Between the countless news articles, blog posts, research studies, emails and social media posts floating around online, the internet is a veritable banquet of content.

Up until recently, all of this content had to be written (and often edited) by humans, occupying hours or even days of their time. But the realities of content creation are beginning to change amid the rise of AI content generators, which automatically produce written copy in a matter of minutes.

Top AI Content Generators

  • Anyword
  • Articoolo
  • Copysmith
  • Frase
  • Hemingway App
  • Jasper
  • Narrativa
  • Rytr
  • Semrush
  • Writer


What Are AI Content Generators?

AI content generators are a type of software that use artificial intelligence to produce written copy that is both natural and intelligible. This can come in the form of new articles, blog posts, advertising copy, emails, social media posts, books and more.

To accomplish this, AI content generators combine both natural language processing, or NLP, and natural language generation, or NLG. First, NLP techniques are used to analyze existing content on the internet, essentially “reading” the text and learning what it means. This typically involves training language models on a massive set of data comprising bodies of text, such as books and articles. The model is then able to generate new text that is similar in style and substance using NLG — predicting the next word or phrase in the sequence based on statistical patterns it learned from the data it was trained on.

How Do AI Content Generators Work?

AI content generators combine natural language processing and natural language generation to create written copy that is both fluent and intelligible. This typically involves training language models on a massive set of data comprising bodies of text such as books and articles. The model then generates new text that is similar in style and substance, predicting the next word or phrase in the sequence based on statistical patterns it learned from the data it was originally trained on. In the end, the model is able to produce everything from a social media post to an entire book.

The process of actually producing text with an AI content generator is usually done either through preset templates or by a user providing a short text prompt of a couple words or sentences, describing what they want the text to say. The model then uses that baseline of information to generate the next word or phrase, then uses that output to generate more words and phrases, and so on. As the model continues to create new text, it can produce highly fluent sentences and paragraphs. Some AI content generators can even be trained to write in a specific tone or mood, making them highly versatile tools.

AI content generators are being used for a variety of purposes today, including sales, marketing and even journalism. Their speed and customizable nature make them a cost-effective alternative to human content creators. And many of them are equipped with tools for improving SEO, or search engine optimization, meaning they’re an efficient way of building a company’s visibility online at scale.


AI Content Generators Aren’t Without Limitations

Still, AI content generators aren’t perfect, and have a fair share of limitations. For one, because they are trained on large amounts of existing text, AI writers don’t cannot produce completely original content. Rather, they generate new text by combining and rephrasing the text it’s been trained on — making it prone to plagiarism.

And, at least right now, these models don’t have an understanding of context, which means they often produce content that is either incorrect or doesn’t make sense in the given situation.

But this technology is growing more and more sophisticated by the day, and many AI writers are rolling out new features and tools in an effort to tackle these existing problems. Despite its flaws, interest in AI-generated content has never been higher, and these tools are pushing the limits of what’s possible.

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AI Content Generators to Know

AI Writer

AI Writer is capable of generating entire articles in a matter of minutes from nothing more than a headline. The text the software generates is accompanied by sourcing and citations to ensure that the statements made are factually correct. And the AI re-words everything in real time to generate unique text, which helps prevent potential plagiarism. It also ranks the text it generates on its SEO potential, and makes suggestions for ways it can be optimized even more. Users can then hop into the generated article and directly edit within the software.



Anyword offers several copywriting features that can generate text for social media advertisements, marketing emails, landing pages and content. This can range from personalized Instagram ads to YouTube titles to entire blogs. It also offers data-driven solutions around things like what language appeals to which audience, and a predictive performance score on how well copy will convert customers with each version created. The platform is mainly geared towards marketers, sales teams and ad agencies.

Anyword's AI Copywriting tool is used to generate an Instagram caption. | Video: Anyword


Article Forge

With deep learning, Article Forge is able to create original SEO content in less than a minute. Users simply type in a keyword and any other relevant information, and the software will generate a full article, complete with relevant subheadings, videos, internal links and even AI-generated images. Article Forge is trained on millions of pieces of data, giving it domain knowledge on a wide variety of topics.



Articoolo allows users to create new articles, rewrite old ones, generate titles and more. Its algorithm can generate an article of up to 500 words on virtually any topic the user wants — as long as it can be described in two to five words. Users can also choose to prioritize their creation’s readability or uniqueness, depending on their needs. Articoolo can also be integrated with WordPress, allowing for a more seamless content creation and sharing process.



ContentBot is a versatile AI writer that is designed with entrepreneurs, copywriters, digital marketers and SEO specialists in mind. It is capable of producing both long and short-form copy, and can handle SEO optimization as well. ContentBot also offers a drag-and-drop style blog article builder, with the goal of making it simpler to create high-quality posts by simply dragging and dropping elements such as headings, introductions and conclusions into place.

Built on top of one of the world’s most advanced AI language models, can generate a variety of content, including articles, blog posts, social media posts, product descriptions and copywriting frameworks. It can also be used to summarize long texts, paraphrase sentences to avoid plagiarism and generate unique titles and headlines. The platform has been used by several prominent companies, including Microsoft, eBay and Nestlé.

A how-to guide on using Copy.AI's technology to create blog posts that rank. | Video: Copy.AI



With more than 30 templates to choose from, Copysmith can help generate virtually any kind of content the user needs, ranging from social media ad copy to press releases. This content can be generated either one at a time or in bulk for the year, and is all powered by AI, SEO and growth marketing best practices. The platform also enables users to hone the content so it adheres to a certain brand tone or voice — all at scale.

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Frase is capable of researching topics as well as generating content about them. The platform offers more than 13 free templates for landing pages and blog posts, and each is equipped with SEO optimization capabilities. It also has several tools for improving existing content, including keyword search capabilities, content optimization and latent semantic indexing. The goal is to streamline the entire SEO content workflow, from keyword research to content analysis.

An Introduction to the AI Writer by Frase. | Video: Frase



GrowthBar has several features to make generating SEO-friendly content quick and easy. These include keyword search and tracking, which enables users to not only research what words and phrases are most popular on the internet, but also how those words and phrases affect their total website traffic. The software also has an analysis tool that makes it easy to analyze competing websites and rank how they’re doing on the search engine results page, or SERP. And when users are actually ready to generate content, GrowthBar has a marketplace where they can access a variety of AI writers.


Hemingway App

Human writers can run the content they’ve already created through Hemingway App in order to make their copy more readable and clear. The platform is essentially an editing tool that uses the power of AI to flag everything from passive voice to run-on sentences. Each error or problem area is highlighted with a corresponding color, and users can hop in and make tweaks to make the highlights go away.



Jasper is among the most popular AI content generators out there right now, offering a comprehensive tool suite to help users write, optimize and rank their content. It is mainly geared toward marketing, and can assist in the creation and preparation of all types of copy, including social media posts, blogs, product release announcements, and more. It also has a separate AI art generator, as well as a chatbot function. Reportedly valued at $1.5 billion, Jasper managed to reach tech unicorn status just one year after its founding.

The Jasper team showing how they use Jasper to create blog posts. | Video: Jasper



Founded in 2007, Kafkai is among the oldest AI content generators on the market today. Unlike many other generators, it focuses on creating niche content as opposed to offering generic templates. Supported niches range from cybersecurity and finance, to dating and gardening, and the company says it trains its AI to accommodate new niches every month — legal and pest control will be available soon.



Gabriele, Narrativa’s proprietary AI system, creates custom content for a variety of industries, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, banking, insurance, cryptocurrency, e-commerce, gaming and more. This includes automated clinical study reports, product descriptions, headlines and customer communications.



Peppertype was created by Pepper Content, one of the largest content marketplaces. Using GPT-3, a popular large language model developed by AI research company OpenAI, Peppertype helps users with content ideation and generation. Offering nearly 50 templates, the platform is good for both short and long-form writing, and can help with everything from personal bios to YouTube video titles and descriptions. Plus Peppertype learns as it goes, meaning it adapts and generates content according to the specific user’s needs and voice.

An overview of Peppertype's AI technology used to generate content. | Video: AppSumo/Products

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In addition to automatically generating content, Rytr can rewrite existing content and create multiple versions of it, as well as check content for plagiarism. On top of the more than 30 writing templates it offers, the platform has nearly 20 writing tones to choose from, ranging from “convincing” to “inspirational.” It also offers standard grammar-checking features, and can translate text into dozens of different languages. To date, Rytr has been used by more than 4 million content writers working for corporate giants such as Pfizer, Ford and Dell, according to the company.



True to its name, Scalenut uses a combination of natural language processing and machine learning to help businesses produce readable and SEO-friendly content at scale. It helps businesses make the most of their content marketing strategy with actionable SEO insights, streamlined workflows and an AI capable of developing content that converts prospects into customers.

An overview of how Scalenut's AI technology is able to create SEO-optimized content. | Video: Scalenut



Semrush is a well-known figure in SEO content marketing, but it is also carving out a space for itself specifically in content generation. Its content template feature allows users to analyze the material on the internet that is ranking highest on target keywords, and helps them understand what they need to include in their own content to adequately compete — automatically generating SEO content briefs to both guide the writing process and check its success once everything is written.



ShortlyAI describes itself as an “AI writing partner,” automatically finishing writers’ sentences with the click of a button, and all while maintaining the writer’s original voice and style. The platform is pitched as a solution for not only corporate blogs and marketing materials, but novels and other longform pieces as well. It also comes equipped with specific commands writers can use in order to rewrite, shorten and expand their sentences instantly.



Simplified is an all-in-one marketing platform, offering graphic design tools, video editing software, and social media scheduling on top of its content generation capabilities. The AI writer has some 50 templates, and is able to write in 10 different tones and translate into 30 different languages, according to the company. All a user has to do is select a topic, say whether they want a long or short-form piece, choose an output language and tone, and complete the prompt. Simplified then generates several different texts that the user can choose from.

A how-to guide on using Simplified’s software to write a children’s book using AI. | Simplified


Smart Copy

Created by marketing technology company Unbounce, Smart Copy uses artificial intelligence to generate marketing campaign content in seconds, from social media ads to emails to landing pages. All of this content can be written in a variety of styles and ways. Once it is written, Smart Copy’s Smart Traffic feature will automatically feed potential and existing customers the landing page, email or advertisement variant that’s best suited for them.



Writer claims to have the only large language model trained primarily on B2B data, and it allows users to further fine-tune the content generated with their own data and brand voice in order to improve their results. It also says it is the only generative AI platform capable of ingesting text, videos, PDFs, and audio, as well as perform live internet crawls in order to generate, research, analyze, repurpose and transform data for new contexts. In the end, the goal is to encourage human writers and AI to work together, Ryan Johnston, Writer’s VP of marketing, told Built In in a January interview. “What we want in this process is to be able to accelerate, scale, help writers find the mundane tasks and the things that slow them down, and do those at a quicker pace, while still leaving room for creativity and the parts of writing that everybody enjoys.”

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Major organizations including Spotify, Marriott and New York University use Writesonic to automatically generate SEO optimized marketing copy for everything from blogs and messages to social media ads and sales emails. Its AI has been trained on copy from top brands that have performed well on the internet, allowing it to learn how to write content that will resonate with a specific audience. Writesonic also recently rolled out an AI image generator called Photosonic and a Google search-powered chatbot called ChatSonic, claiming it is “just like ChatGPT but with more capabilities.”



Zyro is a website builder that comes equipped with several products and tools, including an AI writer that automatically generates content on a variety of topics, including fashion, farming, beauty, music, gaming and more based on preset templates. Or, users can simply give Zyro a text prompt of a couple sentences and the software will create a text that way. All copy generated with Zyro is SEO friendly, and can be tailored to a specific brand.

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