23 Internet-of-Things (IoT) Companies You Should Know

These top IoT companies enable smart homes and buildings, in-car connectivity, critical data insights and more.

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23 Internet-of-Things (IoT) Companies You Should Know
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Matthew Urwin | Jun 05, 2024

In an age of hyper-connectivity, the Internet of Things (IoT) is the basis for a booming sector in which countless innovators provide software and hardware for everything from intelligent homes and cars to medical devices and manufacturing.

Top Internet-of-Things (IoT) Companies

  • Spectrum
  • Samsara
  • Arm
  • Sierra Wireless
  • PTC
  • GE Digital
  • Verizon
  • Cisco
  • Telit
  • SoluLab

By 2029, forecasters have predicted, the IoT industry will reach a global market size of more than $2.4 trillion with the shift from mere connectivity to IoT-powered applications, platforms and services.

As tech pioneer Kevin Ashton so succinctly put it, “The IoT integrates the interconnectedness of human culture — ‘our things’ — with the interconnectedness of our digital information system — ‘the Internet.’”

Here are some IoT companies you should know.


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IoT Companies to Know

Intelligent access innovator Chamberlain Group develops a range of solutions, from garage door openers and gate operators to smart home tech, all powered by its cloud-based myQ technology. The company’s product ecosystem works to provide people with seamless, secure access to their homes and businesses.


75F develops and manufactures IoT-based automation for building systems like HVAC and lighting that increase energy efficiency, reduce costs and increase comfort. Using algorithms that assess and project conditions on a minute-by-minute basis, 75F systems bring together hardware and software to control and optimize environmental factors like light, heat and air conditioning.


Memfault operates a cloud-based platform that monitors and remotely de-bugs connected IoT smart devices. It can keep track of metrics like battery health, memory usage and connectivity, monitor the success of software updates, flag devices that haven’t checked in within a specified timeframe and assess the overall health of a fleet of devices.


Location: Stamford, Connecticut 

Founded: 1993

From residential homes to commercial businesses, a wide range of customers depend on Spectrum’s connectivity solutions. The company delivers mobile, internet, phone and TV services. However, organizations can request more secure connections through fiber technology for Ethernet access and other added perks.


Location: Austin, Texas

Founded: 2013

AlertMedia provides mass-alert communication software. With its fully-integrated cloud-based platform, the company facilitates two-way communications and monitoring. Its mobile app enables users to quickly alert a monitoring center in case of emergency.


Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Founded: 2013

Superpedestrian uses design, robotics and mobile technology to develop human-powered mobility for cities. Its scooters are equipped with Vehicle Intelligence that conducts health checks in between rides, detects and corrects unsafe riding and alerts the company to parking issues.


Location: San Francisco, California

Founded: 2015

Samsara’s sensor data solutions aim to enhance operational safety and efficiency for an array of industries. The company’s connected sensors allow businesses to more easily manage, track and monitor operations within vehicles and fleets.

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Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Founded: 2006

SimpliSafe makes wireless/cellular home security systems that are disaster-ready, protected against power outages, operate on extra-secure networks and employ deep encryption. The company also has multiple monitoring centers.


Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Founded: 1885

Johnson Controls works to make buildings smarter. The company’s systems and digital solutions include HVAC controls featuring sensors that optimize performance and electronic access control for automated security to manage employee and visitor building entry.


Location: San Ramon, California

Founded: 2011

GE Digital serves several industries, including aviation, utilities, life sciences and manufacturing. Among the company’s products and services is the Predix industrial IoT platform with functions that support the workflows of multiple GE Digital applications.


Location: San Jose, California

Founded: 1984

Cisco offers a suite of IoT products and solutions, including industrial sensors and connectivity management and automation. For example, these products can be used to increase manufacturing uptime, develop a smarter security grid and connect city infrastructure.


Location: Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Founded: 2000

Among Verizon’s IoT solutions are fleet management software that lets customers keep track of vehicles, machines and kiosks to automate retail experiences and intelligent lighting for remote operations that make street lighting more energy and cost efficient.


Location: Tysons, Virginia

Founded: 2000

Alarm.com provides smart security systems for homes and businesses. The company’s services include home video monitoring with custom alert options and the ability to use an app to interact with visitors at the front door. Businesses use Alarm.com for automatic arming that activates when a property has been left vulnerable for a certain number of hours, as well as for energy and temperature monitoring.


Location: San Jose, California

Founded: 1990

Arm simplifies IoT connectivity for businesses in a range of industries — from automotive and retail to logistics and smart buildings. The company says approximately 70 percent of the Arm-based chips shipped by its partners each year are meant for IoT and embedded markets.


Location: Fully Remote

Founded: 2011

Augury’s Machine Health platform uses IoT technology to provide customers with predictive maintenance insights. It employs sensors to collect data that is then analyzed using artificial intelligence to detect problems. The platform guides users on how to proactively address machinery issues in order to prevent malfunctions that can lead to costly production downtime. The company’s customers have included Hershey’s, Heineken and Nestle.


Location: Provo, Utah

Founded: 1999

Vivint produces smart home technology and security systems. Customers can use Vivint’s app to remotely open and close the garage door, adjust the thermostat and view live video footage of their home. Windows and doors can also be equipped with Vivint security sensors that will trigger an alarm and alert emergency personnel if an unauthorized person tries to enter the home.


Location: Fully Remote

Founded: 1993

Sierra Wireless, part of Semtech, offers managed IoT connectivity services and IoT modules. Its products have applications for industries like healthcare, public safety, industrial manufacturing and energy.


Location: Chicago, Illinois

Founded: 2017

Cooler Screens transforms the typically functionless facades of retail coolers into eye-grabbing IoT-enabled screens that allow brands to offer real-time promotions and harness customer data while providing retailers with out-of-stock alerts, pricing updates and more.


Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Founded: 1985

PTC provides customers with computer-aided design, product lifecycle management, IoT and augmented reality technologies. ThingWorx from PTC is an industrial IoT platform capable of extracting real-time insights from complex IoT data and improving operational safety and efficiency.

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Location: San Francisco, California

Founded: 2015

Armis eliminates security blind spots for businesses by continuously monitoring every device that’s connected to or in the vicinity of a company’s network. Services include comprehensive device and asset recovery and non-disruptive passive monitoring.


Location: Palo Alto, California

Founded: 2017

Xage uses blockchain technology to provide a security platform for industrial IoT applications. Services include automated policy enforcement, role-based access control, systemic tamperproofing, edge authentication and device lifestyle management.

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Location: Irvine, California

Founded: 1986

Telit describes itself as “a pioneer and leading enabler of global Internet of Things (IoT).” First responders use Telit’s solutions to support communication in disaster and crisis situations, while the healthcare industry can use the company’s tools and technologies to enable real-time patient monitoring.


Location: Los Angeles, California

Founded: 2014

SoluLab provides IoT development services that can be used for a variety of applications. That includes developing video doorbells and personal assistants for smart homes, as well as establishing warehouse automation for retail companies and remote vehicle monitoring for clients in the automotive industry.

Margo Steines and Ashley Bowden contributed reporting to this story.

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