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Talent acquisition teams and HR departments are often understaffed and without access to the resources they need to tackle their many responsibilities. These resources will change that.

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On top of recruiting elite candidates, talent acquisition and HR professionals are responsible for developing referral programs, coordinating employer branding efforts and building a talent pipeline for future vacancies. All the while, they’re tasked with reporting on key metrics to substantiate the company’s investment in recruiting — a job that’s increasingly difficult to do without the proper resources to measure their efforts.

The pressure to hire the best and the brightest is greater than ever. However, in a candidate-driven market, recruiters are competing for the same prospective employees, all of whom have the power to shop around and wait for the right offer. 

The burden is unfairly placed on HR and recruiters alone; recruitment efforts are strongest when coupled with a marketing team and when they have the backing of the C-suite and finance department. Simply put, recruiters need the support of the entire organization in order to do their job effectively. 

What leadership teams don’t realize is that addressing common recruitment pains breathes new life into the organization’s bottom line. Improving the efficiency of your recruitment process can cut down on the average time-to-hire, effectively reducing the cost-per-hire. 

Investing in recruitment strategies upfront strengthens a talent pool and improves the chances of a quality hire. Identifying the qualified, invested candidates amidst applications is no easy feat, but it pays off in the long run: good hires mitigate the cost of new-hire turnover, which can be up to 30% of the employee’s first-year earnings.


Take a look at the statistics below about common obstacles to account for in your recruitment strategies:

84% of job seekers say the company’s reputation is an important part of their decision to apply to an open position. Building out your employer brand will help you attract elite candidates and get them excited about joining your team. 

48% of businesses say their best hires were employee referrals. In order to secure those quality hires that help improve profitability and retention, recruitment teams need the budget to incentivize individuals for their recommendations with an employee referral program

Each open position costs the average company $500 per day. Investing in recruitment teams upfront improves time-to-hire and reduces the accruing cost-of-vacancy. 

Elite candidates are available for 10 days before being hired. The race to hire quality candidates is on. In order to successfully compete with other employers, meet passive candidates where they are and offer top individuals the benefits they desire.

86% of the most qualified candidates are not active job seekers and are currently employed. Finding individuals with the necessary soft and hard skills to succeed in the role is challenging, especially when the best people aren’t even available. This makes identifying passive candidates and building your talent pipeline all the more important. 

U.S. companies struggle to fill tech roles, with only six out of ten positions being successfully filled. For high-demand positions, competition between employers is intense. Engaging tech professionals before roles become vacant and offering competitive benefits packages to entice elite candidates is key to staying relevant among job seekers.

Whether your team has aggressive hiring goals due to a recent round of funding or you’re looking to forego staffing agencies and bring your recruitment efforts in house, investing in your team is a must. Use these resources to enhance your organization’s recruiting and grow your business.

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