oct. 12, 2021
Healthtech Startup Pivotal Analytics Raises $10.2M
Healthcare Startup Pivotal Analytics Raises $10.2 Million in Series A Funding
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Strategic healthcare analytics company Pivotal Analytics recently announced it raised $10.2 million in Series A funding. While the D.C.-based company did not disclose the major contributors behind the funding round, it did say the investment was led by one of the largest owner-operators of medical office buildings in the United States.

Pivotal’s flagship product is a map-based, strategic analytics platform that allows healthcare leaders and planners to better predict care supply and demand in target markets. The analytics engine maps patient behavior based on hospital throughput and is aimed at helping organizations identify “healthcare deserts” to divert resources.

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For example, when deciding where to build a new hospital, Pivotal can determine where there are unmet care needs and predict the kind of talent and resources needed to build in any given location.

The ability to make these kinds of planning decisions is important for healthcare equity, particularly when it comes to rural communities. In 2019, nearly 80 percent of rural America was designated by the federal government as “medically underserved.” And a 2017 study concluded that almost 30 million Americans lack access to trauma care.

“Pivotal integrates specialized healthcare and real estate data in unique ways to deliver strategic insights and a better perspective for healthcare opportunities,” Carl Davis, Pivotal Analytics CEO and co-founder, said in a statement. “It’s extremely validating to have industry leaders recognize the value of our platform, and we are thrilled to benefit from their advice and experience as we help our customers make better real estate and operational decisions.”

Pivotal Analytics plans to use its new funding to grow the product’s library of top-tier data partners and proprietary algorithms, as well as enhance the user experience to support different types of healthcare professionals. The company also plans to hire new talent in product development and engineering.

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