By Alyssa Schroer  |  August 7, 2018

From Google and Amazon to Apple and Microsoft, every major tech company is dedicating resources to breakthroughs in artificial intelligence. Personal assistants like Siri and Alexa have made AI a part of our daily lives. Meanwhile, revolutionary breakthroughs like self-driving cars may not be the norm, but are certainly within reach. 

As the big guys scramble to infuse their products with artificial intelligence, other companies are hard at work developing their own intelligent technology and services. Here are 31 artificial intelligence companies and AI startups you may not know today, but you will tomorrow. 


clarifai artificial intelligence companies


Industry: Software
Location: NYC

What it does: Clarifai is an image recognition platform that helps users organize, curate, filter and search their media. Within the platform, images and videos are tagged, teaching the intelligent technology to learn which objects are displayed in a piece of media.


datarobot artificial intelligence companies


Industry: Big Data, Software
Location: Boston

What it does: DataRobot provides data scientists with a platform for building and deploying machine learning models. The software helps companies solve challenges by finding the best predictive model for their data. DataRobot's tech is used in healthcare, fintech, insurance, manufacturing and even sports analytics.


narrative science artificial intelligence companies
Narrative science

Narrative Science

Industry: Big Data, Software
Location: Chicago

What it does: Narrative Science creates natural language generation (NLG) technology that can translate data into stories. By highlighting only the most relevant and interesting information, businesses can make quicker decisions regardless of the staff's experience with data or analytics.


cognitive scale artificial intelligence companies


Industry: Software, Cloud
Location: Austin, Texas

What it does: CognitiveScale builds augmented intelligence for the healthcare, insurance, financial services and digital commerce industries. Its technology helps businesses increase customer acquisition and engagement, while improving processes like billing and claims. CognitiveScale’s products are used by such heavy hitters as P&G, Exxon, JP Morgan & Chase, Macy’s and NBC.


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aeye artificial intelligence companies


Industry: Robotics
Location: Pleasanton, Calif.

What it does: AEye builds the vision algorithms, software and hardware that ultimately become the eyes of autonomous vehicles. Its LiDAR technology focuses on the most important information in a vehicle’s sightline such as people, other cars and animals, while putting less emphasis on things like the sky, buildings and surrounding vegetation.


ai brain artificial intelligence companies


Industry: Machine Learning, Robotics
Location: Menlo Park, Calif.

What it does: AIBrain is working to create fully autonomous artificial intelligence. By fusing problem solving, learning and memory technologies together, the company can build systems that learn and adapt without human assistance.


alpha sense artificial intelligence companies


Industry: Fintech
Location: NYC

What it does: AlphaSense is an AI-powered search engine designed to help investment firms, banks and Fortune 500 companies find important information within transcripts, filings, news and research. The technology uses artificial intelligence to expand keyword searches for relevant content.


blue river tech artificial intelligence companies
blue river tech

Blue River Tech

Industry: Agriculture, Robotics, Software
Location: Sunnyvale, Calif.

What it does: Blue River Tech combines artificial intelligence and computer vision to build smarter farm tech. The company’s See & Spray machine learning technology, for example, can detect individual plants and apply herbicide to the weeds only. The solution not only prevents herbicide-resistant weeds but reduces 90% of the chemicals currently sprayed.  


captricity artificial intelligence companies


Industry: Software
Location: Oakland, Calif.

What it does: Captricity can pull data from virtually any channel, including handwritten documents, dramatically increasing paper to digital workflow speeds and accuracy. The cloud-based platform is utilized by leading organizations and companies like New York Life, the FDA, Metlife and MassMutual.




Industry: Legal, Software
Location: San Francisco

What it does: Casetext is an AI-powered legal search engine with a database of more than 10 million statutes, cases and regulations. Called CARA A.I., the company's tech can search within the language, jurisdiction and citations of a user's uploaded documents and return relevant searches from the database.


cloudminds artificial intelligence companies


Industry: Cloud, Robotics
Location: Santa Clara, Calif.

What it does: CloudMinds provides cloud robot services for the finance, healthcare, manufacturing, power utilities, public sector and enterprise mobility industries. Its cloud-based AI uses advanced algorithms, large-scale neural networks and training data to make smarter robots for image and object recognition, natural language processing, speech recognition and more.


figure eight artificial intelligence companies
figure eight

Figure Eight

Industry: Software
Location: San Francisco

What it does: Figure Eight provides AI training software to machine learning and data science teams. The company's "human-in-the-loop" platform uses human intelligence to train and test machine learning, and has powered AI projects for major companies like Oracle, Ebay SAP and Adobe.


freenome artificial intelligence companies


Industry: Biotech, Healthtech
Location: San Francisco

What it does: Freenome uses artificial intelligence to conduct innovative cancer screenings and diagnostic tests. Using non-invasive blood tests, the company’s AI technology recognizes disease-associated patterns, providing earlier cancer detection and better treatment options. artificial intelligence companies

Industry: Big Data, Software
Location: Mountain View, Calif.

What it does: is the creator of H2O, an open source platform for data science and machine learning that is utilized by thousands of organizations worldwide. supplies companies in a variety of industries predictive analytics and machine learning tools that aide in solving critical business challenges.


insilico medicine artificial intelligence companies
insilico medicine

Insilico Medicine

Industry: Biotech
Location: Bethesda, Md.

What it does: Insilico Medicine is using artificial intelligence for anti-aging and drug discovery research. The company's drug discovery engine contains millions of samples for finding disease identifiers. Insilico is used by academic institutions, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies.


nauto artificial intelligence companies


Industry: Software, Automotive
Location: Palo Alto, Calif.

What it does: Nauto builds autonomous mobility software to create smarter commercial fleets and safer drivers. The smart technology detects distracted driving, coaches drivers on safety and alerts them to risks ahead.


neurala artificial intelligence companies


Industry: Machine Learning, Software
Location: Boston

What it does: Neurala is developing "The Neurala Brain," a deep learning neural network software that makes devices like cameras, phones and drones smarter and easier to use. Neurala’s solutions are currently used on more than a million devices. Additionally, companies and organizations like NASA, Huawei, Motorola and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) are also using the technology.


next it artificial intelligence companies
next it

Next IT

Industry: Software
Location: Spokane Valley, Wash.

What it does: Next IT, now part of Verint, is developing conversational AI that answers complex questions for businesses and enhances customer experiences. From financial and insurance needs to travel and healthcare, the intelligent products perform duties and answer questions for tech support, billing, scheduling, purchases and policy information.


nutonomy artificial intelligence companies


Industry: Automotive, Transportation
Location: Boston

What it does: With a mission to provide safe efficient driverless vehicles, nuTonomy is developing software that powers autonomous vehicles in cities around the world. The company uses AI to combine mapping, perception, motion planning, control and decision making into software designed to eliminate driver-error accidents.


nvidia artificial intelligence companies
nvidia corporation

Nvidia Corporation

Industry: Hardware, Software
Location: Santa Clara, Calif.

What it does: Nvidia Corporation builds graphics processing units and hardware to power various types of AI-enabled devices. The company's technology is used for everything from robots and self-driving vehicles to intelligent video analytics and smart factories.


orbital insight artificial intelligence companies
orbital insight

Orbital Insight

Industry: Big Data, Software
Location: Mountain View, Calif.

What it does: Orbital Insight uses geospatial imagery and artificial intelligence to answer questions and gain insights invisible to the naked eye. Using data from satellites, drones, balloons and other aircrafts, the company can provide insights and forecasts to the agriculture and energy industries that normally wouldn’t be available.


open ai artificial intelligence companies


Industry: Software
Location: San Francisco

What it does: OpenAI is a nonprofit research company with a mission to create safe artificial general intelligence (AGI). AGI aims to create machines with general purpose intelligence similar to human beings. With a focus on long-term research and transparency, OpenAI hopes to advance AGI safely and responsibly. The company is sponsored by some of tech's biggest names, such as Amazon, Microsoft, Elon Musk and Reid Hoffman.


persado artificial intelligence companies


Industry: Adtech, Software
Location: NYC

What it does: Persado is a marketing language cloud that uses AI-generated language to craft advertising for targeted audiences. With functionality across all channels, Persado helps businesses increase acquisitions, boost retention and build better relationships with their customers.


sherpa artificial intelligence companies


Industry: IoT, Mobile
Location: Redwood City, Calif. (US office)

What it does: Sherpa is a virtual personal assistant (VPA) powered by predictive artificial intelligence. The VPA integrates with a user’s entire web of devices, inferring and predicting their needs. Sherpa is constantly learning and analyzing more than 100,000 parameters daily to keep information updated and users organized. Founded in Spain, Sherpa keeps offices in Redwood City, California.


sift science artificial intelligence companies

Sift Science

Industry: Security
Location: San Francisco

What it does: Sift Science provides multiple fraud management services all in one platform. Sift uses thousands of data points from around the web to train in detecting fraud patterns. The technology helps payment processors, marketplaces, e-commerce stores and even social networks prevent fraud. Sift Science is used by leading companies like Zillow, Wayfair, Twitter, Airbnb and Shutterstock.


soundhound artificial intelligence companies


Industry: Software
Location: Santa Clara, Calif.

What it does: SoundHound Inc. is all about audio, providing multiple solutions that utilize voice and conversational intelligence. The company's namesake product lets users  identify songs and answer music-based queries in addition to searching and playing music.


vicarious artificial intelligence companies


Industry: Machine Learning, Robotics
Location: San Francisco

What it does: Vicarious makes artificial general intelligence (AGI) robots modeled on the computational concepts of the human brain. The company, which boasts a mission to eventually create machines that surpass human intelligence, has serious backing from tech titans like Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. artificial intelligence companies

Industry: Machine Learning
Location: NYC

What it does: creates autonomous personal assistants powered by intelligent technology. The assistants, simply named Amy and Andrew Ingram, integrate with programs like Outlook, Google, Office 365 and Slack, schedule or update meetings, and continually learn from every interaction.


zebra medical artificial intelligence companies
zebra medical vision

Zebra Medical Vision

Industry: Software, Healthtech
Location: Berkeley, Calif. (US office)

What it does: Zebra Medical Vision develops technology for radiology and medical imaging, enhancing the diagnostic abilities of radiologists while maximizing focus on patient care. Zebra works with millions of clinical records and images to create condition-detecting algorithms. These algorithms will ultimately help medical professionals detect high-risk patients earlier and manage growing workloads with more accurate outcomes.


zoox artificial intelligence companies


Industry: Robotics, Automotive
Location: Foster City, Calif.

What it does: Zoox is creating advanced mobility solutions to support the needs of urban areas. Building their vehicles from the ground up rather than fitting technology to existing cars, the company currently has self-driving cars all over the San Francisco area.


zymergen artificial intelligence companies


Industry: Big Data, Bioinformatics
Location: Emeryville, Calif.

What it does: Zymergen is utilizing machine learning, automation and genomics to accelerate the advancement of science. Spanning the agriculture, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, the company enables faster cultivation of microbes through automation software and a huge catalog of physical and digital DNA data.


Images via Shutterstock, social media and screenshots of company web pages.

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