10 Tech Companies in Brazil to Know

Brazil specializes in software, fintech and IT. These are the companies spurring growth in the country’s tech sector.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Jun. 11, 2024
10 Tech Companies in Brazil to Know
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Brazil is experiencing a tech boom even though it’s already one of the largest tech hubs in Latin America. The country’s major cities like São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Recife, are home to several thousand highly adaptable and multilingual tech professionals.

Brazil’s startup ecosystem is also diverse and sprawling. As the demand for internet services increases, so too do the number of companies working on software, cybersecurity, IT and mobile. Below are some of the top companies in Brazil contributing to the local tech growth.

Top Brazil Tech Companies to Know

  • monday.com
  • ZS
  • MangoDB
  • Nubank
  • iFood
  • Ascenty
  • Neon


Top Brazil Tech Companies

Monday.com develops customizable productivity software and tools, used by client companies like Coca-Cola and Lionsgate. The software is modular and adaptable for marketing, project management, HR and other operational tasks. Monday.com was founded in Tel Aviv but has since expanded globally.


ZS is a management consulting and technology firm with an office in São Paulo. The firm leverages data analytics and other technologies to create impactful solutions for all the sectors of the global healthcare industry, including, pharmaceuticals, consumer health goods and medical technology.


Fintech company Nubank is one of Brazil’s most successful venture-funded startups. The banking platform provides personal accounts, credit cards, loans and life insurance and is also popular with businesses for its solutions. Not only has Nubank been successful in Brazil, but it has also expanded, with successes elsewhere in Latin America, including Mexico and Colombia.

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MongoDB is known as a NoSQL database platform. Its most popular product enables clients to deploy multi-cloud databases and operates without a relational structure, providing a different query experience from SQL databases. MongoDB’s products allow companies to run cloud applications while reducing their database complexity.


IFood is a mobile food ordering and delivery platform with a large user base in Brazil and Colombia. In addition to food, iFood supports grocery and pharmacy deliveries and promises speedy service. The company is one of the largest tech employers in the country, with 15,000 workers.


Vinhedo-based Ascenty provides data infrastructure and cloud services throughout Latin America. Founded in 2010, it quickly became one of the largest data centers, operating over 30 facilities in Brazil, Chile and Mexico.


Neon is a banking fintech company with over 30 million customers. Although the company works with individuals and businesses, it is most known for its consumer offerings, which include credit cards, personal loans and virtual cards. Neon is a popular neo-bank in Brazil for making credit and banking more accessible to individuals.

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Providing financial software, QI Tech develops fintech APIs to increase access to banking services. The software integrates with other platforms and creates a gateway for clients to provide banking and credit financing services without staking their own capital. Various companies, including other banks like Banco Bari, use QI Tech.


Luby is a bespoke software development company working with clients in the United States and Europe. The company employs software developers, product managers and other tech talent and works on finance, education, retail, web and mobile projects. Luby has experience working with over 40 tech stacks.


DB1 Group develops software for B2B companies. Its tenure includes fintech, e-commerce and web projects and has worked with companies like Lenovo and Acer. DB1 is headquartered in Maringá but has a reach that spans across continents.

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