Alyssa Schroer
SEO Content Strategist at Built In

Alyssa Schroer is a Built In SEO content strategist who formerly covered tech companies and emerging trends for Prior to joining Built In, Schroer was a video editor for Flip a Hit, operations assistant for Rolling Sounds Entertainment and a digital content intern for The Field Museum. She holds a bachelor’s degree in communications studies from the University of Iowa.

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big data companies
Sep 06, 2022
To unpack big data is to unpack big solutions — check out the companies maneuvering data on a massive scale.
AI robots working autonomously.
Aug 08, 2022
These companies develop AI robots for a range of uses from defense and public safety to manufacturing and industrial operations.
fintech companies
Jul 20, 2022
These innovative companies are revolutionizing the fintech space.
artificial intelligence applications gaming
Jul 07, 2022
These companies use artificial intelligence to add another dimension to games.
AI marketing applications and examples
Jul 07, 2022
These companies have sharpened their marketing strategies with artificial intelligence.
HR looking glass on screen.
Jul 07, 2022
Artificial intelligence is a game-changer for human resources and recruiting teams, thanks to these companies.
AI in business
Jun 28, 2022
These companies use AI to enhance business processes, from automating customer support to beefing up cybersecurity.
AI in education
Jun 28, 2022
Artificial intelligence is enhancing the classroom experience for students and teachers alike.
AI in Finance
Jun 23, 2022
AI has revolutionized the finance industry. These examples show how.
AI music generation software creating the next hit in a digital audio workspace.
Jun 16, 2022
From generative remixes to automated mastering, AI is striking a chord in the music industry.
ai companies
Jun 06, 2022
A look at the artificial intelligence companies working to make change across industries.