6 Smart Home Technology Companies

These smart home technology companies build connected devices and appliances to simplify household tasks.

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6 Smart Home Technology Companies
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Margo Steines | Jun 20, 2023

Smart home technology aims to simplify everyday household activities. This web of connected devices and appliances allows consumers to monitor, manage and improve everything from security and temperature control to cleaning and food storage. Smart home products often have voice control capabilities in addition to linking to a mobile app. Here’s a roundup of smart home technology companies developing solutions designed to save customers time, energy and money.

Smart Home Technology Companies to Know

  • Rachio
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Vivint


Smart Home Technology Companies to Know

Rachio takes smart home technology and brings it outside, with the goal of conserving water by reducing inefficient irrigation system consumption. It offers products like smart sprinkler controllers, smart hose timers, weather forecasting systems that use data from your own property and even a solar-powered smart umbrella with a wind sensor that automatically closes in bad weather.


Google has a range of smart home products, including thermostats, cameras, doorbells and other intelligent devices. They all connect to the Google Home app where users can monitor their home’s status and establish automations. For example, users can view doorbell camera footage on the app or set an automation for lights to turn on each morning. 

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Amazon’s voice-controlled assistant known as Alexa can be connected to various smart home devices, including smart lights, thermostats and doorbell cameras. Users can give Alexa commands to turn the lights off or adjust the temperature through an Amazon Echo device.


Samsung builds smart home appliances that use artificial intelligence, Wi-Fi connectivity and other advanced technology to optimize household tasks like cooking or doing laundry. The company’s intelligent microwaves are equipped with voice control, and its smart dishwashers can be operated remotely from the Samsung SmartThings app.


LG designs and manufactures technology solutions, and that includes its LG ThinQ smart home product lineup. These refrigerators, air conditioners, vacuums, air purifiers and other appliances have been infused with AI technology that learns user patterns and personalizes the smart home experience around those preferences. The LG ThinQ app can be used to manage and monitor smart devices and send users notifications when the laundry is done or a water filter needs changed.

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Vivint produces smart home security systems designed to respond to and deter crime. Its surveillance cameras and video doorbells are able to identify potential perpetrators and use light and sound to scare them away. The company also offers sensors for monitoring doors and windows that trigger an alarm when an intrusion is detected. Vivint’s other smart home products include a garage door controller that lets users remotely open and close their garage door and a thermostat that conserves energy and can be controlled from anywhere.

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