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For lots of workers, logging on is the new clocking in. These employees enjoy the freedom of working from home while also deciding where home is regardless of where their employer’s physical offices are located. Likewise, some employees enjoy remote work models that let them continue doing their job while they travel outside their home city, state or even country. Here are some companies that let you work from anywhere.

Companies That Let You Work From Anywhere

  • CompanyCam
  • Chainlink Labs
  • Double
  • Indigov
  • Yelp
  • Pinterest
  • GameChanger
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Automattic


Companies That Let You Work From Anywhere

Thumbtack’s tech solutions connect homeowners with qualified professionals to work on their home maintenance and repair projects while also giving small businesses the tools to grow. The company has a virtual-first work model that allows employees to work remotely in the United States, Ontario, British Columbia and the Philippines. Thumbtack also works to create opportunities for team members to form in-person connections.


Big data company Enigma uses machine learning and AI to analyze dataon small and medium-sized businesses. From this data analysis it offers insights on financial well-being to its clients. The company’s fully remote global team enjoys unlimited paid time off and available offices in New York and Los Angeles if they ever want to work in person. 


Samsara’s tech platform uses IoT devices to increase efficiency, safety and sustainability in industries that rely on fleet vehicles and machinery, like construction and logistics. Boasting radically flexible work terms, the company supports everything from fully remote and hybrid arrangements to fully in-office work with a dedicated desk or a co-working space option.


Agile Six is a digital transformation and product design company that works with government agencies to create and improve the user experience in tech applications. The company has no physical office locations. All of its employees are fully remote and have the option to work from anywhere in the United States.


CompanyCam’s visual communications software for job sites allows contractors to instantly communicate with teams in the field, no site visit required. The company’s team works from over two dozen countries across the globe and enjoys the option to be fully remote. CompanyCam also offers flexible work hours, a home office setup stipend and the option to visit the Lincoln, Nebraska headquarters as desired.  


Chainlink Labs, a Web3 services company, has a remote-first, fully distributed workforce. Team members can work from anywhere in the world while also benefitting from a hardware allowance and a monthly co-working space stipend to build their ideal work-from-anywhere environment.


Double, which pairs busy executives with assistants to shoulder the administrative load on an as-needed basis, is a fully remote company. It offers a home office stipend to help employees offset the costs of setting up a WFH space and sponsors company-wide outings and happy hours to build community among remote workers.


Indigov is a CRM platform for local government. It connects local officials with constituents and helps with managing the day to day of local governance. Indigov is a fully remote company and its employees can perform their jobs from anywhere in the United States on a schedule that works for them.


Yelp’s website and mobile app are filled with business reviews and recommendations written by customers. The company also offers advertising solutions for business owners. Yelp’s remote work program lets employees choose a location to work from that best suits their life and productivity. They’re also reimbursed for workspace expenses.


Social media company Pinterest’s PinFlex program gives employees the flexibility to choose whether they want to work virtually or be based out of one of the company’s dozens of offices around the globe. Remote employees are allowed to live anywhere within the country where they were hired. Full-time employees who have been with Pinterest for at least six months also have the option to work outside the country for up to three months each year, while those who have been with the company for less than six months can work outside the country for up to 30 days.

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GameChanger is a platform for streaming youth sports games. Although GameChanger has offices in New York and Pennsylvania, it’s a fully remote company. Its employees can work from anywhere in the United States. Remote workers receive a tech budget to ensure they have what they need, and team social events are conducted both in person and virtually so they’re still able to connect with their coworkers.


DuckDuckGo builds products and solutions that allow people to navigate the internet without being tracked. The company’s fully remote team includes workers from more than 15 countries, and DuckDuckGo gives employees a monthly allowance to help with the cost of office supplies. If an employee prefers to perform their job out of a co-working space, DuckDuckGo also reimburses them up to $500 a month to cover those costs.

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Automattic is the company responsible for WordPress, Tumblr and other web tools and platforms. Its employees are spread across more than 96 countries. Automattic’s perks and benefits include money to offset expenses associated with setting up home offices and working from co-working spaces.

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