111 SaaS Companies to Know

Here’s how these companies are working to make software more accessible.

Written by Sunny Betz
111 SaaS Companies to Know
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Margo Steines | Jun 18, 2024

Strong software tools are a non-negotiable for any company hoping to succeed in the 21st century. But building and installing on-site software takes money and resources that most companies and startups just don’t have. 

Luckily, with the internet and the birth of cloud technology, powerful and effective software tools are only a click away. The SaaS (software-as-a-service) industry has grown exponentially in recent years, and SaaS companies have cropped up to fill every need from document management to social media marketing. 

Today, there are around 17,000 SaaS companies in the United States alone, according to research from Statista. As companies continue to grow and tweak strategies for demand that number will only keep going up. From solving cybersecurity challenges to helping filmmakers edit video projects, here’s how some of the biggest SaaS companies are making software more accessible.


Top SaaS Companies to Know

Superhuman is a software company offering email-focused productivity solutions. Its platform comes with features such as keyboard shortcuts, email tracking, AI writing, summarization and inbox splitting to help streamline workflows. Superhuman integrates with Gmail and Outlook and works to help professionals improve their organization and communication.


Tegus provides institutional investors, corporations and consultancies with software built to simplify investment research. The company provides documents, data, tools and expertise covering approximately 36,000 public and private companies. Tegus’ solutions serve over 2,500 investment managers and business clients.


Klaviyo makes a SaaS marketing-tech platform that uses data and AI to create personalized automations, targeting customers based on predictive insights. On the platform, clients can collect and then digitally explore and utilize customer data through hundreds of application integrations. The Klaviyo SaaS product is in use by over 146,000 clients.


Corporate travel and expense software company Navan operates a platform for planning, tracking and reporting corporate business and travel expenses. Serving enterprise companies including Netflix, Heineken and Canva, the platform facilitates travel booking, and then the team member who is traveling records expenses, submits receipts and requests reimbursement through the Navan dashboard.


Definitive Healthcare makes software for commercial healthcare intelligence, which client companies use to guide targeted marketing efforts. On its platform, clients can access data on healthcare businesses, providers and institutions, in order to get a granular and current sense of the healthcare market in any given geographical area or industry niche. When healthcare businesses and products are on the market to be bought or sold, this data is critical to strategic decision making. 


Gynger has a SaaS platform that handles software management for startup companies, which it pairs with financial services like loans for SaaS expenses. Because onboarding with a full suite of SaaS products can be financially prohibitive in early growth stages, companies lean on Gynger to help them finance these necessary investments in software.  


SaaS company Asana provides a project management platform that helps teams manage and collaborate on everything from daily tasks to major strategic initiatives. The platforms’ features include task management tools, communication capabilities, reporting, calendars and goal tracking. Founded in 2008, Asana employs 1,800 workers and has its headquarters in San Francisco.


Dropbox offers cloud-based file storage and sharing solutions. The company operates on a virtual-first work model, promoting autonomy and accountability through its remote roles and enabling its employees to focus on impact and effectiveness. Dropbox serves users across 180 countries and works to design a more enlightened way of working.


Edtech company BrainPOP is used by 77 percent of school districts across the United States. Its online platform provides educational content and schools for K-8 students and teachers, allowing for easy access to resources without needing physical installations or downloads. Founded in 1999, BrainPOP is headquartered in New York City.


zLinq’s software and services help businesses manage their communication across multiple sites. By consolidating various vendors and tech, including networking, phone systems, G Suite and Teams, zLinq helps its clients save 30 percent on time and 15 percent in cost reductions. The startup is based in Denver. 


Adtech company Place Exchange provides a programmatic platform for out of home, or OOH, and place-based media like billboards, ads on buses and in brick-and-mortar venues like convenience stores, medical centers and gyms. The company’s platform offers access to the largest aggregation of premium OOH advertising options in the country.


HCSS provides software that helps construction companies streamline their operations, including everything from managing daily activities to tracking labor and equipment and keeping workers safe on the job. More than 4,000 construction companies use HCSS’ software and 50,000 estimators bid using the company’s estimating and bidding tools. Founded in 1896, HCSS is headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas outside Houston.


Healthtech company Inato created a platform to connect community-based medical research centers to trials around the world. The platform provides various solutions for optimizing clinical trials, including patient recruitment, site selection and performance tracking. A fully remote company, Inato’s employees work in various locations around the globe, with current open roles based in Paris and Malawi. 


Lusha is a B2B sales intelligence platform. Its software helps sales teams, marketers and recruiters find and connect with important contacts. The company offers both monthly and annual subscription options to its database of over 200 million entries. Lusha has 300 employees across its two offices in Boston and Tel Aviv.


Nowsta’s workforce management software helps human resources departments automate and streamline their employee management processes. Its all-in-one, cloud-based platform handles scheduling, time tracking, payroll processing, integrations and analytics, particularly helpful for companies with hourly, gig and flex workforces. Founded in 2015, the company is based in Brooklyn, New York.


Logiwa provides an integrated work management and fulfillment system as a subscription-based service. Built for high-volume, direct-to-consumer logistics, the platform serves both e-commerce businesses and industrial manufacturing companies. The cloud-based software means that every change in the system occurs in real-time, keeping everyone on the same page.


Venture-backed startup WireScreen’s AI-driven platform helps businesses make investment decisions, track supply chains and monitor cross-border transactions. It provides corporate intelligence, mapping companies to their owners, networks and connections as a way to enable businesses to identify both hidden risks and opportunities, with a particular focus on Chinese companies and financial institutions.


Healthtech company Artera provides a platform for health systems to streamline patient communications. More than 700 healthcare systems and federal agencies use Artera’s software to integrate across their own tech stacks, electronic health records and third-party vendors in order to communicate with patients by text, email and interactive voice response systems.


The composable commerce platform commercetools has rolled out over 200 product releases, including commercetools Checkout, a lower-risk way to implement scalable checkout experiences. According to the company, it processed more than 10 million orders between Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 alone, with zero outages. The company’s clients are equally split between the Americas and Europe, the Middle East and Asia, or EMEA region.


Global fintech MineralTree provides automated solutions for accounts payable, digitizing the entire invoice-to-pay process. Automating accounts payable procedures maximizes productivity, controls cash flow and allows growing businesses to sale. Founded in 2010, MineralTree’s platform processes more than $20 billion in payments each year for over 2,000 clients and partners. 


Regal develops customer interaction software for outbound contact-center teams to enhance conversions. The software gathers customer behavior data to deliver insights, automations and workflows, optimizing the timing, pace and channel for contacting potential customers. These insights enable contact-center staff to effectively reach out by phone and text, driving personalized and successful sales efforts.


Personio’s HR software products are designed for small-to-medium-sized businesses. The Personio platform centralizes all standard HR operations like scheduling, automated payroll and recruitment, and handles specialty needs like talent management through an easy-to-use interface. 


Peaksware is a software company that makes performance-tracking products across three brands. The MakeMusic brand provides educational and performance software for musicians, while the TrainingPeaks and TrainHeroic brands are for athletes and performance coaches to project-manage endurance and strength training. TrainingPeaks is designed with elite triathletes in mind and offers the ability to track metrics across workouts and use the data gleaned to program future training. 


Zello makes a cloud-based push-to-talk walkie-talkie-style app that can turn any smartphone, tablet or other electronic device into a communications system. Zello is often used by frontline workers who don’t have reliable cellular service in the field and boasts historical uptime of 99.99 percent. Networks are secured for privacy through encryption and offer excellent clarity over unlimited channels on the enterprise plan. 


Homebot makes client engagement software for the real estate space, with products to connect real estate agents and loan officers with clients, and to give potential homeowners information about properties under consideration. Agents rely on Homebot for automated service that sends monthly property listings and check-ins to their client contact lists, as well as agent-branded insights into their local markets. 


Ingage makes cloud-based presentation software for sales teams across industries, featuring interactive pitches, design-forward UX and the ability to embed research documents into pitches without cluttering the visuals. Users can share and distribute presentation content through the Ingage enablement platform, with content available offline and accessible through shareable links.   


CAIS offers technology solutions that cover the alternative investing lifecycle. It acts as a partner to independent financial advisors, providing them with a software platform that gives them access to a marketplace of alternative investments and structured notes, as well as facilitates connections to experienced asset managers.


LeanIX’s technology is designed to help enterprise organizations strategically transform their IT architecture. The company says its platform comes with features that allow businesses to make faster, data-driven decisions and save time through no-code automations that streamline workflows. LeanIX’s customers come from industries like energy, logistics, media, healthcare and retail.


Jellyfish makes an engineering management platform that provides organizations with data visibility so they can help their software development teams become more efficient and ensure their work aligns with overall business goals. It includes features for understanding engineering resource allocation, monitoring important team performance metrics and optimizing plans for project delivery.


Sure describes itself as “the fastest growing leader in digital insurance.” The company’s platform offers components insurance businesses can choose from to support their specific operational goals and enhance the overall customer experience, including solutions for policy management, claims processes and insurance distribution.


SimplePractice offers secure, HIPAA-compliant software tools for streamlining medical practice operations. Its solutions cover everything from online appointment requests to insurance claim filing. The technology has helped medical providers increase access to quality care, achieve better patient outcomes and save time on billing and other administrative tasks.


Own Company provides businesses with technology that enables them to take ownership of their SaaS data. Its platform comes with solutions for automating data backups, identifying data security risks, managing data archiving and handling other important responsibilities related to data security and compliance. Own Company is a global organization with operations in multiple countries, including the United States, United Kingdom and India.


Landlord’s use TurboTenant’s free software to efficiently manage their rental properties. The platform includes features for accepting online rental applications, running background and credit checks on potential tenants, securely collecting rent payments and e-signing lease agreements.


VelocityEHS makes software for optimizing and implementing environment, health and safety, or EHS, protocols and initiatives. The goal of an EHS strategy is to reduce inefficiencies and provide a safe and healthy workplace environment for all team members. VelocityEHS offers SaaS products for managing ergonomics, operational risk, environmental compliance and other factors that impact workplace conditions.


CPI OpenFox develops software for law enforcement and public safety agencies, including digital solutions for information sharing and offender management. The company provides the servers that its SaaS products run on, and its team of experts offer continuous support to ensure law enforcement and criminal justice clients in more than 30 states have secure, reliable access to the computerized criminal history and messaging systems they need.


Customer.io is a marketing tech company serving more than 7,600 businesses around the world. Its customer engagement platform includes features like data-driven personalized messaging capabilities for a variety of channels, a visual tool for building automated marketing workflows and customizable analytics reports for evaluating campaign performance.


Bectran offers automation software geared toward enhancing efficiency for finance professionals within businesses of varying sizes. The company’s all-in-one SaaS platform covers credit, collections and accounts receivable processes. Client finance departments use Bectran’s solutions to save time and money, while also improving accuracy and gaining greater visibility.


Lob offers a SaaS platform for automating direct mail marketing. Its software integrates with client companies’ other software systems and sends out mail automatically — just like an automated email sequence, but with physical mail, delivered to the recipient’s home or office. Printing is handled directly through Lob’s network, and clients can scale up or down depending on their changing needs.


Thousands of businesses around the world trust Skillsoft’s software to provide their employees with learning and training resources. Its products include Percipio, an AI-powered learning platform that helps organizations understand and address skills gaps in their workforce so they can stay competitive. Skillsoft offers coaching solutions in addition to an expansive course library that covers leadership development, legal and ethical compliance and technical skills in areas like data science and cybersecurity.


Smartly offers an end-to-end platform meant to streamline advertising across media platforms such as TikTok, Facebook and Snapchat. From creative templates to automations for campaign management, Smartly’s solutions are designed to save time while also improving ad performance for brands in industries like e-commerce, gaming and travel.


Buildout’s software platform includes a comprehensive suite of tools that support commercial real estate brokers in efficiently closing more deals. Its technology is built to cover the entire deal lifecycle, streamlining workflows at every step, from managing leads and developing creative marketing materials to accessing data on real-time earnings.


Upside makes retail software that works by returning cashback rewards to customers who spend at brick-and-mortar locations for big box stores, fast food restaurants, grocery stores and gas stations. When retail businesses sign on with Upside, they get access to a platform with a merchant dashboard that provides analytics and other helpful tools.


ezCater offers a SaaS product that connects corporate interests with caterers and restaurants to provide food for company use. For companies that provide daily employee meals, the logistics and expense are significant, and ezCater seeks to streamline both the expense and the processes of procuring food for employees, as well as for catered meetings, client events and other business contexts. 


Restaurant365 makes SaaS products for restaurant business processes, from accounting and payroll to hiring and onboarding. The software is designed to serve food and beverage businesses ranging from locally owned small businesses to franchises and enterprises. The cloud-based software tackles the arduous task of managing inventory, which can be a huge area of loss for businesses that haven’t dialed in food costs and spoilage control. 


Quickbase offers a no-code platform that lets users build and connect custom apps to streamline business processes and overcome challenges. Its solutions have applications for project management, compliance, supply chain, contracts, sales and other important functions. Notable names like Amazon and CVS Pharmacy use Quickbase’s technology.


Sanity’s content platform is built to make it simple for businesses to create engaging, tailored digital experiences for their customers. Its composable content cloud offers a workspace that a business can customize to fit the way its team members operate, and users can see changes made by their colleagues in real time to facilitate collaboration and ensure accuracy across creative content.


Software company monday.com’s cloud-based platform is equipped with features meant to boost productivity for core business processes. Its features include data dashboards for accessing real-time insights, automations for reducing manual work, integrations with other popular business tools and Gantt charts for visualizing project progress.


Duo Security’s zero trust security platform offers a variety of customizable features that protect organizations against cyber threats and allow them to efficiently manage user access. Its cybersecurity solutions cover multi-factor authentication, secure remote access, device trust and single sign-on capabilities.


Enverus is a SaaS company delivering solutions for business customers across the energy landscape. Its technology gives them with insights that are meant to drive profitable business decisions. The company provides more than 6,000 customers in 50 countries with access to intelligence and experts.


Telesign focuses on digital identity and global communication solutions to protect and enhance the customer experience. Its offerings cover onboarding, multi-factor authentication, risk intelligence, secure messaging, alerts and notifications and other aspects of the customer journey. Companies from industries such as retail and e-commerce, gaming and financial services rely on Telesign’s products to build and maintain their customers’ trust.


Redflag AI offers SaaS products that use machine learning to analyze web content in order to detect piracy, fraud, copyright infringement and security threats. Clients in the retail, media, sports, music and entertainment sectors rely on the software to protect and maintain their brand assets. The company’s software scans over 20 social media platforms in real time, reporting pirated materials and fraudulent content.  


Bonterra’s software for social good includes SaaS-based solutions for managing grant programs and caseloads for community initiatives such as housing programs. The company’s technology supports philanthropy and volunteer opportunities, with an overall goal of boosting charitable giving from 2 percent to 3 percent of the U.S. GDP.


HoneyBook offers a SaaS platform that’s built to serve solopreneurs who run businesses completely on their own. Its workflows and automations cover business functions ranging from sending invoices and accepting online payments to streamlined schedule management. The company says the majority of its users report their invoices are paid on time and they feel more organized.


Akeneo makes software for retail and e-commerce clients to manage their product information in a central digital hub. It allows for collaboration, data sourcing and distribution to sales and marketing teams. The company’s product information management creates a conduit between product data and customer experience in order to streamline the processes of getting products to market and keeping them profitable.  


LogicManager makes enterprise risk management software for clients across various industries. Its platform’s risk-based approach to business management takes client companies through a five-phase process — identify, assess, mitigate, monitor and report — designed to reduce the effect of accumulated risk on a company’s brand identity and bottom line.


FPFX Tech offers SaaS products that facilitate automation in the financial markets trading industry. Its software focuses specifically on proprietary trading, which involves a firm trading its own funds as opposed to trading client-held funds, as well as on trading competitions, which are like showcase events for trading firms that let brokers compete with peers to generate excitement and business.  


Scorability’s SaaS platform enables connections between athletes and college athletic programs to make “recruiting more efficient, transparent and honest.” The company says its technology allows coaches in any sport to identify and engage their ideal prospects through a straightforward process that's intended to avoid wasting time and money for everyone involved.


Food and drink businesses of all sizes rely on Toast’s software to manage their operations so that employees can work efficiently and customers are satisfied with the quality of their service. Its cloud-base point-of-sale system comes with features for accepting payments, integrating with online ordering platforms, collecting guest feedback and monitoring key business analytics.


Samsara’s industrial IoT platform is used to manage devices in fleet vehicles and heavy equipment. It is sold as a SaaS product, with pricing determined according to company size and business needs. The platform’s features cover video-based safety tools like AI cameras, driver coaching and safety reports, equipment monitoring and workflows that can simplify the driver experience.


FareHarbor offers a comprehensive online booking platform that enables businesses in the tour, rental and activity industries to establish booking forms on their websites and process payments from customers. The founders set out to develop a platform that addresses the specific needs of companies in this sector by facilitating growth and effective online reservation management. 


InterSystems makes data management software, sold as SaaS products, for the healthcare, financial services and logistics industries. In these spaces, reliability is crucial, so InterSystems cloud data programs are built to an extremely rigorous standard. The InterSystems IRIS, which is available in a version specifically built to healthcare specifications, and the TrakCare health record and information management platform adhere to the healthcare industry’s standards of data safety and privacy. 


The Predictive Index is an HR tech company with a SaaS product that optimizes talent using psychometric assessments. With the goal of using science and data to match every team member and recruit to the role that gives them the best opportunity to excel, the software is built with cognitive assessment tools and behavioral analysis insights. 


CompanyCam makes a SaaS product for contractors, who use its visual communication software to run building trades businesses that include teams in the field, in the shop and in the office. The photo tools enable physically remote teams to maintain a single view of the job site in order to reduce errors and project lag time.


Acquia offers an open-source digital experience platform SaaS that coheres the various siloed technologies that companies use to engage with users. By offering a central hub for management, content creation, marketing and other essential processes, the software makes the customer experience cohesive and frictionless while collecting customer data and performing other critical functions for the client company.


Sojern specializes in marketing solutions for travel and hospitality businesses. The company’s software platform provides access to tools and insights for optimizing campaign performance and efficiently engaging targeted travel audiences. The company says its solutions have driven more than $15 billion in travel bookings.


Contentsquare offers an analytics platform that provides brands with insights they can act on to optimize digital experiences. For example, it can help brands make sense of user behavior on an app or website, empowering them to make changes that boost performance in the best interest of their customers. Companies across industries such as retail, travel, telecommunications and media have used Contentsquare’s solutions to understand and transform the customer experience.


CityBase offers a solution for governments and public utilities that brings together hardware and cloud-based software to streamline payment collection and account reconciliation. CityBase’s SaaS product integrates with customer record-keeping systems through an API in order to instantly record transactions across departments and payment channels. 


BentoBox makes a marketing and commerce platform for restaurants, which can be used to automate customer relations tasks like taking reservations and orders, posting to social media, maintaining and updating online menus, promoting events and maintaining brand identity. BentoBox works with all types of food businesses, from food trucks and ghost kitchens to fine dining restaurants and private chefs. 


Enfusion offers a SaaS platform for investment management. Its cloud-native product’s features include real-time monitoring for portfolio managers, analytics capabilities and an accounting module that provides real-time visibility into cash balances. Enfusion says its platform is built to allow users to work from anywhere and provides them with access to expert support.


Yext offers a software platform it calls the Answers Platform, which allows businesses to “create seamless content-driven experiences at scale across search engines, websites, mobile apps, and hundreds of other digital touchpoints.” The company has more than 1,200 employees across 10 global offices, serving brands in a variety of industries, including health care, hospitality, financial services and retail.


LogRocket’s software seeks, identifies and locates issues with existing software programs and responds to user-reported bugs. It is used by developers to assess UX, performance and usability. LogRocket is priced as a subscription SaaS, with tiers ranging from free to enterprise, and clients can work with LogRocket on custom pricing plans to meet their unique needs.


TravelPerk provides a management platform for corporate travel that allows travelers or their companies to book all modes of travel, from airlines and trains to car rentals. An integrated portal manages, tracks and reports expenses, receipts and invoices. TravelPerk’s SaaS platform includes customer support, group booking and an add-on option called FlexiPerk, which makes all travel arrangements 80 percent refundable up to two hours prior to travel.


Hivebrite offers a subscription-based networking platform that is geared toward educational and corporate alumni communities, professional networks and nonprofits. The platform includes a mobile app and has features like integrated CMS, an RSS feed, newsletter delivery, news and media centers and event management. The platform allows users to share their resumes, post job listings and initiate connections among other members.


Nextpoint offers subscription-based “eDiscovery” software for lawyers. Its cloud software hosts evidence and other documents so that legal teams can access them for review, streamlining the otherwise clunky bureaucratic process of accessing materials for the various phases of legal proceedings. The service includes unlimited secure storage, data processing, document review tools and transcription at a per-user pricing model.


Cleo makes ecosystem integration software, which supports the connecting and integration of a company’s business processes. It serves clients in the logistics and transportation, manufacturing and wholesale and distribution industries. The Cleo Network connects trading partners and eliminates the need for onboarding. Both entities are simply connected in the Cleo ecosystem, enabling the B2B integration of processes like supply chain logistics. 


SambaSafety provides risk management software for drivers. It works with insurance companies and employers to assess, manage and reduce the risk of accidents, unsafe driving and insurance claims through continuous driver monitoring software. Its Qorta platform uses motor vehicle records to identify driving violations nearly in real time so that offending drivers can be enrolled in safety training courses.


Membersy is a SaaS company for dental offices that seeks to replace the insurance coverage model for dental care. It connects dental patients with dentists and supports dental practices in building their own membership plans that serve uninsured patients, providing everything from enrollment to billing on one dashboard.


Altium creates printed circuit board (PCB) design software that can be used for manufacturing electronics, such as AI-powered robots and devices to support medical research. The company’s cloud-native Altium 365 platform enables collaboration by allowing users to share their designs with team members and customers who can then comment their feedback in the online design space. iRobot, Square and Lyft have been among the brands to work with Altium.


VidMob is a creative tech platform that offers tools for taking video content creation from production to marketing. Its Intelligent Creative platform, which looks at performance analytics to return assessments and insights on creative, is designed to optimize video assets in the marketing space. VidMob serves creatives with responsive data and task automation, and marketers with ROAS (return on ad spend) metrics and ad campaign analytics.


LumApps makes an employee experience platform designed to connect and engage workers. Its features facilitate internal communication, use data analytics to personalize the employee journey and ensure critical employee resources are accessible across organizations.


Logikcull is a data organization SaaS company that consolidates documents for corporate, legal, government and educational institutions. Its digital indexing enables processes like records requests and legal discovery, and allows searching, tagging and reviewing materials. Set up to facilitate permissions-based access, the software also identifies breaches of information security and data duplication.


Greenlight Guru works with medtech companies to implement technology that streamlines and optimizes their processes. Founded by medical device design experts, Greenlight sets clients up with quality management systems, product development overviews and clinical electronic data capture, and the company supports them in migrating from paper to electronic records systems. It also ushers medical companies through the regulatory process of bringing SaMD (Software as a Medical Device) to market.


Nasuni is a cloud computing software service that creates data clouds for client companies. By building and running applications and file storage solutions directly in UniFS (its cloud-native system), Nasuni provides scalability, security and file access efficiency with centralized management and automated backup. It also offers cloud modernization for existing storage systems, global collaboration services and file backup and recovery.


Duolingo, the language-learning platform, is a SaaS product in addition to being a consumer app. Its Duolingo for Business plans allow employers to provide language learning as a form of professional development, and they can purchase Super Duolingo accounts in bulk at a discounted rate so that employees can access lessons at their own pace.


BigCommerce is a software developer focused on the e-commerce industry that offers omnichannel marketing and commerce tools to help companies reach more customers and increase their sales. BigCommerce’s shipping and customer service tools help e-commerce clients send out products faster and cultivate a more intuitive customer online experience, according to BigCommerce’s website.


Tropic helps businesses cut software costs by managing SaaS procurement. The platform can discover new vendors, review contracts, complete purchase requests, streamline internal approvals and assist with purchasing. The all-in-one capabilities ensure businesses are optimizing their SaaS purchases without extra cost. OpenSea, NextDoor and Zapier all have used Tropic to manage their software.


Validere is a commodity management platform that measures the efficiency of energy supply chains and gains data control. The SaaS platform hosts an operational hub and carbon hub to manage inventory, view emissions reporting, clean auditing and investigate and improve facility imbalances. Overall, Validere strives to establish a platform that brings data visibility for companies and environmental value to the world.


Way manages a centralized platform that provides brand activation experiences for hospitality and real estate enterprises. The Austin-based company believes unique experiences facilitate loyal consumers and, ultimately, drive revenue. Brands and businesses curate these experiences from scratch and the platform configures the right logistics, messaging and elements. The experience is then integrated into a user-friendly interface.


Close is an all-in-one CRM software specifically made for salespeople. The software enables salespeople to make calls, texts and emails. Beyond performing outreach tasks, the software can manage leads and contracts, prioritize tasks, integrate with commission tracking solutions, prompt renewals and more. Close’s software also removes manual data entry and UI processes to ensure better communication without the steep learning curve.


Teamwork aids client services businesses to become more efficient with their SaaS platform. The platform is a product management solution that can improve daily workflows. Whether it's document sharing, billing clients or prioritizing tasks, Teamwork aims to help businesses stay organized.


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Benchling is an SaaS company focused on serving the scientific community, and its cloud software platform is geared specifically towards biology researchers and other research organizations. The company aims to help scientists replace pen-and-paper notes and spreadsheets by offering them an open cloud alternative, where their analytics insights can be automatically tracked and translated into actionable data, according to the company’s website.


Dataminr is a risk assessment software company that gives its clients access to AI tools that can analyze data in real time and detect security threats before they make an impact, according to its site. Serving both private companies and public sector organizations, Dataminr’s technology processes both global and local public data so users can make informed strategic decisions based on market climate or current events.


Adobe runs a suite of software tools that allow users to accomplish video, photo and design projects. It also offers a number of business tools, such as PDF readers and analytics tools, to help companies streamline their operations. Adobe’s portfolio of products includes popular tools like Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and Premiere, with different options for students, artists and enterprises, according to the company’s site.


DAT’s software products are specifically geared toward the logistics industry, offering tools with which companies can track shipments, fuel usage and driver compensation. Its platform allows carriers and shippers to view data about shipment capacity, truckload rates and performance in one place, so that they can make accurate decisions about pricing and supply, according to DAT’s website


Constrafor aids the construction industry through its cloud-based procurement software. The company works with general contractors and subcontractors to increase construction productivity. For general contractors, the software can manage contracts, payment processing, invoices, projects and diversity quotes. Subcontractors can plan cash flow and receive funding through the Early Pay Program.


FluentStream is a cloud-based software for live communication systems. The company works with small businesses to power, enhance and manage remote communication with consumers. Some of the features include cloud calling, live insight reporting, conference calls, emergency routing and post-call surveys.

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Gloo develops digital ecosystems that assist with church outreach programs and community management. Whether it’s campaigning outreach services or training church staff members, Gloo aims to simplify how people find community and how churches interact with people. Once people are matched to a new church, they can submit prayer requests, review the church directory and connect with staff members.


CrowdStrike’s cybersecurity software systems give its clients tools to combat enterprise risk and gain control over their most valuable assets. The company’s extensive product suite includes solutions for firewall management, file integrity monitoring, breach prevention and forensic cybersecurity, according to its site.


Workday is an HR and finance focused SaaS company that delivers products to help business leaders manage financial assets and their employees, according to their site. The company’s products are enabled with automation and data analytics capabilities, with which users can assess trends within their businesses and make strategic decisions.


Salesforce is an enterprise software company that provides CRM, analytics and marketing products to customers through a subscription model. Salesforce customer base includes companies in the automotive, communications and energy industries, as well as a range of other sectors. Its tools can help companies manage their analytics and commerce operations, and can be integrated with Slack to aid in communication, according to its website.

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Chicago-based Relativity is a legal tech company whose flagship SaaS product, RelativityOne, manages data and identifies important issues during litigation and investigations. According to the company’s website, thousands of users — primarily working in government organizations, law firms and financial institutions — use Relativity to “tackle diverse unstructured data challenges.”


OneView Commerce makes a unified platform for the retail industry that combines in-store and digital experiences into a single transaction engine. This type of engine is cloud-native and promotes an omnichannel customer experience, allowing retailers to view customer history, orders and inventory. Additionally, OneView Commerce has a features-as-a-service library that includes mobile checkout and pickup/delivery options.


Prisidio is a cloud-based digital vault that allows people to securely store, organize and share essential documents and other sensitive information. Users have the ability to grant vault access to certain people, such as family members, lawyers and accountants. The vault also can track the places where important documents are held, complete document inventories and be utilized on a mobile device.


AvePoint is a data management and software company that provides technologies to help cloud computing companies better support their customers. AvePoint’s roster of clients includes ThermoFisher Scientific, Sysmex and T-Systems. Within its product portfolio, AvePoint provides tools for archiving, data backup, compliance management and analytics insights, according to its site.


Apty is a digital adoption platform for businesses. The platform can be integrated with numerous applications like Workday and Salesforce, making completing tasks faster. Companies can utilize Apty to implement new development training, correct task errors and manage business compliance among employees.

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Ably Realtime establishes real-time digital experience data for organizations to prevent lags and improve real-time communication on a platform. The company helps with digital experiences people may encounter daily such as live chatting, e-learning, document collaboration and even appointment scheduling. Toyota, MobyMax and HubSpot are a few of the clients Ably Realtime has worked with.


Accelo is a cloud-based platform that allows companies to complete client-related tasks from the prospect stage to payment. These tasks include timesheets, resourcing and sales, which can all be integrated with other platforms like Slack, Mailchimp and PayPal. The platform also offers analytic and financial data for companies to review.


Docusign is a document management software company that helps clients like Apple, Citgo and Aetna keep track of critical files. Docusign’s platform gives users the ability to apply electronic signatures to documents, and its cloud-enabled tech makes it possible for users to share and view documents from multiple devices, according to the company’s site


HubSpot is a CRM software platform that helps sales teams build lead generation strategies based on customer data. It also offers platforms for marketing teams with capabilities like marketing automation, data syncing and SEO analytics. Hubspot users can also gather customer feedback into a central knowledge base to help inform future strategy choices and business directions, according to its site 


Hootsuite is a software company that offers a platform for companies to manage their social media strategy. Hootsuite users can plan posts and social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and other social media platforms all from one location, so they can create more centralized customer engagement initiatives, according to its site


Smartsheet is a productivity software platform that teams can use to manage collaborative projects, assign tasks, track project timelines and communicate with coworkers on deadlines. Smartsheet’s tools can be used by companies in any industry, and is used by companies like Lego, Pfizer and American Express. Smartsheet’s platform can also be integrated with Google Chat, Slack and Webex to streamline communication across teams, according to the company’s site.

Dana Cassell, Rose Velazquez, Ashley Bowden and Sara B.T. Thiel contributed reporting to this story.

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