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Special Series: Cultural Battles Facing the Open-Source Community
National Reports
Special Series: Cultural Battles Facing the Open-Source Community

People generally agree that open source has problems — but what those problems are depends on who you ask. In this series, we explore the cultural battles facing the open-source community. You can read the first article, on ethics and licensure, here; the second, on governance, here; the third, on the rights of end users, here; and the fourth, on open-source incentives and the trajectory of #EthicalSource, here.

National Reports

With an editorial team that reports on tech from all of its major hubs — San Francisco and New York and Chicago, but also Boston, Austin, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Colorado — Built In is uniquely positioned to deliver engaging, timely and accurate information that keeps our audience up to date on the innovative companies, tech trends, and thought leaders worth knowing. These reports build on our reporting from across the country.

Is Tech Recovering? Q3’s Top Fundings Suggest So.

We’ve rounded up the largest Q3 venture-backed funding rounds from eight key markets. The funding trends this quarter shine a light on what industries and companies are growing despite the pandemic, and could indicate where tech is heading in Q4, 2021 and beyond.

7 Ways Tech Is Changing for the Better in 2020

We have identified seven themes that are emerging from this time of uncertainty and change, and shared how those themes are playing out from coast to coast.

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Professional Networking: How to Build and Use a Network

Be patient as you create a network of top-quality contacts who’ll have your back just as you have theirs.
Image of paper chain people on a blue and maroon background
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Yes, a Chef Can Become a Software Engineer

These professionals chose tech as a second career. Here’s how they did it, and what you can learn from them.
A row of brightly colored doors with door knockers.
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Could You Kill a Robot Dinosaur?

Here’s How to Build a Growth-Ready Engineering Team

Be intentional about recruiting, hiring, and culture early on to avoid growing pains as you scale.
An arrow taking off like a rocket.
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Tech Needs More Women Engineers

hed digital nomad

Digital Nomads Are Here to Stay

What the Tech Ecosystems of Tomorrow Might Look Like

An exodus from Silicon Valley and an even bigger ongoing commitment to remote work are just two of the trends we’re forecasting for 2021.
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Can Automated Sales Emails Really Be Personalized?

Some reps write bad blanket outreach. This bot can (maybe) do it better.
Magic Sales Bot Illustration
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Exploring Semiotics in Marketing

Before You Develop a Business Strategy, Do This

With a little research, it’s possible for businesses to craft a more effective strategy by figuring out your unique value proposition.
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How to Do Pay Transparency Right

What Are Survival Metrics? How Do They Work?

Product teams often don’t have a way to make changes safely and quickly. Survival metrics empower them to do just that.
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