As the workplace continues to evolve, some teams are considering a return to the office. Many have adopted a best-of-both-worlds policy that combines the flexibility of remote work with collaborative nature of in-office work — in other words, a hybrid workplace. These companies need to distinguish themselves as great places to work to get the attention of exceptional job seekers looking for a hybrid environment.

Built In’s Best Places to Work awards program has, since its inception, leveraged its algorithm to analyze employer data on total rewards to determine the best places to work across the United States. This year, we’re also specifically recognizing the best companies with hybrid environments to work for with our 100 Best Hybrid Places to Work list.

Each of these companies is offering the mission, work and benefits that hybrid job seekers look for. Read on to for insight into what makes these organizations, in alphabetical order, so enticing.

Best Hybrid Places to Work 2023

  • Ably Realtime
  • ActionIQ
  • ADP
  • Afterpay
  • Airbyte
  • Aircall
  • Ascent
  • Beacon Biosignals
  • Betterment
A window with Ably Realtime's logo
Ably Realtime

In Their Own Words: Ably is the platform to power synchronized digital experiences in real time. We provide a suite of APIs to build, extend and deliver powerful event-driven applications, allowing organizations to offload the growing complexity of business-critical real-time data synchronization. Every day we reach more than 250 million devices around the world.

Favorite Perk: $650 home office stipend for new Ablyans, with a $150 yearly top-up

“Ably’s platform enables companies to quickly build and deliver new and better live and collaborative experiences by removing all of the technical and operational risks. Developers gain a strategic technology that meets their requirements now and in the future with free rein to innovate without risk.”

— Chief Product Officer Tim Buntel, as told to Built In Boston


In Their Own Words: ActionIQ brings order to customer experience chaos. Our CX Hub empowers everyone to be a CX champion by giving business teams the freedom to explore and take action on customer data, while helping technical teams regain control of where data lives and how it is used.

Favorite Perk: Generous PTO and encouragement of work-life balance

We value benefits that focus on the whole person like generous PTO, parental leave, wellness initiatives, professional development, and a charitable matching program to enable our employees to give back to causes that matter to them. If our employees feel valued and cared for, they do good work – which any company would value.

Stacy Larkin, Vice President, People & Employee Success, ActionIQ


In Their Own Words:We’re creating new ways for people to work and how they get paid. Helping companies stay compliant around the world. Bringing AI everywhere and developing adaptable tech platforms that flex with changing needs.

Favorite Perk: Student loan repayment program to help you pay off your loans faster.

“There’s just a general environment of collaboration, not only with my immediate team but the other teams that I get to work with in terms of product managers and developers.”

Aimee, UX Designer II, ADP


In Their Own Words: Afterpay is a movement in which everyone wins — shoppers, retailers and society. We are an international payments platform, built to enable financial wellness for the next generation of shoppers. With no credit checks, no interest and no catch, we empower customers.

Favorite Perk: 100 percent-covered medical, dental and vision insurance

“Before Afterpay, my job made me feel like a cog in the machine. I never really got to see the impacts of my contributions. But at Afterpay, every feat counts towards bettering our company, our business and the experience of our customers.”

— Software Engineer Angel Lopez, as told to Built In


In Their Own Words: Airbyte is the open-source standard for the extract, load, transform data-integration process. We enable data teams to replicate data from applications, APIs and databases to data warehouses, lakes and other destinations. We believe only an open-source approach can solve the problem of data integration, as it enables us to cover the long tail of integrations while enabling teams to adapt pre-built connectors to their needs.

Favorite Perk: Paid flights, hotel and transportation to visit the headquarters in San Francisco or other team members

“It didn’t matter that my teammate was in a different physical location or time zone. We were able to do just as much in our own respective times to still deliver highly impactful results!”

— Head of Product Marketing Talia Moyal, as told to Built In


In Their Own Words: Aircall is the phone system for modern business. An entirely cloud-based voice platform that integrates seamlessly with popular productivity and help-desk tools that workplaces are already using, Aircall was built to make phone support as easy to manage as any other business workflow — accessible, transparent and collaborative.

Favorite Perk: Monthly $100 childcare reimbursement per child under the age of 10

“Now that hybrid, on-site or remote teams are likely here to stay, we’ll continue to work to achieve our vision, and empower every professional to have richer conversations.”

— Michael Haske, CEO, Aircall


In Their Own Words: AKASA is the leading developer of AI for healthcare operations. AKASA scales human intelligence with leading-edge AI and machine learning securely trained on customer data to learn unique systems, continuously adapt to changing environments and deliver comprehensive automation and analytics for complex workflows. The result is a seamlessly integrated, customized solution that reduces operating costs, frees up staff to do the work they love and helps health systems allocate resources to where they matter most.

Favorite Perk: Unlimited PTO

“I understand the difficulty hospital systems face when it comes to revenue. By gathering data and understanding entire workflows, we can confidently help them.”

— Software Engineer in Deployment Krista Polikaitis, as told to Built In


A screenshot of a Zoom meeting where people hold up small pots with succulents


In Their Own Words: Ascent is the industry’s leading compliance automation solution. We’re leading the world of regulatory compliance forward by offering greater efficiencies, greater cost savings and greater accuracy. Using market-leading RegulationAI, Ascent helps customers in financial services automate their compliance programs, significantly reducing their risk while saving time and money.

Favorite Perk: Child, senior and pet care stipend

“Employees will show their best results at work knowing that their voice is heard and they are valued, where there is a safe platform to express their concerns and views.”

— Regulatory Knowledge Analyst Balaka Das, as told to Built In


In Their Own Words: Brain monitoring is not easily accessible, interpretable or actionable. We’re going to fix this, and we’d like you to help. With improved access to brain data and the right tools to act on it, clinicians could intervene in real-time, match life-altering therapies to the patients they benefit most and treat previously untreatable neurological and psychiatric diseases. Beacon is building an interdisciplinary and uniquely talented team to implement this future.

Favorite Perk: Documented equal-pay policy and mean gender pay gap below 10 percent

“On the broadest scale, we’re united by a common desire to have an impact on the lives of patients with neurological disorders. But it’s even more than that — we want to see each other succeed day to day.”

— Senior Data Scientist Alex Arslan, as told to Built In Boston


In Their Own Words: Betterment is one of the largest independent online financial advisors. Our mission is to empower customers to make the most of their money, so they can live better. We are realizing this mission by building world-class financial planning and investment tools that are available to everyone, not only the ultra-wealthy.

Favorite Perk: Reimbursement of up to $900 a year for fitness services

“I wanted to be somewhere where I could tangibly help build and scale a sales team, all while learning from incredible leadership. And that’s exactly what I got here!”

— Head of Inbound Sales Ally Rome, as told to Built In NYC


In Their Own Words: BigID is a data intelligence platform for privacy, security and governance — enabling customers to proactively discover, manage, protect and get more value from their regulated, sensitive, and personal data across their data landscape. We’re reimagining data management, empowering customers to drive business innovation, achieve compliance, build customer trust, make better decisions and get more value from their data.

Favorite Perk: Unlimited PTO

“It’s up to us to really fight the good fight and try to make sure that organizations across the board are using responsible data practices and technology in a sound way.”

— Chief Privacy Office Heather Federman, on an episode of Coffee with Kahoona


In Their Own Words: Founded in 2011, BitSight transforms how organizations manage information security risk. The BitSight Security Ratings Platform applies sophisticated algorithms, producing daily security ratings that range from 250 to 900, to help manage third-party risk, underwrite cyber insurance policies, benchmark performance, conduct due diligence for mergers and acquisitions and assess aggregate risk. With over 2,300 customers and the largest ecosystem of users and information, BitSight is the most widely used security ratings service.

Favorite Perk: Unlimited PTO and paid sick days

“The company supports both collaboration and autonomy. Every team member comes from a different background and work experience, and each one brings something new to the table.”

— Software Engineer Enida Vezelaj, as told to Built In Boston


In Their Own Words: Bizzabo powers immersive in-person, virtual and hybrid experiences. The Bizzabo Event Experience OS is a data-rich open platform that allows event experience leaders to manage events, engage audiences, activate communities and deliver powerful business outcomes — while keeping attendee data private and secure. Bizzabo powers the events of world-leading brands — from Fortune 100 enterprise organizations and financial institutions to creative agencies and scaling tech companies.

Favorite Perk: Companywide Bizzabreak: A day off for everyone at the end of each quarter

“It’s almost unheard of for a business development representative to speak with the CEO of any company during their first week (or month, for that matter), let alone have them go out of their way to welcome you personally and see how you like things so far. When they speak about the BizzaValues and culture at this company, that’s what they mean!”

— Account Executive of Commercial Sales Katie Bensink, as told to Built In NYC


A small team organizes yellow post-its on a glass wall
Block Renovation


In Their Own Words: Block was founded by Koda and Luke in 2017 on a simple premise: Homeowners and contractors need a better way to build together. Looking at the $450 billion renovation industry, our co-founders saw how technology could dramatically change the way renovations are done from planning through design and build. Since then, we’ve grown a lot, but a few things remain the same: our commitment to connecting homeowners and contractors, our love of good design and the importance of a culture of collaboration, tenacity and creativity.

Favorite Perk: Employee discount on renovation services

“It’s important for the team to know the ‘why’ behind the ‘what.’ If it is clear how their work contributes to business success, they are more likely to be engaged and driven to finish their initiatives.”

— Senior Engineering Manager Sunil Bhalla, as told to Built In NYC


In Their Own Words: Bonusly provides solutions to create high-performance, high-engagement teams. We believe that success in business is determined by people working on teams to solve novel problems. That belief extends to our own team, and we’d love for you to be a part of it.

Favorite Perk: Unlimited vacation with a two-week minimum

“Bonusly’s approach to human resources is more thought-out than anywhere else I’ve worked. As a startup in the HR space, we want to do things right ourselves, and we constantly experiment on how to get better at it.”

— Head of Research and Design Judith Bartels, as told to Built In


In Their Own Words: Founded in 2012, Botify is an enterprise software company that helps brands turn organic search into an efficient, measurable and sustainable channel for both traffic and revenue growth. Powered by a unique unified data model, prescriptive insights and automated processes, Botify delivers an end-to-end SEO management solution that enables customers to unlock the true growth potential of their website.

Favorite Perk: Summer Fridays

“Being able to help enterprise brands, who often have organic search as their highest traffic-generating channels, makes pitching Botify to prospects very enjoyable.”

— Account Executive Austin Park, as told to Built In NYC


In Their Own Words: Founded in 2003 in Chicago, Bounteous is a leading digital experience consultancy that co-innovates with the world’s most ambitious brands to create transformative digital experiences. With services in strategy, experience design, technology, analytics and insight, and marketing, Bounteous elevates brand experiences through technology partnerships and unparalleled platform expertise.

Favorite Perk: Fully paid healthcare premiums

“Conversations are rich with perspective, which expands our ability to work with varied learning styles and acquire new skills and functions that generate high-impact outcomes for clients and internal programs while broadening our team’s skill set.”

— Vice President of Talent Acquisition Gina Sorrels, as told to Built In Chicago


In Their Own Words: Bowery Farming builds smart farms that grow delicious and safe produce indoors. Right outside of cities, we build tech-enabled, smart indoor farms that grow flavorful, sustainable and safe produce. We are a mission-driven team of creative builders, problem-solvers and activators, and we’re reimagining farming from the ground up. We foster a collaborative culture where individuals choose to opt-in, think wildly differently, break barriers together and be kind to the core every single day.

Favorite Perk: Training partnerships with external companies like LifeLabs, Stop at Nothing and WYLD

“At Bowery, I have the opportunity to work with the brightest in agricultural science, robotics, machine learning and other fields. Working next to extremely talented people pushes me to be better and fosters an environment where I can rapidly learn and grow.”

— Senior Technical Program Manager Pavan Naik, as told to Built In NYC


In Their Own Words: Capital Rx is built around the mission of changing the way prescription drugs are priced and patients are serviced. A health technology company daring to reimagine the pharmacy benefits industry, Capital Rx is executing on that mission through its Clearinghouse Model® — the first equitable framework for drug pricing. Capital Rx’s enterprise pharmacy platform, JUDI™, connects every aspect of the pharmacy ecosystem in one platform, enabling patient engagement and increasing efficiency to achieve the highest standards of clinical care.

Favorite Perk: Access to Traditional and Roth 401(k) accounts

“Our country cannot continue to operate on disparate and antiquated technology and our goal is to provide our nation the infrastructure it needs for the healthcare system we deserve.”

— CEO AJ Loiacono, as told to Built In NYC


The Common team poses for a casual photo


In Their Own Words: Common is the nation’s leading residential brand and operating platform that designs, leases and manages multifamily properties that appeal to today’s renters. Through smart design and tech-enabled property management, Common delivers exceptional experiences to thousands of residents in co-living, micro-unit and traditional apartments in cities from coast to coast. Founded in October 2015, we are the preferred choice for renters looking for a stress-free apartment from a trusted brand and for real estate owners seeking reliable, above-market returns.

Favorite Perk: Return-to-work program post paid parental leave

“Common has five key values that drive our teams forward every day: make the case and take the risk; bring data to the conversation; default to transparency; embrace change and start with yes.”

— CEO Karlene Holloman, as told to Built In NYC


In Their Own Words: Dashlane is a web and mobile app that simplifies password management for people and businesses. We empower organizations to protect company and employee data, while helping everyone easily log in to the accounts they need — anytime, anywhere. A better digital future starts with secure access.

Favorite Perk: Work anywhere in the countries Dashlane operates in — the United States, France and Portugal

“The biggest thing we try to teach our CSMs at Dashlane is to establish a strong and trustworthy relationship and lead with empathy during every one of our customer interactions. Life is all about relationships — no customer or industry is the same and being able to adapt to individual customer needs and use cases is critical to delivering customer value.”

— Senior Customer Success Manager KC Badala, as told to Built In NYC


In Their Own Words: At DataDome, we provide state-of-the-art bot protection for mobile apps, websites and APIs against online fraud. Our solution leverages AI and machine learning to beat sophisticated attacks in real time and scale threat protection worldwide. We’re proud to protect more than 250 clients around the globe, including TripAdvisor, The New York Times, Foot Locker, Reddit, Hermes, Peapod, Rakuten, LVMH and many others.

Favorite Perk: Five additional days off for well-being

“Not once have I encountered any red tape, hesitation or dissuasion when presenting new ideas. Because of this, I have succeeded in building and expanding brand awareness for DataDome in a tough market, and my successes aren’t mine alone; they belong to all of my colleagues.”

— Senior Communications Manager Maureen Shaw, as told to Built In NYC


In Their Own Words: Dealerware is one of the hottest software companies in the automotive sector. By combining a mobile-first approach with fresh design thinking, Dealerware’s industry-leading SaaS platform enables best-in-class fleet management and mobility services for the top automotive dealerships and manufacturers.

Favorite Perk: Paid parental leave inclusive to all gender and parental scenarios

“We’re building something that everybody uses. Everyone goes on vacations, borrows a vehicle and has their own experiences — and complaints — with rental. We can create change in something that affects people all the time.”

— EVP of Product JR Lang, as told to Built In Austin


In Their Own Words: Deepgram is the leader in scalable speech recognition. With our easy-to-use API, developers easily convert audio to text and build experiences that increase revenues and maximize employee productivity. Unlike previous generations, Deepgram has taken an entirely new approach to speech recognition, ditching brittle methods — heuristics-based speech processing — for an end-to-end deep-learning AI architecture. With this patented approach, users can access the industry’s fastest, most accurate and highly scalable AI technology with a simple API call. Deepgram takes the heavy lifting out of noisy, multi-speaker, hard-to-understand audio transcriptions, so companies can focus on what they do best.

Favorite Perk: Diverse hiring practices and seven formal employee resource groups

“We felt the very real pain of not having a good tool available to help process the recordings and pinpoint valuable timestamps. We decided to build one using the same AI we were using to find dark-matter-particle events, and that was how Deepgram was created.”

— Co-Founder and CEO Scott Stephenson, as told to Built In San Francisco


In Their Own Words: DeepIntent is leading the healthcare advertising industry with data-driven solutions built for the future. Built purposefully for healthcare marketers, DeepIntent’s platform is proven to drive higher audience quality and script performance and enables marketers to plan, activate, measure and optimize their campaigns — all within a single platform. Conceived by former Memorial Sloan Kettering data scientists, DeepIntent empowers nine of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies and the leading healthcare advertising agencies to improve patient outcomes through the artful use of advertising, data science and real-world health data.

Favorite Perk: One-time $500 work-from-home stipend and $100-per-month Wi-Fi and cell phone reimbursement

“While we still value in-person interactions and encourage people to attend company events and quarterly meetings in the office, we provide our employees with the flexibility to decide what works best for them.”

— VP of People Operations Chris Meyer, as told to Built In NYC


In Their Own Words: Our modern brokerage infrastructure powers a variety of different investment experiences. Over the past 10 years, DriveWealth has been breaking down the barriers between global investors and U.S. markets and improving the financial lives of people that have been traditionally underserved and underbanked. We’ve built patent-pending technology to fractionalize U.S. equities and were the first to receive a license to do so in 2015.

Favorite Perk: 401(k) plan and stock options

“At the end of the day, maintaining high customer satisfaction and client support scores are at the core of our motivation.”

— Chief Technology Officer Harshal Deo, as told to Built In NYC


Two people look toward an iPhone on a tripod that is recording in the foreground


In Their Own Words: dscout helps companies better understand the experiences people have with their products and brands in everyday life. Our SaaS video research platform helps our customers gather, manage, share and analyze millions of in-context moments submitted by people around the world.

Favorite Perk: Paid volunteer time and $200-per-year charitable donation matching

“We’ve been able to inspire our customers in their research, and make our participants feel seen and heard when participating in that research.”

— Research Advisor Tymmarah Anderson, as told to Built In


In Their Own Words: Eden Health provides simple, tech-enabled primary and mental healthcare sold directly to employers as a benefit for their employees. Our members enjoy immediate access to care over the Eden Health app, in our private clinics and at their offices. When companies work with us, they have healthier workforces and increased productivity.

Favorite Perk: 12 weeks of parental leave for both primary and secondary caretakers

I've always heard 'when you love what you do, it's not work.' I didn't think that was possible until working at Eden Health. Now, I love what I do and the people I do it with. I actually look forward to coming to work every day!

— Alexa, Operations Manager, Eden Health


In Their Own Words: Endpoint is a digital title and escrow company that streamlines the home closing process by making it simple, fast and transparent for everyone involved. Our platform involves all parties — agents, buyers and sellers — and offers convenient signing, secure funds transfer and in-home notarization to put your home-buying process at ease.

Favorite Perk: Unlimited PTO and paid sick days

“It is fun to jump deep into details with my colleagues and come out with optimized and revolutionized processes that benefit our customers as well as our employees.”

— SVP of Operations Shawna Hernandez, as told to Built In LA


In Their Own Words: Equativ provides a comprehensive suite of buy- and sell-side adtech solutions leveraged by advertisers, publishers, broadcast operators, sales houses and data providers. The Smart family of companies includes Smart, DynAdmic and LiquidM. Together, we have a long history of innovating solutions in answer to the continually evolving challenges of digital advertising. We support the needs of advertisers and publishers alike through a shared-interest approach.

Favorite Perk: Mentorship, paid industry certifications and online course subscriptions

“Be Brave. Be Thoughtful. Be Together. Our company values are truly core elements of the culture here. Each and every day, I’m appreciative of the transparency, encouragement and camaraderie across all levels that make my work engaging and fulfilling.”

— Content Marketing Manager Amy Bornong, as told to Built In


In Their Own Words: EquityMultiple is a commercial real estate investment and technology firm whose mission is to build investor wealth through streamlined access to diverse real estate investment products. To date, EquityMultiple’s investors have participated in over $4 billion in commercial real estate transactions through its online investing platform. The firm pairs innovative technology with real estate experience and industry-leading investor services to offer an unparalleled investing experience. 

Favorite Perk: Unlimited PTO

I’ve been impressed with the long-term goal-setting transparency and empathy from the leadership team. Being here has been a breath of fresh air. The teams I get to work with are incredibly efficient, balanced and encouraged to think outside the box.

— Associate Director of Lifecycle Marketing Kaitlin Hubert, as told to Built In


In Their Own Words: Even Financial is a B2B fintech company that is transforming the way financial institutions reach consumers, while also making it easy for our channel partners to offer financial services as part of their publications or platforms.

Favorite Perk: Personal holiday once a month

“Leadership at Even is incredibly passionate about fostering an environment of creativity, innovation and inclusion. Everyone’s voice matters in driving the direction of the organization — including product and engineering decisions — regardless of department or level.”

— Director of Engineering in Expansion and Consumer Experience Brandon Papworth, as told to Built In NYC


In Their Own Words: ExtraHop secures the hybrid enterprise through network detection and response. Our breakthrough approach analyzes all network interactions and applies cloud-scale machine learning for complete visibility, real-time detection and intelligent response.

Favorite Perk: Pet insurance

“ExtraHop is a place where all opinions are welcome. Everyone believes in the technology and feels a sense of ownership.”

— Sales Engineering Director Archana Ragothaman, as told to Built In Seattle


The Fidel API team poses for a photo
Fidel API


In Their Own Words: Our mission at Fidel API is to unlock the full potential of payment cards. We offer a suite of financial infrastructure APIs that enable developers to build programmable experiences connected to purchases made in real time using a card. Our tools are transforming how merchants and users interact by powering real-time, event-driven engagements, best-in-class loyalty and rewards programs and revolutionizing processes from reimbursements to expense management.

Favorite Perk: Home office stipend for remote employees

“Fidel API offers an incredible opportunity to build, test and learn. This is a gift if you capitalize on it.”

— VP and Head of Business Development Meredith Altenhofen, as told to Built In NYC


In Their Own Words: Founded in 2014, Fountain started with a vision to transform the hiring of hourly workers. The majority of the global workforce is composed of hourly workers but applicant tracking systems are designed for salaried employees. Hiring knowledge workers is fundamentally different from hiring hourly workers, which is why Fountain’s purpose-built solution is designed to keep hourly workers top of mind and connected throughout the applicant process.

Favorite Perk: “Relaxation Day” as an extra holiday in months where there are no holidays

“It’s simple: Fountain has a great mission, is fully remote and has great people. At the end of the day, the mechanics of a tech job aren’t that different, but the people you work with are what makes a place great.”

— Director of Engineering Josh Harrisking, as told to Built In


In Their Own Words: is a video review and collaboration platform designed to unify media assets and creative conversations in a user-friendly environment. was developed by filmmakers, VFX artists and post-production executives. Today, we support nearly 1 million media professionals including Buzzfeed, Turner, Nasa and Vice Media.

Favorite Perk: 16 paid volunteer hours

“We all have different personalities, and we want everyone to take ownership and have opportunities for how our team operates.”

— Senior Engineering Manager Michael Angelo, as told to Built In NYC


In Their Own Words: Future helps people live healthier lives through one-on-one coaching. We believe that partnership is the key to progress. We believe the best way to forge the world we envision is to pair each person with another person — a coach — who helps manage their day-to-day health. We use a combination of technology, content and elite personal trainers to empower our members through fitness. Our custom-made training plans with personalized audio coaching are designed to keep you coming back. You can reach your goals at home, in the gym or at your group fitness classes, when and where it’s most convenient for you.

Favorite Perk: Flexible PTO

“It is really cool to work for a company that focuses on your health while most other companies are business, business ... plus I get to touch a lot of different technologies like Bluetooth and connectivity on the health (app) side. It’s complex!”

— iOS Developer Bobby Rohweder, as told to Built In


In Their Own Words: G2 is the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace. More than 80 million people annually — including employees at all Fortune 500 companies — use G2 to make smarter software decisions based on authentic peer reviews. Thousands of software and services companies of all sizes partner with G2 to build their reputation, manage their software spend and grow their business — including Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoom and Adobe.

Favorite Perk: 24/7 telephonic counseling offering

“Through performance, everyone at G2 has the opportunity to build and be part of something bigger than themselves. Entrepreneurial spirit is how it all started, and we keep this innovative and creative ethos alive.”

— Chief People Officer Priti Patel, as told to Built In Chicago


Members of the Gemini team pose outside wearing matching black shirts


In Their Own Words: Gemini is a licensed digital asset exchange and custodian. We built the Gemini platform so customers can buy, sell and store digital assets (e.g., Bitcoin, Ethereum and Zcash) in a regulated, secure and compliant manner.

Favorite Perk: Unlimited PTO

I feel reinvigorated to work with a dedicated team and build a decentralized and open financial system based on the blockchain, and I believe in Gemini’s co-founders’ vision for the company. They have given me a platform to build high-scale distributed systems as well as the opportunity to scale architectures, products, processes and my team.”

— Chief Technology Officer Pravjit Tiwana, as told to Built In NYC


In Their Own Words: HiBob helps modern, mid-size businesses transform the way they manage people, giving HR and managers all they need to connect, engage, develop and retain top talent. Since 2015, we’ve achieved consecutive triple-digit year-over-year growth, all backed by our amazing team of Bobbers from across the globe, making us the choice HRIS of over 1,500 midsize and multinational companies. Our HR platform is intuitive, data-driven and built for the way people work today: globally, remotely and collaboratively.

Favorite Perk: Bob Balance Days — a companywide long weekend at the beginning of each quarter

“Modern businesses that value their talent know that human resources information systems are not simply about headcount growth, but rather about effective and proactive people management during periods of expansion and contraction.”

— CEO and Co-Founder Ronni Zehavi, as told to Built In NYC


In Their Own Words: Hivebrite helps corporations, nonprofits and higher education institutions build and enhance their communities. Headquartered in France, our mission is to help organizations build instrumental communities: managed, actionable networks where users can easily reach out to each other as well as share and access structured resources and professional opportunities.

Favorite Perk: 95 percent coverage of health insurance premiums, 75 percent coverage for dependents

“I’ve learned so much about the online community space working at Hivebrite. Working at this fast-growing startup gives me the ability to work closely with leadership and collaborate across all departments. It’s been an absolute blast working here!”

— Account Executive Shannon Taruc, as told to Built In


In Their Own Words: Homeward gives you the power to buy before you sell and negotiate better terms. Buying a home should be an exciting milestone. But all too often, it’s stressful, especially when you’re buying and selling at the same time. So we’re redesigning the home-buying experience. We’re a fast-paced real estate startup that empowers agents to help homebuyers craft their best offer — so they can buy before they sell, get better terms with a cash offer and close on time.

Favorite Perk: 14 weeks paid parental leave for primary parents and seven weeks for secondary parents

“This team has been so resilient and focused on helping us all get smarter and make better decisions, and I’m so grateful to have had the partnership across the business to work on this really important need.”

— Chief Operations Officer Claire Morris, as told to Built In Austin


In Their Own Words: We protect the integrity of the internet by disrupting the economics of cybercrime. We stop bot attacks. Today’s sophisticated bots impersonate human behavior to evade detection technologies. To defeat today’s bots, we use a unique multilayered approach that enables us to verify the humanity of digital interactions with unmatched speed and accuracy across applications, performance marketing and advertising use cases.

Favorite Perk: Annual $1000 wellness stipend. 

“We are in the business of leaving things better than we found them. If we can increase access, knowledge and opportunities for people not previously represented in our sector, we are achieving what we set out to do.”

— Senior Manager of Strategic Accounts and CSO Gina Taddeo, as told to Built In


In Their Own Words: Hyperscience is transforming the future of work to elevate human potential. Our human-centered approach to automation enables a new era of human and machine collaboration that delivers dramatically improved organizational agility without the legacy cost and burden of change management. By combining data, people and processes into digital assembly lines, the Hyperscience Platform turns complex processes into simple, configurable workflows. Our industry-leading machine-learning technology continuously learns and evolves, to involve humans only when needed. 

Favorite Perk: 30 days of paid leave annually

“Everything we do is for our customers. Every week, it seems like I’m going to the product team with new discoveries or requests to address end users’ needs. It’s not every day that you get to help make people’s lives easier — and have tons of fun doing it.”

— Director of Implementation Courtney Halpern, as told to Built In


The iCapital team poses with pink children's bikes


In Their Own Words: We are powering the world’s alternative investment marketplace. Our financial technology platform has transformed the way alternative investments are bought and sold through the development of tech-based solutions for advisors, their high-net-worth client base, asset managers and banks.

Favorite Perk: Unlimited PTO

“A culture of ownership promotes an environment in which team members own their tasks. It allows the team to feel a sense of ownership and accomplishment, but it guides them where and when needed.”

— Vice President of Technology Marcy D’Amore, as told to Built In NYC


In Their Own Words: Imperative is a platform that helps hybrid organizations build employee connection through high-impact conversations and relationships — the kind that used to only be possible when face to face. For over a decade, we’ve been dedicated to fixing what’s broken about today’s workplace: The lack of connection and belonging among employees. We believe that meaningful human connection at work is the key to unlocking transformational benefits both to the business and individual employees.

Favorite Perk: Quarterly in-person retreats

“I’m given opportunities every day to grow, personally and professionally. Our team is based on respect, trust and a low barrier to laughter. We have an impact and we truly have fun, every single day.”

— Senior Director of Accounts and Customer Success Travis Mears, as told to Built In


In Their Own Words: Instabase is democratizing access to deep learning to empower any organization to solve unstructured data problems with unprecedented accuracy. From understanding complex financial data for the world’s largest banks to transforming manual processes for insurers and federal agencies alike, automating unstructured data represents the largest opportunity for digital transformation in an enterprise. With Instabase, our customers can automatically understand unstructured data with the latest deep-learning technologies, rapidly build end-to-end workflows with pre-packaged solution blocks and innovate at scale across their organization.

Favorite Perk: 100 percent paid parental leave — 18 weeks for birthing parents, nine for non-birthing parents

“Instabase is working with some of the largest enterprises in the world. I am excited to see a technology that helps our customers unlock their potential and provides unique solutions to their most pressing business challenges.”

— Chief Customer Officer Steve Jenner, quoted on Instabase’s website


In Their Own Words: Kaia Health brings affordable and accessible relief to chronic disease patients. Today, Kaia is a market leader in digital therapeutics globally, with over 400,000 users. We offer digital programs to help people cope with chronic back pain and COPD, but envision a future in which the millions of chronic disease patients around the world have access to the affordable and effective relief they deserve.

Favorite Perk: Guideline-managed 401(k) plan with 100 percent matching up to 5 percent of gross pay

“At Kaia, we can and do move quickly, while also remaining connected to those around us. To be able to adapt, be remote and find emotional connection with those who are far away is incredibly unique.”

— Head of Content Max Tedaldi, as told to Built In NYC


In Their Own Words: Lattice is a people management software for growing companies. With Lattice, it’s easy to launch 360 performance review cycles and engagement surveys, keep track of goals, gather real-time feedback and encourage manager one-on-one meetings. Over 1,800 companies worldwide all use Lattice to run performance reviews and employee engagement surveys.

Favorite Perk: Executive team is 40 percent female

“When I get constructive feedback, I know it’s coming from someone’s best intentions and that the giver wants to resolve an issue and help me grow. We regularly request and give feedback instead of relying on performance reviews once or twice a year.”

— Senior Software Engineer Jamie Lau, as told to Built In NYC


In Their Own Words: LeafLink is the unified B2B cannabis platform, empowering thousands of licensed cannabis brands and retailers across North America with the tools and technology they need to streamline ordering, payments and logistics. 

Favorite Perk: Unlimited PTO

We’re building a product-led organization, and our current structure is designed for teams to have autonomy, decision authority and ownership over strategy and execution as we scale.”

— Senior Director and Product Management Erik Dawson, as told to Built In NYC


Members of the Litify team pose for a celebratory group photo


In Their Own Words: Litify’s mission is to revolutionize how legal services are delivered. The Litify platform streamlines and automates task management, document generation, intake management and client communications while providing data-driven insights that help law firms scale. Built on Salesforce, Litify is a secure, extensible and rapidly evolving platform.

Favorite Perk: 12 weeks of paid, benefits-intact leave for a birthing parent, eight for a non-birthing parent

“I am but one part of a living, breathing sales organism — but as with any other part, I am vital to the holistic functioning of the entire being.”

— Enterprise Sales Representative Ramesh Reddy, as told to Built In


In Their Own Words: Since 2005, Madison Logic has empowered the largest and fastest-growing companies to convert their best accounts faster by finding and engaging throughout the customer journey with the most influential members of the buying committee. The ML Platform, a global multichannel ABM media activation and measurement platform, enables marketers within enterprise organizations to leverage unique proprietary data to identify the accounts most likely to purchase, maximize engagement across multiple channels and accelerate sales cycles to positively impact ROI.

Favorite Perk: Employer-paid student loan contributions in the United States

“At a time when many technology companies are scaling back, Madison Logic continues to grow. Our data-driven, full-funnel account-based approach delivers the value and results necessary for business-to-business marketers to succeed.”

— CEO Tom O’Regan, quoted in a Madison Logic blog post


In Their Own Words: MANTL began as a challenger bank when an “aha” moment inspired the founders to pivot from competing to partnering with banks to deploy its technology at scale. Our mission is to expand access to financial services. We help community institutions raise billions of dollars in core deposits each year and are proving that they can compete online with the right set of tools.

Favorite Perk: Employees enrolled in a medical plan receive 12 months of Talkspace

I’ve been with MANTL for one year, and during this time I have been challenged in ways I never imagined. I’ve been given autonomy to complete tasks outside of what my normal job entails, and I have loved learning how to push myself in those experiences. I’m no longer worried that I will do something wrong. Instead, I’m excited to approach a new skill with the mindset that I have the support of my team, and other teams, to help me be successful.

— Customer Training and Onboarding Manager Lilly Dyer, as told to Built In NYC


In Their Own Words: MasterClass is the streaming platform where anyone can learn from the world’s best. With an annual membership, subscribers get unlimited access to more than 180 instructors and classes across a wide range of subjects, including arts and entertainment, business, design and style, sports and gaming, writing and more. 

Favorite Perk: $600 annual wellness stipend to support employees’ physical and mental well-being

We created a company donation program that benefits our communities. In addition to making a donation of $250 for each employee to a variety of nonprofit organizations, we created a stand-alone donation matching program. This has resulted in more than $213,000 contributed by MasterClass and our team.

— SVP, Chief of Staff and Head of People Erica Kammann, as told to Built In San Francisco


In Their Own Words: Our people are Poets and PHDs who bring their unique creativity and technical expertise to our clients every day. At MERGE, we create a superior work experience where diverse talents with ability, agility and humility can grow an do the best work of their careers.

Favorite Perk: Flexible work environment, offering hybrid and remote opportunities 

“We are committed to creating growth opportunities for a diversity of people.” 

— Chief Executive Officer Patrick Venetucci


In Their Own Words: Our mission at Mighty Networks is to usher in a new era of creative business built on community. Our SaaS platform is the easiest place for creators and brands to start and grow communities. You can add online courses, events and paid memberships whenever you’re ready. We also offer Mighty Pro for creators, organizations and brands who are interested in their own branded apps.

Favorite Perk: Return-to-work program following parental leave

“Basically we have a platform for people to create communities the way that they would create e-commerce stores. So what Shopify has done for e-commerce, we’re doing for digital subscriptions and digital payments where the value is around a community that is mastering something interesting or important together, and not just content alone.”

— CEO and Founder Gina Bianchini, as told to TechCrunch


In Their Own Words: We are on a mission to transform the traditional hotel model and create a new category of residential hospitality that is fundamentally changing the way we live, work and play away from home. Mint House combines the classic comfort of home and the modern luxury of a hotel, giving guests all the perks and none of the tradeoffs. 

Favorite Perk: LifeMart discount program with deals on health and wellness, home and travel

“We are penetrating a trillion-dollar global hospitality market, transforming a traditional hotel industry that has historically been low-tech and full of consumer frictions. Secular megatrends including work from anywhere and the mixing of business and leisure travel are driving explosive demand for flexible apartment-style accommodations in lieu of legacy hotel rooms.”

— Founder and CEO Will Lucas, as quoted in a statement


The Nayya team smiles for a group photo outside


In Their Own Words: At Nayya, we believe there is a better way to choose and use benefits. A more transparent, less confusing way where consumers feel more confident in their decisions. We focus on decision support and benefits engagement. It’s one of the most stressful and challenging situations consumers face — and we see that as an opportunity to do good. We’re excited to deliver a new experience to consumers, where they choose and use their benefits through our software, data and AI engine.

Favorite Perk: Unlimited PTO

“We are constantly vetting new tools to tackle our ever-changing needs.  One of the great things about Nayya is that if we find that one of our tools is slowing us down or not providing the intended benefit, we aren’t afraid to change it.”

— Senior Software Engineer Lisa Carpenter told Built In NYC


In Their Own Words: At New Visions for Public Schools, we work to make great public schools common in New York City. We believe that all of New York City’s students deserve public schools that make successful futures possible, especially Black, Latinx and low-income students who have historically had inequitable access to a great public education. Since 1989, New Visions has been a driving force behind some of the most significant reforms to public education in New York City.

Favorite Perk: Tuition reimbursement for continued education

Never in my wildest dreams as I tried to figure out a socially impactful career pathway decades ago would I imagine I’d have the good fortune to spend my days with such a diverse, talented and truly interesting group of people.”

— President Mark Dunetz, as quoted on LinkedIn


In Their Own Words: Nextbite empowers restaurants to thrive in the digital age. To become a trusted partner to restaurants everywhere by offering products and services that help them adapt to changing consumer trends and technology. We help restaurants sell more food online.

Favorite Perk: Flexible work schedule 

“At Nextbite, we match ... underutilized kitchen operators with in-demand brands, along with a range of solutions including data-driven marketing, a distribution channel and a suite of technology services and solutions.”

— Vice President of Food Experience Jaimi St. John wrote in an article for Total Food Service


In Their Own Words: Ogury, the global leader in personified advertising, has created a breakthrough advertising engine that delivers comprehensive audience interests, brand performance, privacy protection and sustainability within one technology stack, built and optimized for mobile. Advertisers working with Ogury benefit from fully visible impactful ads, future-proof targeting and unwavering protection. Publishers enjoy the rewards of a respectful user experience, incremental revenues and premium demand with Ogury’s solutions.

Favorite Perk: Global leadership training course and access to Coursera, Pluralsite and LinkedIn Learning

“I am fortunate to be surrounded by mentors and coworkers at Ogury who encouraged me to go after a lateral move to a technical account manager role. It may seem counterintuitive that a lateral move accelerated my career, but it ultimately led to a trajectory of learning, growth and development.”

— Director of Technical Account Management Jill Tiller, as told to Built In NYC


In Their Own Words: We are on a mission to ensure that the financial system is routing money to the best ideas while helping people build and protect their long-term financial health. Our platform empowers financial advisors to learn about, build personalized strategies around and invest in (previously inaccessible) private investments to help them grow their businesses and improve the outcomes of their clients.

Favorite Perk: 100 percent employer-paid health insurance benefits

As a startup, we are always making choices about how we allocate resources to achieve the company’s business goals most efficiently. Candidates should demonstrate a strong bias towards prioritizing practical, product-oriented solutions and a willingness and ability to find the Goldilocks balance of making an impact and incurring tech debt.” 

— Software Engineer Meredith Latasa, as told to Built In NYC


In Their Own Words: OwnBackup is a leading SaaS data protection platform, providing automated backups and rapid recovery of SaaS data lost or corrupted by human error, malicious intent and other risk factors. We also provide data security and governance solutions to help organizations prevent many of these issues from happening in the first place.

Favorite Perk: Company 401(k) match of 100 percent of employee contributions up to 4 percent.

“OwnBackup is a rare company that truly does care about its culture. So many companies act like culture is important, yet OwnBackup embodies it. Two of our core values are: ‘Culture is as important as results’ and ‘We take our work seriously but not ourselves.’”

— Senior Social Media Manager John Stessel, as told to Built In NYC


In Their Own Words: Since its founding in 2013, PandaDoc has been on a mission to empower growing businesses to thrive by taking the work out of document workflows. PandaDoc provides an all-in-one document workflow automation platform with eSignature capabilities that helps fast-scaling teams accelerate the ability to create, manage and sign digital documents, including proposals, quotes, contracts and more. 

Favorite Perk: $500 per year for counseling, coaching, meditation apps and gym memberships or classes

“Since day one I have felt a part of the team and close with my coworkers. Working for PandaDoc has been the best career move in my life and I have never been happier.”

— Sales Programs and Content Manager Rocky Dohmen, as told to Built In


The Parsley Health office
Parsley Health


In Their Own Words: Parsley Health is a new kind of digital health company offering personalized medicine services across telemedicine, diagnostics and in-person care. Parsley’s unique approach blends cutting-edge testing, nutrition, wellness and prevention with conventional medicine. Parsley Centers are currently open in LA and NYC with telemedicine services available across the country.

Favorite Perk: Complimentary Parsley Health membership

“The overwhelming majority of Parsley’s leadership team is made up of women, which makes us a very proud outlier in the healthtech space. It might sound too good to be true, but that means nearly every professional benefit and development resource serves the women on our team.”

— Group Product Manager Ali Sipher, as told to Built In NYC


In Their Own Words: At Particle Health, our mission is to enable simple and secure access to actionable healthcare data for digital health innovators. Particle is shaping the new standard for healthcare data exchange with a user-friendly API platform. We create intuitive experiences for developers, build scalable infrastructure that product teams love and collaborate with innovative leaders launching data-driven healthcare solutions. 

Favorite Perk: Generous parental leave with new parent coaching

“We’re highly successful at cutting out the noise and breaking down customer-facing processes into smaller, easy-to-understand pieces. Having the right data at the right time can be lifesaving for our customers’ patient populations, so we’re highly motivated to create the simplest, fastest paths to product value.”

— Vice President of Customer Success Mara Kaufman, as told to Built In NYC 


In Their Own Words: Founded in 2016, Petal provides technology-enabled credit cards to consumers who are historically underserved by mainstream providers. Petal pioneered automated cash flow underwriting, a transformative new approach to assessing consumer creditworthiness with the potential to expand access to tens of millions of U.S. consumers without credit history, or for whom traditional credit scores do not tell the whole story. 

Favorite Perk: Unlimited PTO

“I interviewed and joined a new company without meeting anyone in real life. It was clear to me from the beginning that Petal had fully embraced this new hybrid model. Interviews were flowing from one online interview room to the next, onboarding was fully remote, and the team adopted tools and processes to collaborate effectively.”

— Senior Director of Analytics Eléonore Jaillot, as told to Built In NYC


In Their Own Words: At Poggio Labs, we’re on a mission to power intelligent customer relationships with a next-gen CRM that solves the data challenges of a modern go-to-market model. We do this with a new style of data-first application architecture that feeds a modular, schema-driven front end. 

Favorite Perk: $1,200 annual Life Enrichment Allowance for employees to spend on what makes them happy

“We’ve hired smart people who know their craft and do their best to remove roadblocks instead of prescribing what folks can and should be focusing on. This means the team is comprised of self-starters who love delivering their best work.”

— Head of People Alisa Grange, as told to Built In San Francisco


In Their Own Words: quip is the oral care company designing and delivering products, advice and professional services to make oral health more simple, accessible and enjoyable. As the first to market a direct-to-consumer oral care subscription service — with fresh supplies delivered every three months, oral care advice sent straight to millions of customers and an all-in-one platform ​to access simple, affordable and (dare we say) delightful dental care through a large dental professional network — quip is working to elevate every part of the oral care experience for everyone.

Favorite Perk: 16 weeks of paid consecutive or intermittent parental leave for both birthing and non-birthing parents

I came to quip for the company’s culture and support of working parents. quip allows hybrid flexibility and is understanding of family needs, so I am able to drop my daughter off at school or take her to a doctor appointment in the middle of the day.”

— Associate Director of PR and Influencer Communications Jaclyn Gabriel, as told to Built In NYC


The Rent the Runway team poses at NASDAQ
Rent the Runway


In Their Own Words: Rent the Runway is transforming the way modern women get dressed and disrupting the $2.4 trillion fashion industry by pioneering dynamic ownership and enabling women to rent, subscribe to and purchase secondhand clothing. Founded in 2009 with a vision to build the world’s first living closet, RTR believes that women everywhere will soon have a subscription to fashion. 

Favorite Perk: Return-to-work program following parental leave

RTR was founded on the idea that we could reimagine what it means to ‘experience fashion,’ and to do that successfully means we need to have a team of people who think differently, debate often and acknowledge that the best idea wins.”

— Chief People Officer Andrea Alexander, as told to Built In NYC


In Their Own Words: Rhino is eliminating cash security deposits and putting more money back in renters’ pockets with our innovative security deposit insurance, available in over 1.5 million homes nationwide. Our team is an unstoppable force, which is why we call ourselves “The Crash” referring to a group of rhinos that run together in the wild. Let’s take renting into the 21st century.

Favorite Perk: Flexible start and end times and the option to work remotely

“Twice a month we used to host dinner at our HQ for the whole team. It’s been a tradition since the early days as a time for everyone to learn about different work streams and unwind, helping to strengthen relationships. Thankfully, we’ve been able to keep that tradition alive and found opportunities to break bread together as a family over Zoom.”

— Co-Founder and CEO Paraag Sarva, as told to Built In


In Their Own Words: RippleMatch is college recruiting made right. Our platform helps employers hire diverse, high-performing teams by virtually building relationships with the best students on 1,000+ college campuses.

Favorite Perk: Flexible work schedule

“We’re building something that is majorly impacting the lives of students. It’s a tight-knit culture where you directly see the impact of your work and a place of constant innovation.”

— Director of Business Development Desirée Gaddis, as told to Built In 


In Their Own Words: Rippling is the first way for businesses to manage their HR and IT — from payroll and benefits, to employee computers and apps — all in one, modern system. In just 90 seconds, a company can set up (or disable) an employee’s payroll, health insurance, work computer and third-party apps, like Gmail, Microsoft Office and Slack.

Favorite Perk: Unlimited PTO

“One of my favorite things about Rippling is the people. I love working every day with some of the most talented, intelligent, hard-running and personable people in the game.”

— Manager of Account Management Shaunna Lansberry, as told to Built In


In Their Own Words: Rokt is the global leader in e-commerce technology, powering the Transaction Moment™ of best-in-class companies including Live Nation, Groupon, Staples, Lands’ End, Fanatics, GoDaddy, UrbanStems, Vistaprint and HelloFresh. Rokt’s mission: To make e-commerce smarter, faster and better.

Favorite Perk: Intracompany committees like Women Who Rokt, Rainbow Rokts, EDI Steering Group, Green Team and Pets at Rokt

Every single person on the team shows up every day and pushes to improve themselves, our products and everyone around them. This isn’t an accident. When we’re hiring, we look for individuals who spend their careers and lives striving to learn new things.”

— Director of Engineering Tyler Gaw, as told to Built In NYC


In Their Own Words: RTB House is a global company that provides state-of-the-art marketing technologies for top brands worldwide. Its proprietary ad-buying engine is the first and only in the world to be powered entirely by deep-learning algorithms, enabling advertisers to generate outstanding results and reach their short-, mid- and long-term goals.

Favorite Perk: Home office stipend

We recognize that each of our employees has different needs and different ways in which they can accomplish their best work. We wanted our policy to embrace this diverse — and inclusive — mindset.”

— Senior HR Business Partner Andy Goldin, as told to Built In NYC


SeatGeek office lobby


In Their Own Words: SeatGeek is the leading mobile-focused ticket platform that enables fans to buy and sell tickets for sports, concert and theater events.

Favorite Perk: Unlimited PTO

“We encourage teams to solve problems and create delightful customer experiences, not implement pre-defined solutions. Our teams leverage research and data to understand our customers’ needs and behaviors, but we also believe that giving teams the space to be creative during a discovery phase opens the possibilities of what they can come up with.”

— Director of Product Management Bree Sullivan, as told to Built In


In Their Own Words: Shapeways’ digital manufacturing platform offers customers access to high-quality manufacturing from start to finish through automation, innovation and digitization. The company’s purpose-built software, a wide selection of materials and technologies and global supply chain lower the barriers for manufacturing and speed up the delivery of quality products. 

Favorite Perk: Flexible work schedule

One thing that has never changed here at Shapeways is the interaction with customers from the service side. In the end, Shapeways has enabled so many people and organizations to have their dreams become a reality, and I really value that as an employee.”

— Director of Customer Success Steve Weart, as told to Built In NYC


In Their Own Words: Sonrai Security is a rapidly growing venture-funded Saas cloud security company with a more than 300 percent increase in revenue-customer logos and a 67 percent growth in employees. It is named a 2021 Gartner Cool Vendor and has offices in New York and New Brunswick, Canada. It recently secured $50 million Series C funding and is backed by Menlo Ventures, Polaris Partners, TenEleven Ventures and Istari.

Favorite Perk: Pet insurance 

“Working at Sonrai, within such a close-knit team, has reinforced my enthusiasm and passion for software development. It is tremendously fulfilling to be working on such cutting-edge products, pushing the boundaries of cloud security.”

— Cloud Software Developer Amir Alavi, as told to Built In


In Their Own Words: Our mission is to improve the quality of care and affordability of healthcare for millions of patients in the United States. We work directly with primary care providers, practice staff and insurance companies to make sure all parties are focused on providing the most valuable care to patients.

Favorite Perk: Stellar Employees are reimbursed up to $75 per month through our Joon benefit towards expenses in the following categories: Health & Wellness, Work From Home, Family Care, Pet Care, and Charitable Donations.

“Before joining Stellar, I only had a basic understanding of how this industry works. I thought it was pretty simple, but turns out healthcare is a complicated space. Working here has been a fascinating learning experience for me, and our in-house healthcare experts (we have many) have been so helpful getting me ramped up.”

— Vice President of People Caitlin Wilterdink, as told to Built In


In Their Own Words: Stem exists to help artists navigate the business behind their music. We do this by reducing complexity, creating clarity and providing more opportunities to exercise full control. At Stem, we work hard and play hard. We’re a team of musicians, parents, activists, artists and more. Join us in pioneering an entirely new model of distribution and monetization, and help us work to make the music industry more equitable.

Favorite Perk: Student loan pay-down program

“The leadership team here has given me dozens of opportunities to take on exciting new projects, work with incredible clients and manage crucial functions of the business. I’ve also been fortunate enough to give some of those same opportunities to rising stars on the team over the years.”

— Director of Artist Relations Bobby Davin, as told to Built In


In Their Own Words: Stoplight’s design-first platform drives a collaborative API development experience. The fabric of the internet is changing with APIs. As companies increasingly rely on microservice application development, good design-first practices enabled through the Stoplight platform will minimize future costs, speed up time to market and lead to more consistent and higher-quality services. Stoplight also offers two open-source tools and a visual editor. 

Favorite Perk: Wellness programs that include access to services like Ginger, Maven, Calm, PlushCare, Vida health coaching and 25 ClassPass fitness credits per month

“It is a blessing to come to work with a smile. I am grateful for all the incredible folks at Stoplight who have cultivated an environment that encourages professional growth while keeping in mind that we are all people at the end of the day.”

— Growth Product Manager Feras AlSaffar, as told to Built In


The Stride Consulting team poses for a silly photo outside
Stride Consulting


In Their Own Words: We build custom software for companies like Spotify, Codecademy and Casper. Stride Consulting is the missing piece of the puzzle that combines deep technical expertise with the ability to feel deeply and passionately about human experience. We continually learn and implement best practices to put people first and, in turn, help other organizations put people first. 

Favorite Perk: $2,000 annually for self-directed professional development

“We’re trying to focus on being incredibly effective and good at what we do while having a really tight, collaborative relationship with clients.”

— CEO Ken Judy, as told to Built In Chicago


In Their Own Words: Founded in 2018, Swiftly offers innovative solutions that drive engagement and enable retailers to own the digital relationship with their customer. Swiftly’s retail tools, mobile platform, analytics and insights, and retail media network are integrated into a unified platform, which enables retailers to accelerate sales and build loyalty while empowering brands to reach more shoppers and amplify campaigns, reaching more customers by using their own first-party data. 

Favorite Perk: Home office stipend for remote employees

“At Swiftly, we value individualism, so bringing your authentic self to the interview is highly important. We want to learn what motivates and drives you, why you’re interested in Swiftly and what we can do to help you further develop your career goals.”

— Chief HR Officer Toni Richins, as told to Built In Seattle


In Their Own Words: Talkspace is a leading provider of telebehavioral healthcare services. Talkspace has been used by more than 1 million people, and we have 2,000-plus licensed healthcare professionals in our network. Our providers use the Talkspace platform to conduct live sessions and message-based therapy. As a team, we’re passionate about providing accessible mental healthcare and committed to creating meaningful opportunities to those who are underrepresented in the healthcare and technology industries.

Favorite Perk: Unlimited PTO for Core, Full-Time Employees

“Talkspace was founded on the mission to democratize therapy and to make quality mental healthcare affordable, accessible and convenient for everyone. As the demand for mental-health services and interest in teletherapy continues to grow, we are proud to have built a model for mental healthcare that allows for greater accessibility to reach more members.”

—Chief Marketing Officer Katelyn Watson, as quoted in a December press release


In Their Own Words: tango is building healthier communities through partnerships by improving health equity and expanding access to care. We are a technology-enabled solutions company built by healthcare administration experts with over 50 years of experience working with hospitals, providers, employers, manufacturers and pharmacies.

Favorite Perk: Pet insurance

“Our team lives and breathes mission, but is also empowered to have an impact and voice on the direction of the organization. We are constantly collaborating as a company and evolving our culture.”

— Senior Manager of People Paige Niewerth, as told to Built In NYC


In Their Own Words: TechnologyAdvice’s purpose is to create opportunities for technology buyers, technology vendors, our team members and our communities. At TechnologyAdvice, we pride ourselves on helping business-to-business tech buyers manage the complexity and risk of the buying process. We are a trusted source of information for tech buyers, delivering advice and facilitating connections between our buyers and the world’s leading sellers of business technology.

Favorite Perk: Unlimited PTO

“No matter who you are or what stage you find yourself in your career, when you join the team at TechnologyAdvice, you’re best served to view it as an entry point and the start of an incredible adventure.”

— President and COO Crystal Mullins, as told to Built In


In Their Own Words: Our mission is to help people discover, understand and use data in their everyday lives. LTV is a tech company with a culture of innovation and passion for data. We build and ship best-in-class apps and web-based products and tools that put the power of information into the hands of our customers. 

Favorite Perk: Student loan repayment and financial wellness resources via Peanut Butter

“Working at LTV has brought me many incredible experiences that I never thought possible. LTV is constantly improving efforts to make us feel appreciated and valued. We are cared for in many ways — both professionally and as individuals.”

— Data Engineer Nazareth Roman, as told to Built In


In Their Own Words: The Org is the world’s biggest network of public org charts. We empower startup leaders to show off their team, attract more talent and build a better organization. Our mission is to make organizations more transparent because we believe that transparency will lead to a more connected and equitable professional community.

Favorite Perk: Three months paid parental leave and three months ramp-up time

I’m thankful to our team for their steadfast belief in our company mission to make organizations more transparent. I am proud of everything we have achieved but especially the amazing team that we have built!”

— Co-Founder and CEO Christian Wylonis, on LinkedIn 


The Predictive Index logo and a pool table
The Predictive Index


In Their Own Words: We want to help create better work and a better world by promoting self-awareness at the individual, team and organizational levels. We are champions — and practitioners — of talent optimization: the strategic use of behavioral data to fuel business success. When companies understand their people’s natural behaviors, they can put them in positions to succeed. They also keep them engaged, enthused and challenged — not only to better the business, but to positively impact the world around them.  

Favorite Perk: Unlimited PTO

“Our organization had to think about how to create a work environment that retained the elements of the in-person experience, but virtually. We leaned into the technology available, utilizing Slack, Zoom and collaboration tool Miro, to name a few.”

— People Operations Specialist Catherine McGurrin, as told to Built In Boston


In Their Own Words: TheGuarantors is a cutting-edge fintech company whose mission is to improve renting affordability and accessibility for millions of renters nationwide. Its flagship financial and insurance products include Lease Guarantee, allowing renters to qualify for the home of their dreams, and Security Deposit Replacement, a highly affordable alternative to cash security deposits.

Favorite Perk: Unlimited PTO

“[TheGuarantors] hired smart, motivated and kind people from day one and built itself a very productive and fun team that collaborates in solving problems and moving forward. I became good friends with many coworkers and that gave work a lot of additional meaning and joy.”

— Vice President of Risk Management Elsa Liao, as told to Built In NYC


In Their Own Words: We founded Titan to set a new standard in investment management: curated, comprehensive and simple to use. We aim to reimagine investing — from the very products that are available, to the client experience from beginning to end. Some elements of our offering may be familiar only to the wealthy few such as access to blue-chip investment partners and the new asset classes enabling additional ways to diversify and manage risk.

Favorite Perk: Professional development fund for all employees

Culture is truly a sum of the people you work with. It’s so exciting to work with such awesome people on a daily basis helping transform the world of investment management.”

— Head of Talent Archie Reynolds, on LinkedIn


In Their Own Words: Torii is a fast-growing, VC-funded startup in the new category of SaaS management. We’re aiming to be the market leader in our hyper-growth category by helping IT leaders solve new and growing challenges their companies face managing SaaS applications and internal tools. We are an employee-focused company that ensures every team member can provide meaningful impact while showing up as their authentic self.

Favorite Perk: Flexible work schedule

“Building a company that delights, challenges, and rewards employees has always been of utmost importance. With our employees working across the U.S. and around the world – many from their own homes – we take extra care to develop programs that foster collaboration, understanding and wellbeing for all. From local and virtual get-togethers, monthly company-wide gatherings, and wide-ranging employee resource groups, to our open-door policy and commitment to transparency, Torii is focused on creating the right culture and camaraderie among teammates – be they an ocean or a desk apart.”

— CEO and Co-Founder Uri Haramati


In Their Own Words: Truveris is a leading digital health company focused on delivering truth and clarity in pharmacy. Truveris’ proprietary technology, coupled with deep pharmacy expertise, helps to build a more efficient market that maximizes choice, accessibility and prescription drug affordability. Our solutions provide the insight and knowledge to help people lead healthier and more productive lives.

Favorite Perk: 401(k) plan with a 3 percent company match

“I’m surrounded by many industry leaders who challenge me and afford me the opportunity for accelerated professional growth. The work culture is second to none and my colleagues are the best in the business.”

— Clinical Director Joe Thomas, as told to Built In


In Their Own Words: Unit21 protects businesses against adversaries engaging in money laundering, fraud and other sophisticated risks by offering a no-code tool set to model, detect and remediate suspicious activity. Our customers range from large Fortune 500 companies to high-potential, pre-launch startups. In 2020, customers uncovered over $80 million in laundered money using our software.

Favorite Perk: Unlimited PTO

“When you can see money laundering happen and shut it down, it has a direct impact on somebody in real life. It’s why we do the work that we do.”

— Head of Marketing Aditya Vempaty, as told to Built In San Francisco


Up&Up team members pose outside of a rental home


In Their Own Words: Up&Up is building a new way to live where renters build wealth like owners. Instead of having a large portion of their cash stuck in a security deposit and making their landlords rich by paying off their mortgage, our renters build their wealth as the real estate market appreciates and as their rental home generates income. Renters have control over the income their rental generates by paying rent on time and keeping property expenses low. At the end of their lease, renters can use the wealth they’ve accumulated to purchase the home or cash out.

Favorite Perk: Unlimited PTO

“If we don’t achieve success, we don’t work hard and we don’t get this done. It’s not about a failed widget ... this is the lives, pain and reality of a lot of people who see homeownership as unattainable.”

— Co-Founder and Head of Business Development Ryan Brown, as told to Built In


In Their Own Words: Vendia is the only real-time data cloud company that enables customers to free critical data stuck in traditional applications, data stores, cloud service providers and other silos. We provide the undifferentiated services and infrastructure necessary to share data safely and securely. By combining serverless blockchains, ledgers, access control, smart APIs and more, Vendia delivers governance and compliance with industry standards, allowing companies to focus on what matters most: their customer experience.

Favorite Perk: Company equity

“We’re resolute in addressing a challenge and setting and maintaining high standards for each other. Individually and as a team, we ensure defects aren’t sent down the line. Problems are fixed so they stay fixed. Our teammates have the tenacity to see a solution through to the end.”

— Director of Solution Architecture and Customer Success James Gimourginas, as told to Built In Seattle


In Their Own Words: We believe artificial intelligence is the key to building a safer, more vibrant, transparent and empowered society. We are determined to be an active contributor in shaping our future for the better — and care deeply about the ethical implications of AI and the prosperity and well-being of all.

Favorite Perk: Return-to-work program following parental leave

I believe work should be rewarding and fun, and I do my best to create a positive environment for everyone I interact with.”

— Director of Product Management Jamie Ferguson, as told to Built In


In Their Own Words: Vibes, recognized as a Gartner Leader in mobile marketing, enables marketers, e-commerce pros, loyalty specialists and data technologists to thoughtfully and securely acquire, engage, transact with, service and retain consumers through the mobile channels of SMS/MMS messaging, dynamic wallet and push notifications — all while presenting attribution and impact via powerful mobile performance analytics.

Favorite Perk: Flexible work schedule, including summer hours

Being part of a mid-size growth organization like Vibes provided me the opportunity to immerse myself in technical conversations to help build my tech business acumen.”

— Senior Director of Mobile Engagement Services Elyse Cress, as told to Built In Chicago


In Their Own Words: VidMob is an award-winning intelligent creative platform that provides an end-to-end technology solution for all the creative needs of a brand. It is an integrated platform combining first-of-its-kind creative analytics with best-in-class creative production to understand and improve marketing effectiveness.

Favorite Perk: $1,000 reimbursement for travel and wellness expenses every year

“We believe in building the future you want to see. Now that every person with a mobile phone in their hand has a voice, developing creative that reflects diverse perspectives isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the only thing to do.”

 EVP of Global Client Solutions Jill Gray, as told to Built In


In Their Own Words: Yieldstreet is changing the way wealth is created, providing access to asset-based investments historically unavailable to most investors. We believe our technology platform creates a unique experience for investors at every level and provides valuable diversification and strength to most portfolios.

Favorite Perk: 12 weeks of parental leave for the primary caretaker and four weeks for the secondary caretaker

A career at Yieldstreet offers you an opportunity to join a rapidly growing company that is changing the way people invest. We’re innovating every step of the way. And in doing so, we rely on our incredible employees to bring the company’s vision to reality.”

— CEO Milind Mehere, as told to Built In NYC


In Their Own Words: We are digital marketing at the highest level for real estate agents and teams all over the United States. Powered by big data and AI for lead generation and lead nurturing at scale we are creating industry-leading solutions for our clients.

Favorite Perk: Wellness benefits that promote a healthy remote working environment

“Ylopo focuses on three things: open and safe space for respectful communication, compassion for personal struggles and mentorship opportunities.”

— Engineering Manager Mike Kerr, as told to Built In LA

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