38 Companies That Embrace Working From Home

These companies allow their employees the flexibility to work from home.

Written by Rose Velazquez
38 Companies That Embrace Working From Home
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Margo Steines | May 21, 2024

Remote work is the new norm for many companies. With plenty of communication and collaboration tools available and a variety of options for structuring the workday, many employers are setting a new standard for job flexibility. Here are some companies that let their employees work from home.

Companies That Work From Home

  • Yieldmo
  • New Era ADR
  • Zone & Co
  • Swiftly
  • Airbnb
  • Dropbox
  • Square
  • HubSpot


Companies That Work From Home

Convention Data Services provides data to professionals in the convention industry, including show managers for exhibitions and association, B2B and B2C trade shows. Offering digital event registration, lead management and business intelligence to inform operations decisions for these large professional events, the company serves as a one-stop-shop for all things data in the convention world. Company policy allows most staff to work from anywhere in the U.S., with opportunities for networking and connecting with colleagues on-site at trade shows. 


CNA is an insurance company that offers a full range of commercial insurance products, from standard to niche. It serves clients in the professional services, real estate, technology, manufacturing, life sciences, healthcare, financial services and construction industries, providing industry-specialized products like life sciences work hazard coverage. The company’s work site policy is hybrid, allowing team members the option of working from home, in the field or in a company office, depending on their desires and the demands of their role.


Cohere Health’s AI-powered platform integrates real-time analytics and clinical intelligence to significantly lower prior authorization denial rates for health plans and providers. Serving multiple health plans, Cohere processes millions of prior authorizations annually. Cohere says its employees work in 47 different states. The company regularly hosts retreats at its office in Boston’s North End. 


ForeFlight makes flight planning software for use by airlines, pilots and flight crews. The ForeFlight app includes features like runway analysis, flight dispatch, fuel monitoring and flight data analysis, so that pilots can access real-time updates about critical elements of their flight conditions. The company hires remotely across 34 U.S. states and maintains offices for optional use in Austin, Houston and Portland, Maine.


Accelerated Digital Media provides strategy and services in search engine marketing and paid social across channels to healthcare and e-commerce clients. The team has many successful campaigns under its belt, including those for children’s retail company Monica + Andy and for Talkspace, which it guided from startup status to its current industry dominance. The company’s policies have shifted in recent years, and it now supports fully remote work, with sponsored happy hours for group cohesion.

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Skillsoft, one of the world’s largest edtech companies, provides cloud-based corporate learning solutions. It offers interactive courses in business, leadership, compliance and emerging technologies to upskill working professionals worldwide. Skillsoft has locations all around the world including Sydney, Hyderabad and Boston. The vast majority of the company’s global jobs include remote flexibility as it remains committed to enabling virtual learning around the world.


Scratch Financial is a fintech company operating in the healthcare space, collaborating with medical practices of all sizes. Its care-now, pay-later model aims to make affording medical care more accessible. As a remote-first company, Scratch Financial aims to give its employees the flexibility they need to achieve a sustainable work-life balance. It also offers a hybrid option and commuter benefits for those who prefer some in-office time.


Whatnot runs a livestream shopping platform where buyers and sellers can connect live online to trade everything from designer handbags and collectible sneakers to trading cards and thrift clothes. Using live video to facilitate sales, the platform’s secondary function is as a social network for collectors. Whatnot is a remote-first company and offers employees budgets to set up their home offices.


First Entertainment Credit Union is a financial services company based in California. It describes itself as a financial ally of entertainment creators in California and manages over $2 billion in assets. The company embraces a work-from-home philosophy through its hybrid work model. It also provides a technology stipend to make sure employees have everything they need to make their home office as efficient as their shared work space.


Healthtech company Alma aims to make mental healthcare more accessible and affordable. It works directly with providers to give them the tools they need to help them run their business and grow their practices sustainably. The company has a fully remote workforce. 


Enigma’s technology gives its business clients access to critical insights about the financial health and behavior of private businesses they’re considering engaging. The company offers a fully remote work policy, with space available for collaboration and community at on-site offices in New York and Los Angeles. To build team cohesion, Enigma hosts in-person events throughout the year.


EDB makes database management software that is open-source and multi-modal, based on the PostgreSQL database. EDB’s services scale Postgres to an enterprise workload, avoiding productivity disruptions and increasing the availability of web-based applications. The company operates completely remote, with a global workforce that enjoys the flexibility to work from any location they choose.


Thumbtack makes a digital platform that homeowners can use to search, contact, hire and rate local companies and individuals for performing services like carpentry, plumbing, electrical and painting. Its solution allows small businesses to quickly access a motivated customer base. Thumbtack describes its work model as “virtual-first,” which means the company enables remote collaboration while still creating opportunities for employees to build in-person connections.


Arity is a data analytics company providing solutions to customers across the transportation industry. For example, its driver insights can be used to inform auto insurance marketing or public sector infrastructure projects. The company operates under a fully remote work model, and its employees have the flexibility to do their jobs from anywhere in the continental United States.


Healthtech company Evidation’s mobile app connects users with insights and rewards meant to promote healthy behaviors. Users can also opt to participate in research that allows Evidation to inform the way various medical issues are understood, diagnosed and treated. Although Evidation maintains a San Mateo, California, office where employees are welcome to get work done or pop in to meet up with their peers, team members can also choose to work remotely. The company offers virtual meet-ups and flexible hours to support its distributed workforce.


Agile Six leverages its expertise in areas like product development, digital transformation and qualitative and quantitative research to work with government agencies on building and implementing custom tech solutions to enhance their operations. The company is fully remote, providing employees with a yearly $1,000 stipend and other reimbursements to support their remote work arrangements.


Samsara’s IoT platform for vehicles and machinery comes with features to enhance safety and efficiency for industries such as logistics, construction, transportation and manufacturing. The company offers its team members flexible work terms that accommodate fully remote work as well as hybrid work, allowing the employee to choose how often they want to be in the office.


Sandbox VR provides virtual reality entertainment experiences and describes itself as “full-body VR.” The company caters to groups who want to dive head-first into the same immersive virtual reality experience at one of the company’s many retail locations. With a fully distributed workforce and a remote work program, Sandbox VR strives to foster a collaborative environment for all of its employees, wherever they work. 


Chainlink Labs work-from-anywhere policy allows this remote-first Web3 services platform to hire talent from around the world. The company maintains a headquarters in San Francisco while offering a home office stipend and hardware allowance so its fully distributed workforce can build their ideal work-from-home space.   


Flatfile gives developers a platform for file-based data import that’s customizable, equipped with AI-powered capabilities and supports a variety of file types. The company is fully remote, providing employees with resources like Wi-Fi and cellphone stipends to ensure they have what they need to perform their jobs. For employees who have a space they plan to use as a dedicated Flatfile office, the company offers a $10,000 budget and access to an interior designer to get them set up.


Upside is a retail software company that runs an app that grants cashback rewards and discounts to consumers in a wide variety of brick-and-mortar businesses, from grocery stores and gas stations to big box stores and fast food restaurants. It maintains a headquarters in Washington, D.C. and offices in Austin, Chicago and New York, but the company’s remote work program supports many positions in working from home. 


Eventus makes software for financial institutions that solves regulatory challenges in the financial sector. For example, it uses AI to monitor for market manipulations like “wash trading,” which occurs when the same trader buys and sells a security to create the illusion of market activity. The company is fully remote, with many of its employees working from home. 


PickTrace, which makes software for industrial-scale farmers to use in managing their workforce, productivity and crop harvests, is a fully remote company. Headquartered from a small office in Glendale, California, that’s available to any employees who want to work together or hold live meetings, team members enjoy flexible start and end times from the location of their choice as well as a home office stipend. 


Oak9 makes a SaaS cybersecurity platform for web developers, which allows them to build security measures and protocols into code as they write it. The company practices “security as code,” which means that security checks, tests and gates are integrated into the tools and processes that make up the code. Oak9 is a hybrid workplace and offers employees the option to work from home or to come into the company’s Chicago office.


RTB House uses deep learning technology to help its clients optimize their online ad campaigns and better connect with and engage customers. The company has more than 1,000 employees operating across 30-plus global offices. RTB House offers its team members in-office and remote work options.


CompanyCam’s construction industry media sharing app allows roofers, electricians and other field-based contractor teams to send photos and videos documenting progress and quality to their home offices. The company supports employees working from home with flexible work hours that allow folks in various time zones to work asynchronously. CompanyCam also gives remote employees a maximum $700 to put toward their home office setup.


Altium makes software tools for electronic design, which allow engineers to print circuit boards to power electronic devices. It offers multiple tiers of software, including the free CircuitMaker printed circuit board design program, which is open source and designed for makers and non-profits, and Altium Designer, made for professional engineers. The company has a hybrid work culture and supports team members in performing their job duties from wherever they are most comfortable.


Cie works with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and executives to develop, launch and grow new business ventures. It operates a venture studio, which incubates ideas from partners and helps launch them into products or businesses. Cie's in-house projects include Cie Games, a car-racing mobile games studio, and Asap Tire, which uses an app to bring new tires to consumers on-site rather than requiring them to drop their vehicle off for service. Cie employees have the option of working out of the company’s California headquarters or performing their work from home.


Gembah’s product design and manufacturing platform gives creators a space to research, design, produce and distribute their products. Serving everyone from micro-brands and entrepreneurs to large e-commerce companies, the Gembah service is scalable and comprehensive. More than half of Gembah’s team works remotely, and even those who choose to work from the Austin headquarters are free to set their own on-site hours. 


Stem Disintermedia offers a payment system for musical artists and their teams, handling royalties, distribution and payment processing. Company culture at Stem encourages team members to work from where they are most comfortable, offering offices in New York and Los Angeles along with the option to work from home.


Yieldmo is an adtech company that operates an in-house exchange for ad content, using machine learning to pair specific advertisers with the content that will best serve their needs and help hit their KPIs. The company culture is all about working from home, with the option to work from Yieldmo’s New York office or remotely. Yieldmo also provides a home office stipend to support all full-time employees who work remotely.


New Era ADR is an alternative dispute resolution platform that helps clients resolve legal issues like copyright and intellectual property claims. Staffed by tech industry insiders, engineers and former litigators and general counsels, the team is expert in avoiding time consuming and costly litigation. The company is fully remote, with team members working across the country.


Zone & Co offers enterprise resource planning for financial management. It works with businesses in growth stages using the NetSuite CRM and offers a portfolio of apps to streamline everything from billing and payments to approvals and reporting. The company culture goes one step beyond being nominally remote — founded as a remote company, it is proudly “remote at our core” and has been operating remotely since its founding, with team members working around the globe.


Swiftly makes tech solutions and tools that serve retail companies, like pickup and delivery service, loyalty programs and targeted recommendations. As a fully remote company, Swiftly employees never have to go to either of the company’s physical offices, with its operations spread across the United States.

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Airbnb is a web and mobile platform that allows owners to list their properties as short-term rentals and allows travelers to find a place to stay at destinations worldwide. The company launched its Live and Work Anywhere initiative for employees in 2022. It’s given the majority of Airbnb’s workers the flexibility to decide whether they want to work from home or the office.


Dropbox offers its users file storage and sharing solutions. The virtual first company uses “non-linear workdays” to let employees plan their schedules for optimal productivity. This strategy includes set collaboration hours to ensure there’s still overlap among employees working in different time zones.


Square builds hardware and software that enables businesses of all sizes to accept payments and manage inventory, payroll and other critical elements of their operations. Square has more than a dozen office locations across the globe, but the company also offers many jobs that can be worked remotely. 

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HubSpot’s customer relationship management platform is equipped with a variety of capabilities to reach and engage customers and make it easier for employees to collaborate. The company operates on a hybrid work model in which employees can operate out of one of HubSpot’s 14 global offices or they can work in a completely remote fashion. Employees can also mix the two options.

Sara B.T. Thiel contributed reporting to this story.

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