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#RaisingUpTech is Built In's campaign dedicated to support and uplift those affected by layoffs in the tech community.

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Time and again, tech professionals have faced mass layoffs – the dot-com crash, the Great Recession, COVID-19 – but each time, tech employment has come back to even higher numbers. The tech community must continue to support and uplift those affected in these most recent rounds of layoffs, so we can make that a reality once again.

Show your support for #RaisingUpTech
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Affected by layoffs? You're not alone.
Show your support for #RaisingUpTech

Are you here to support your affected colleagues? Join Built In’s #RaisingUpTech movement to bring help and hope. You can help your affected friends by sharing supportive insights on social media.


Use the hashtag #RaisingUpTech

Tips on growing companies and open positions

Personal experiences of helping others on the job hunt

Insights into hot sectors and ways to build skills in those areas

Innovative ways your company is caring for impacted colleagues

Self-care resources to build confidence and sustain hope

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Affected by layoffs? You're not alone.

If you’re between jobs, Built In is here – as always – to connect you with the no-cost resources you need to invest in your skillshone your job-hunting process, and connect with employers that suit your requirements and values. Dynamics are changing daily and we can confirm that companies are hiring.  And if there is anything more we can do, send us a message at [email protected].


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See below for resources to help you invest in your skills, hone your job-hunting process, and connect with employers who suit your requirements and values

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