7 Top Native Advertising Companies

Native advertising engages consumers through content that's consistent with the host website's style and format, rather than looking like a typical online ad.

Written by Margo Steines
7 Top Native Advertising Companies
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Rose Velazquez | Apr 04, 2024

Native advertising allows brands to engage audiences through content that’s designed to match the format of the site where it’s published. Unlike the typical online ad, consumers may not initially realize this type of content is an advertisement because it’s consistent with the font, color scheme and other styling conventions of the host platform, such as an online news outlet. Consumers often encounter these advertisements labeled as “sponsored.” Here are six top native advertising companies working with advertisers and publishers to distribute native content.

Top Native Advertising Companies

  • Smartly
  • Sojern
  • Taboola
  • Basis Technologies
  • Outbrain
  • Nativo
  • MGID


Native Advertising Companies to Know

Smartly offers a comprehensive suite of SaaS tools for social media advertising, serving globally recognized brands such as Uber and eBay. Through its platform, Smartly automates ad buying and production, leveraging AI technology to streamline campaign management and creative production while providing real-time insights for optimized advertising strategies


Through its travel marketing platform, Sojern provides solutions to clients in the hospitality industry, helping them to target, engage and retain customers. Its tech is designed to optimize campaigns so that marketers efficiently reach travelers through digital channels such as video, social and native.


Branded as a “discovery platform,” Taboola lets users encounter curated native content. Content creators and advertisers bring their media — anything from written content to videos —to the platform, where they create campaigns with defined budgets and audiences. Taboola then routes that content throughout its publisher sites, pushing the content into the user interface of various sites according to algorithmic targeting. 

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Basis Technologies offers media automation and business intelligence for the advertising industry. Its digital media strategy services deploy native content across channels. Its tech product offerings focus on automation in planning, performance, measurement and even billing, with artificial intelligence powering predictive modeling. 


Outbrain makes recommendation technology — the digital version of the experience of flipping to the next article in a magazine, which was the inspiration for the company’s founding. It works with advertisers and media owners to create and place native ads across the web, driving traffic to the sites that host ads.  


Nativo deals in brand stories and calls itself a “storytelling platform.” It gives advertisers formats and available content for native ads, which they can then select and customize for Nativo to disseminate around the web. The Native Article format for written and visual content is published with streamlined branding to match the publisher, and appears to the consumer like an extension of the hosting site. 

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MGID is a cloud-based native advertising platform that brands can work with to plan, create and publish their content. With 850 million unique monthly visitors across more than 32,000 content sites, it offers ad formats like native widgets and native video. Clients have access to a dashboard that tracks and analyzes their campaigns in real time.

Sara B.T. Thiel contributed reporting to this story.

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