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Are Personality Tests Actually Useful in the Workplace?

Personality assessments should be just another tool in the hiring toolkit, used in conjunction with resumes, interviews, and other screens.
dei roadmap

How 4 Tech Companies Iterate on Their DEI Roadmap

Four leading technology companies take us through their DEI roadmap: what they’ve done so far and where they’re headed.

Culture Fit: More Harm Than Good? 12 Experts Share Their Take.

Hear what 12 experts have to say about the importance of hiring for "culture add" rather than "culture fit."
What Is A Mentor

Hack the Career Ladder by Landing a Mentor

These pros share tips on finding the right mentor for you.
women in tech statistics

Women in Tech Statistics Show the Industry Has a Long Way to Go

The tech industry still has a long way to go toward equity and equality in the workplace.

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