United We Tech.

United We Tech: Celebrating Our Power to Make a Difference (#UnitedWeTech)

Tech is The Reason

Tech is the reason. Amid COVID-19, it’s the reason grandparents can be in isolation but still sing lullabies to their grandchildren. It’s the reason we get closer every day to launching potentially life-saving therapies or vaccines. Tech is the reason so many children can keep their minds active when the school buildings are empty, and why the most fortunate professionals can work remotely. If you agree that tech is the reason, keep reading to be part of our movement.

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United We Tech Hearts

As so many COVID-19 first responders risk their lives to give care and maintain order, technology has stepped into the spaces around them, helping fill holes from a crisis that forced businesses, borders, restaurants and schools to shutter. 

The world will make it through this. And tech will be an integral part of that. We have the skills, workforce and resources that the world is counting on. So let’s count on each other. Join our campaign to share tech stories and come together as a community.

Share Your Story

To participate, use the hashtag #UnitedWeTech when you share stories about: 

  • Giving back initiatives — ways that you, your company or people across tech are helping in response to COVID-19. 
  • The heroes — at your tech company or in tech at large.
  • Innovations that you, your company or people across tech are creating to solve COVID-19 problems. 
  • Other inspiring tech-driven COVID-19 initiatives — stories that make you proud to be part of tech.

We’ll repost these stories of impact, bringing them to the world at a time when the world needs impact more than ever. 

This campaign is not just a matter of feeling good about our work. By raising awareness of the critical role tech plays in turning the corner, it will buoy the industry — today and in the long run.

But we can’t do it without you. So join the movement: United We Tech.

United We Tech Poised to Carve Out Future

If you’d like to pitch your COVID-19 response for potential publication as a story on our editorial site, or if you have questions or ideas, email us at [email protected].  

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