19 AI Content Generators to Know

These AI content generators can create anything from a marketing email to an entire book in a matter of minutes.

Written by Ellen Glover
19 AI Content Generators to Know
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Matthew Urwin | Feb 27, 2024

AI content generators are a type of software that use artificial intelligence to produce written copy that is both natural and intelligible. This can come in the form of new articles, blog posts, advertising copy, emails, social media posts, books and more.

How Do AI Content Generators Work?

AI content generators combine natural language processing and natural language generation to create written copy that is both fluent and intelligible. Leveraging language models trained on massive data sets, AI content generators produce everything from social media posts to books.

To accomplish this, AI content generators combine both natural language processing (NLP) and natural language generation (NLG). NLP techniques analyze existing content on the internet, using language models trained on massive data sets comprising bodies of text, such as books and articles. The model is then able to generate new text that is similar in style and substance using NLG. While an AI content generator may produce content based on preset templates, many generators allow users to input short text prompts, describing what they want the text to say. 

AI content generators are being used for a variety of purposes today, including sales, marketing and even journalism. Their speed, customizable nature and ability to write in different tones and moods make them a cost-effective alternative to human content creators. 

AI content generators do have their fair share of limitations. Because they are trained on large amounts of existing text, AI writers cannot produce completely original content. Rather, they generate new text by combining and rephrasing the text they’ve been trained on — making them prone to plagiarism. And, at least right now, these models don’t have an understanding of context, which means they often produce content that is either incorrect or doesn’t make sense in the given situation.

Despite its flaws, interest in AI-generated content has never been higher, and these tools are pushing the limits of what’s possible.

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Top AI Content Generators to Know

How to use ChatGPT. | Video: The AI Advantage


Pricing: Free plan with account; plus plan for $20 per month per user; team plan for $25 per month per user; enterprise plan information available upon request 

Key features: Trained through reinforcement learning; ability to write essays, emails and a range of content types; asks clarifying questions and can deny inappropriate requests 

Created by OpenAI and trained through reinforcement learning, ChatGPT is a natural language model that has spearheaded the expansion of generative AI. Human users have relied on the tool to write essays, emails, blogs and other content types. However, ChatGPT can also engage in basic dialogues, applying techniques like asking follow-up questions, refusing to answer controversial prompts and pushing back against incorrect assertions. Users looking for more advancements can upgrade to ChatGPT’s successor GPT-4.


Google has replaced Bard with its latest generative AI tool Google Gemini. | Video: Google

Google Gemini

Pricing: Free standard version with option to upgrade to premium for $19.99 per month 

Key features: Responds to inquiries using a range of formats; equipped with AI principles for greater safety; demonstrates complex reasoning 

Google Gemini serves as an upgrade from Google’s Bard. It processes and responds to inputs with text, audio, image, video and code formats. Users can choose between Gemini Nano, Pro and Ultra, depending on the complexity of their requests. Google is also set to release Gemini 1.5, which leverages the company’s Transformer architecture to apply greater reasoning and context to more complicated queries.


Prompting tips for Claude. | Video: Anthropic

Claude AI

Pricing: Standard version is $2.40 per million tokens while more advanced version is $24 per million tokens 

Key features: Processes and produces responses up to 150,000 words long; handles intricate documents and conversations; possesses constitutional AI principles 

Anthropic’s Claude AI is a text generator that is capable of navigating in-depth conversations, understanding queries and producing responses as long as 150,000 words. With broad context and reasoning, Claude can edit dense documents, hold detailed dialogues and address a variety of questions. Claude is also equipped with constitutional AI principles, so it crafts appropriate answers and learns from mistakes.


Elon Musk launches Grok AI. | Video: AI Talks


Pricing: Limited release and waitlist available to interested X users

Key features: Extracts information from X platform; engages with more controversial questions; offers witty responses 

The product of Elon Musk’s xAI, Grok is an AI chatbot that responds to inputs by gathering real-time information from the X platform. Unlike its competitors, Grok is willing to answer “spicy questions,” demonstrating clever humor and “a rebellious streak” in the process. Grok has only undergone two months of training and is still in development, but the xAI team hopes to expand Grok’s abilities after testing it among a limited number of X users.


Writer homepage
Image: Writer


Pricing: Small team plan starts at $18 per month 

Key features: Attention to brand voice and messaging; connects with teams’ data sources to repurpose and refine content; researches and fact-checks content 

Writer claims to have the only large language model trained primarily on B2B data, and it allows users to further fine-tune the content generated with their own data and brand voice in order to improve their results. It also says it is the only generative AI platform capable of ingesting text, videos, PDFs, and audio, as well as performing live internet crawls in order to generate, research, analyze, repurpose and transform data for new contexts.

In the end, the goal is to encourage human writers and AI to work together, Ryan Johnston, Writer’s VP of marketing, told Built In in a January interview. “What we want in this process is to be able to accelerate, scale, help writers find the mundane tasks and the things that slow them down, and do those at a quicker pace, while still leaving room for creativity and the parts of writing that everybody enjoys.”

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The Jasper team showing how they use Jasper to create blog posts. | Video: Jasper


Pricing: Creator plan starts at $39 per month per user when billed annually  

Key features: Tracks brand voice and tone across writings; caters to range of marketing content formats; over 50 writing templates

Jasper is among the most popular AI content generators out there right now, offering a comprehensive tool suite to help users write, optimize and rank their content. It is mainly geared toward marketing, and can assist in the creation and preparation of all types of copy, including social media posts, blogs and product release announcements.


AI-Writer homepage
Image: AI-Writer

AI Writer

Pricing: Basic plan starts at $49 per month 

Key features: List of citations backs up accuracy of content; ability to publish pieces to Wordpress; AI informs content with current sources and Google search results 

AI Writer is capable of generating entire articles in a matter of minutes from nothing more than a headline. The text the software generates is accompanied by sourcing and citations to ensure that the statements made are factually correct. And the AI re-words everything in real time to generate unique text, which helps prevent potential plagiarism. It also ranks the text it generates on its SEO potential, and makes suggestions for ways it can be optimized even more. Users can then hop into the generated article and directly edit within the software.


Anyword's AI Copywriting tool is used to generate an Instagram caption. | Video: Anyword


Pricing: Starter plan starts at $39 per month 

Key features: Controls for setting and approving brand voice; produces copy variations likely to perform well; keywords keep articles SEO-focused 

Anyword offers several copywriting features that can generate text for social media advertisementsmarketing emails, landing pages and content. This can range from personalized Instagram ads to YouTube titles to entire blogs. It also offers data-driven solutions around things like what language appeals to which audience, and a predictive performance score on how well copy will convert customers with each version created. The platform is mainly geared towards marketers, sales teams and ad agencies.


An overview of Article Forge. | Video: Article Forge

Article Forge

Pricing: Plans start at $13 per month when billed annually 

Key features: Bulk generator creates hundreds of articles simultaneously; option to enter keyword, article length and other customizations; ability to write in seven languages 

With deep learning, Article Forge is able to create original SEO content in less than a minute. Users simply type in a keyword and any other relevant information, and the software will generate a full article, complete with relevant subheadings, videos, internal links and even AI-generated images. Article Forge is trained on millions of pieces of data, giving it domain knowledge on a wide variety of topics.


How to generate product descriptions with Copy.ai. | Video: CopyAI


Pricing: Free plan with option to upgrade 

Key features: Covers a range of content formats; option to customize tone; produces variations of content to choose from 

Built on top of one of the world’s most advanced AI language models, Copy.ai can generate a variety of content, including articles, blog posts, social media posts, product descriptions and copywriting frameworks. It can also be used to summarize long texts, paraphrase sentences to avoid plagiarism and generate unique titles and headlines. The platform has been used by prominent companies, including Airtable, Siemens, and Zoom.


Content creation basics in Copysmith. | Video: Copysmith AI


Pricing: Starter plan starts at $228 per year 

Key features: Integrates with Shopify, Amazon and other platforms; sensitivity to brand voice; ability to generate content individually or in bulk 

With more than 30 templates to choose from, Copysmith can help generate virtually any kind of content the user needs, ranging from social media ad copy to press releases. This content can be generated either one at a time or in bulk for the year, and is all powered by AI, SEO and growth marketing best practices. The platform also enables users to hone the content so it adheres to a certain brand tone or voice — all at scale.

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An introduction to the AI Writer by Frase. | Video: Frase


Pricing: Solo plan starts at $14.99 per month 

Key features: SEO and keyword research; generates outlines with headings; content editor tool further optimizes content 

Frase is capable of researching topics as well as generating content about them. The platform offers 12 free templates for landing pages and blog posts, and each is equipped with SEO optimization capabilities. It also has several tools for improving existing content, including keyword search capabilities, content optimization and latent semantic indexing. The goal is to streamline the entire SEO content workflow, from keyword research to content analysis.


Kafkai homepage
Image: Kafkai


Pricing: Writer plan starts at $29 per month 

Key features: Focuses on specific market niches; ability to translate content into 14 languages; generates content based on seed keywords

Founded in 2007, Kafkai is among the oldest AI content generators on the market today. Unlike many other generators, it focuses on creating niche content as opposed to offering generic templates. Supported niches range from cybersecurity and finance, to dating and gardening, and the company says it trains its AI to accommodate new niches every month.


Narrativa homepage
Image: Narrativa


Pricing: Specific to industry  

Key features: Leverages machine learning and natural language models; produces clinical study reports, product descriptions and more; rapid data analysis for informing narratives

Gabriele, Narrativa’s proprietary AI system, creates custom content for a variety of industries, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, banking, insurance, cryptocurrency, e-commerce, gaming and more. This includes automated clinical study reports, product descriptions, headlines and customer communications.


An overview of Peppertype's AI technology used to generate content. | Video: AppSumo/Products


Pricing: Premium plan starts at $399 per month 

Key features: Produces SEO-friendly content; automatic grammar checks and audits; integrates with Shopify, WordPress, Zapier and other platforms for easy content distribution 

Peppertype was created by Pepper Content, one of the largest content marketplaces. Using GPT-3, a popular large language model developed by AI research company OpenAI, Peppertype helps users with content ideation and generation. Offering nearly 50 templates, the platform is good for both short and long-form writing, and can help with everything from personal bios to YouTube video titles and descriptions. Plus Peppertype learns as it goes, meaning it adapts and generates content according to the specific user’s needs and voice.

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A tutorial on how to use Rytr. | Video: Rytr


Pricing: Free plan with option to upgrade 

Key features: Ability to customize tone with 20 different options; translates text into over 30 languages; produces content for blogs, cover letters and other diverse content types 

In addition to automatically generating content, Rytr can rewrite existing content and create multiple versions of it, as well as check content for plagiarism. On top of the more than 40 writing templates it offers, the platform has nearly 20 writing tones to choose from, ranging from “convincing” to “inspirational.” It also offers standard grammar-checking features, and can translate text into 30 different languages and counting.


An overview of how Scalenut's AI technology is able to create SEO-optimized content. | Video: Scalenut


Pricing: Essential plan starts at $19 per month when billed annually

Key features: Real-time AI recommendations; content optimizer tool emphasizes SEO score; AI copywriter feature generates marketing and sales copy 

True to its name, Scalenut uses a combination of natural language processing and machine learning to help businesses produce readable and SEO-friendly content at scale. It helps businesses make the most of their content marketing strategy with actionable SEO insights, streamlined workflows and AI capable of developing content that converts prospects into customers.


How to use the ShortlyAI writing partner. | Video: Research Rocks


Pricing: Plans start at $65 per year 

Key features: Finishes sentences while maintaining voice and style; quick commands for added convenience; ideal for both shorter and long-form pieces of content 

ShortlyAI describes itself as an “AI writing partner,” automatically finishing writers’ sentences with the click of a button, all while maintaining the writer’s original voice and style. The platform is pitched as a solution for not only corporate blogs and marketing materials, but novels and other long-form pieces as well. It also comes equipped with specific commands writers can use in order to rewrite, shorten and expand their sentences instantly.


Reviewing the Writesonic AI article writer. | Video: Writesonic


Pricing: Small team plan starts at $13 per month when billed annually  

Key features: Generates copy for blogs, emails, Google Ads and other formats; supports up to 30 languages; AI editing tools fine-tune content before publishing 

Major organizations including Spotify, Marriott and New York University use Writesonic to automatically generate SEO-friendly marketing copy for everything from blogs and messages to social media ads and sales emails. Its AI has been trained on copy from top brands that have performed well on the internet, allowing it to learn how to write content that will resonate with a specific audience.


Frequently Asked Questions

ChatGPT, Claude and Jasper are a few content generators widely held in high regard. However, the ‘best AI content generator’ often depends on what task a user is looking to accomplish and the complexity of that task. 

An AI content generator is a tool that uses different forms of artificial intelligence to create content that is comprehensible to humans. While written text is the most common output, some AI content generators can also produce responses in other formats like code, video and audio.

Some AI content generators offer free plans, often to those who have an account. These include ChatGPT, Google Gemini, Copy.ai and Rytr. 

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