Rose Velazquez | Sep 26, 2023

Strong software tools are a non-negotiable for any company hoping to succeed in the 21st century. But building and installing on-site software takes money and resources that most companies and startups just don’t have. 

Luckily, with the internet and the birth of cloud technology, powerful and effective software tools are only a click away. The SaaS (software as a service) industry has grown exponentially in recent years, and SaaS companies have cropped up to fill every need from document management to social media marketing. 

Today, there are around 17,000 SaaS companies in the United States alone, according to research from Statista. As companies continue to grow and tweak strategies for demand that number will only keep going up. From solving cybersecurity challenges to helping filmmakers edit video projects, here’s how some of the biggest SaaS companies are making software more accessible.


41 Top SaaS Companies to Know

LogRocket’s software seeks, identifies and locates issues with existing software programs and responds to user-reported bugs. It is used by developers to assess UX, performance and usability. LogRocket is priced as a subscription SaaS, with tiers ranging from free to enterprise, and clients can work with LogRocket on custom pricing plans to meet their unique needs.


TravelPerk provides a management platform for corporate travel that allows expense account travelers and/or their companies to book all modes of travel, from airlines and trains to car rentals. An integrated portal manages, tracks and reports expenses, receipts and invoices. TravelPerk’s SaaS platform includes customer support, group booking and an add-on option called FlexiPerk, which makes all travel arrangements 80% refundable up to two hours prior to travel.


Hivebrite offers a subscription-based networking platform that is geared toward educational and corporate alumni communities, professional networks and nonprofits. The platform includes a mobile app and has features like integrated CMS, an RSS feed, newsletter delivery, news and media centers and event management. The platform allows users to share their resumes, post job listings and initiate connections among other members.


Nextpoint offers subscription-based “eDiscovery” software for lawyers. Its cloud software hosts evidence and other documents so that legal teams can access them for review, streamlining the otherwise clunky bureaucratic process of accessing materials for the various phases of legal proceedings. The service includes unlimited secure storage, data processing, document review tools and transcription at a per-user pricing model.


Cleo makes ecosystem integration software, which supports the connecting and integration of a company’s business processes. It serves clients in the logistics and transportation, manufacturing and wholesale and distribution industries. The Cleo Network connects trading partners and eliminates the need for onboarding. Both entities are simply connected in the Cleo ecosystem, enabling the B2B integration of processes like supply chain logistics. 


SambaSafety provides risk management software for drivers. It works with insurance companies and employers to assess, manage and reduce the risk of accidents, unsafe driving and insurance claims through continuous driver monitoring software. Its Qorta platform uses motor vehicle records to identify driving violations nearly in real time so that offending drivers can be enrolled in safety training courses.


Membersy is a SaaS company for dental offices that seeks to replace the insurance coverage model for dental care. It connects dental patients with dentists and supports dental practices in building their own membership plans that serve uninsured patients, providing everything from enrollment to billing on one dashboard.


Altium creates printed circuit board (PCB) design software that can be used for manufacturing electronics, such as AI-powered robots and devices to support medical research. The company’s cloud-native Altium 365 platform enables collaboration by allowing users to share their designs with team members and customers who can then comment their feedback in the online design space. iRobot, Square and Lyft have been among the brands to work with Altium.


VidMob is a creative tech platform that offers tools for taking video content creation from production to marketing. Its Intelligent Creative platform, which looks at performance analytics to return assessments and insights on creative, is designed to optimize video assets in the marketing space. VidMob serves creatives with responsive data and task automation, and marketers with ROAS (return on ad spend) metrics and ad campaign analytics.


LumApps makes an employee experience platform designed to connect and engage workers. Its features facilitate internal communication, use data analytics to personalize the employee journey and ensure critical employee resources are accessible across organizations.


Logikcull is a data organization SaaS company that consolidates documents for corporate, legal, government and educational institutions. Its digital indexing enables processes like records requests and legal discovery, and allows searching, tagging and reviewing materials. Set up to facilitate permissions-based access, the software also identifies breaches of information security and data duplication.


Greenlight Guru works with medtech companies to implement technology that streamlines and optimizes their processes. Founded by medical device design experts, Greenlight sets clients up with quality management systems, product development overviews and clinical electronic data capture, and the company supports them in migrating from paper to electronic records systems. It also ushers medical companies through the regulatory process of bringing SaMD (Software as a Medical Device) to market.


Nasuni is a cloud computing software service that creates data clouds for client companies. By building and running applications and file storage solutions directly in UniFS (its cloud-native system), Nasuni provides scalability, security and file access efficiency with centralized management and automated backup. It also offers cloud modernization for existing storage systems, global collaboration services and file backup and recovery.


Duolingo, the language-learning platform, is a SaaS product in addition to being a consumer app. Its Duolingo for Business plans allow employers to provide language learning as a form of professional development, and they can purchase Super Duolingo accounts in bulk at a discounted rate so that employees can access lessons at their own pace.


BigCommerce is a software developer focused on the e-commerce industry that offers omnichannel marketing and commerce tools to help companies reach more customers and increase their sales. BigCommerce’s shipping and customer service tools help e-commerce clients send out products faster and cultivate a more intuitive customer online experience, according to BigCommerce’s website.


Tropic helps businesses cut software costs by managing SaaS procurement. The platform can discover new vendors, review contracts, complete purchase requests, streamline internal approvals and assist with purchasing. The all-in-one capabilities ensure businesses are optimizing their SaaS purchases without extra cost. OpenSea, NextDoor and Zapier all have used Tropic to manage their software.


Validere is a commodity management platform that measures the efficiency of energy supply chains and gains data control. The SaaS platform hosts an operational hub and carbon hub to manage inventory, view emissions reporting, clean auditing and investigate and improve facility imbalances. Overall, Validere strives to establish a platform that brings data visibility for companies and environmental value to the world.


Way manages a centralized platform that provides brand activation experiences for hospitality and real estate enterprises. The Austin-based company believes unique experiences facilitate loyal consumers and, ultimately, drive revenue. Brands and businesses curate these experiences from scratch and the platform configures the right logistics, messaging and elements. The experience is then integrated into a user-friendly interface.


Close is an all-in-one CRM software specifically made for salespeople. The software enables salespeople to make calls, texts and emails. Beyond performing outreach tasks, the software can manage leads and contracts, prioritize tasks, integrate with commission tracking solutions, prompt renewals and more. Close’s software also removes manual data entry and UI processes to ensure better communication without the steep learning curve.


Teamwork aids client services businesses to become more efficient with their SaaS platform. The platform is a product management solution that can improve daily workflows. Whether it's document sharing, billing clients or prioritizing tasks, Teamwork aims to help businesses stay organized.


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Benchling is an SaaS company focused on serving the scientific community, and its cloud software platform is geared specifically towards biology researchers and other research organizations. The company aims to help scientists replace pen-and-paper notes and spreadsheets by offering them an open cloud alternative, where their analytics insights can be automatically tracked and translated into actionable data, according to the company’s website.


Dataminr is a risk assessment software company that gives its clients access to AI tools that can analyze data in real time and detect security threats before they make an impact, according to its site. Serving both private companies and public sector organizations, Dataminr’s technology processes both global and local public data so users can make informed strategic decisions based on market climate or current events.


Adobe runs a suite of software tools that allow users to accomplish video, photo and design projects. It also offers a number of business tools, such as PDF readers and analytics tools, to help companies streamline their operations. Adobe’s portfolio of products includes popular tools like Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and Premiere, with different options for students, artists and enterprises, according to the company’s site.


DAT’s software products are specifically geared toward the logistics industry, offering tools with which companies can track shipments, fuel usage and driver compensation. Its platform allows carriers and shippers to view data about shipment capacity, truckload rates and performance in one place, so that they can make accurate decisions about pricing and supply, according to DAT’s website


Constrafor aids the construction industry through its cloud-based procurement software. The company works with general contractors and subcontractors to increase construction productivity. For general contractors, the software can manage contracts, payment processing, invoices, projects and diversity quotes. Subcontractors can plan cash flow and receive funding through the Early Pay Program.


FluentStream is a cloud-based software for live communication systems. The company works with small businesses to power, enhance and manage remote communication with consumers. Some of the features include cloud calling, live insight reporting, conference calls, emergency routing and post-call surveys.

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Gloo develops digital ecosystems that assist with church outreach programs and community management. Whether it’s campaigning outreach services or training church staff members, Gloo aims to simplify how people find community and how churches interact with people. Once people are matched to a new church, they can submit prayer requests, review the church directory and connect with staff members.


CrowdStrike’s cybersecurity software systems give its clients tools to combat enterprise risk and gain control over their most valuable assets. The company’s extensive product suite includes solutions for firewall management, file integrity monitoring, breach prevention and forensic cybersecurity, according to its site.


Workday is an HR and finance focused SaaS company that delivers products to help business leaders manage financial assets and their employees, according to their site. The company’s products are enabled with automation and data analytics capabilities, with which users can assess trends within their businesses and make strategic decisions.


Salesforce is an enterprise software company that provides CRM, analytics and marketing products to customers through a subscription model. Salesforce customer base includes companies in the automotive, communications and energy industries, as well as a range of other sectors. Its tools can help companies manage their analytics and commerce operations, and can be integrated with Slack to aid in communication, according to its website.

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Chicago-based Relativity is a legal tech company whose flagship SaaS product, RelativityOne, manages data and identifies important issues during litigation and investigations. According to the company’s website, thousands of users — primarily working in government organizations, law firms and financial institutions — use Relativity to “tackle diverse unstructured data challenges.”


OneView Commerce makes a unified platform for the retail industry that combines in-store and digital experiences into a single transaction engine. This type of engine is cloud-native and promotes an omnichannel customer experience, allowing retailers to view customer history, orders and inventory. Additionally, OneView Commerce has a features-as-a-service library that includes mobile checkout and pickup/delivery options.


Prisidio is a cloud-based digital vault that allows people to securely store, organize and share essential documents and other sensitive information. Users have the ability to grant vault access to certain people, such as family members, lawyers and accountants. The vault also can track the places where important documents are held, complete document inventories and be utilized on a mobile device.


AvePoint is a data management and software company that provides technologies to help cloud computing companies better support their customers. AvePoint’s roster of clients includes ThermoFisher Scientific, Sysmex and T-Systems. Within its product portfolio, AvePoint provides tools for archiving, data backup, compliance management and analytics insights, according to its site.


Apty is a digital adoption platform for businesses. The platform can be integrated with numerous applications like Workday and Salesforce, making completing tasks faster. Companies can utilize Apty to implement new development training, correct task errors and manage business compliance among employees.

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Ably Realtime establishes real-time digital experience data for organizations to prevent lags and improve real-time communication on a platform. The company helps with digital experiences people may encounter daily such as live chatting, e-learning, document collaboration and even appointment scheduling. Toyota, MobyMax and HubSpot are a few of the clients Ably Realtime has worked with.


Accelo is a cloud-based platform that allows companies to complete client-related tasks from the prospect stage to payment. These tasks include timesheets, resourcing and sales, which can all be integrated with other platforms like Slack, Mailchimp and PayPal. The platform also offers analytic and financial data for companies to review.


Docusign is a document management software company that helps clients like Apple, Citgo and Aetna keep track of critical files. Docusign’s platform gives users the ability to apply electronic signatures to documents, and its cloud-enabled tech makes it possible for users to share and view documents from multiple devices, according to the company’s site


HubSpot is a CRM software platform that helps sales teams build lead generation strategies based on customer data. It also offers platforms for marketing teams with capabilities like marketing automation, data syncing and SEO analytics. Hubspot users can also gather customer feedback into a central knowledge base to help inform future strategy choices and business directions, according to its site 


Hootsuite is a software company that offers a platform for companies to manage their social media strategy. Hootsuite users can plan posts and social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and other social media platforms all from one location, so they can create more centralized customer engagement initiatives, according to its site


Smartsheet is a productivity software platform that teams can use to manage collaborative projects, assign tasks, track project timelines and communicate with coworkers on deadlines. Smartsheet’s tools can be used by companies in any industry, and is used by companies like Lego, Pfizer and American Express. Smartsheet’s platform can also be integrated with Google Chat, Slack and Webex to streamline communication across teams, according to the company’s site.

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