5 Top Marketing Companies in Vancouver

These Vancouver marketing companies have expertise in areas like digital strategy, SEO and social media.

Written by Margo Steines
Published on Nov. 03, 2023
5 Top Marketing Companies in Vancouver
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With Vancouver’s position as a tech hotspot, it’s no surprise the city has attracted marketing talent keen on helping brands of all sizes succeed. They bring together skills across areas such as digital strategy, brand identity, SEO, social media and web development. The following marketing companies in Vancouver are working to connect businesses across a variety of industries with their ideal customers.

Top Vancouver Marketing Companies

  • Major Tom
  • Massive Media
  • Idea Rebel
  • AntiSocial Solutions
  • soulpepper


Marketing Companies in Vancouver to Know

Major Tom is a digital marketing agency. It offers full-service marketing with a focus on channel development and digital strategy. Its in-house team includes specialists in content marketing, e-commerce development and customer journey, as well as Amazon, WordPress and Shopify Plus experts. It relies on something it calls the Marketing Benchmark Tool, which allows clients to compare their performance to others in the same space, using KPIs to generate detailed analysis.

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Massive Media is a creative-driven marketing strategy firm that specializes in brand identity and positioning. It works with clients to hone brand architecture and strategy, product naming, brand messaging, brand implementation and visual identity. It provides in-house web design and development services, inclusive of UX/UI design, usability testing and quality assurance. 

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Idea Rebel is a digital marketing agency that focuses on media buying, strategy and marketing campaigns, using technical architecture to drive digital experiences. For the NBA, Idea Rebel created content to drive fan engagement across the season. Fun fact: its offices are fully paper-free, with whiteboards, tablets and emailed documents instead of notebooks and printed forms. 

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AntiSocial Solutions is a full-service social media marketing agency. It manages content production, media buying, influencer marketing and everything else in the social media ecosystem, working across channels and on all platforms. Its robust team of in-house creatives includes copywriters, photographers, graphic designers and motion designers, who build content to support data-driven social strategy.

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Soulpepper handles online marketing for e-commerce and local businesses in the Vancouver area. It offers SEO, conversion rate optimization, email marketing and automation, site migration, shopping feed optimization and other digital marketing services. The company provides detailed weekly ROI reports and offers fully transparent billing to its clients. 

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Rose Velazquez contributed reporting to this story.

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