13 Top Tech Companies in England to Know

From software to research hardware, England is home to tech companies producing innovative products.

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13 Top Tech Companies in England to Know
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Rose Velazquez | Apr 30, 2024

England is producing hundreds of top tech companies and jobs every year, and is challenging the U.S. and China to become a top tech producer. Already, the country is home to large enterprises like Google and Intel, but it also develops energetic startups that have reached unicorn status. As the industry continues to grow, here are some of the top tech companies in England to know about.

Tech Companies in England

  • TravelPerk
  • PagerDuty
  • Sojern
  • Akeneo
  • Google
  • Sage
  • Deliveroo
  • Oxford Instruments


Tech Companies in England to Know

NBCUniversal’s business portfolio spans network television, film production, streaming and tourist attractions. A subsidiary of global media giant Comcast, NBCUniversal distributes content, ranging from sports broadcasts to major movie franchises, that’s enjoyed by viewers around the world. The company’s operations in Europe include an office location in London as well as remote hiring in England.


Mondelez International produces snacks and drinks that are sold around the world. Its popular brands in England include Maynard’s Bassets and Cadbury. The company has a broad global team of technologists that consists of software engineers, data scientists, IT professionals and other technical experts.


SharkNinja offers a diverse range of products that includes robot vacuums, hair styling tools, air purifiers, air fryers, food processors and ice cream makers. Its engineers and design experts aim to build innovative household tools and appliances that are sold across more than two dozen global markets.


Software company Qualtrics develops products that help businesses collect feedback from customers and employees and then turn that information into data insights they can use to improve engagement. Qualtrics’ solutions have helped companies build employee benefits packages that meet their workforce’s needs and expectations, for example, and create personalized digital experiences for their customers.


Chainlink Labs provides enterprise-grade oracle infrastructure to integrate smart contracts with external data sources, among other services. The company aims to empower clients to validate real-world events and enhance the transparency and reliability of blockchain-based transactions. Chainlink’s fully distributed team works across the globe and it hires in England.


TravelPerk’s platform offers a variety of solutions for managing corporate travel. Businesses use TravePerk’s technology to handle bookings for large groups, for example, and track travel-related expenses. It also gives users access to 24/7 customer support, with real people available to help them quickly resolve issues. TravelPerk has a presence in England, with offices in London and Birmingham.


PagerDuty makes IT software for businesses as small as five team members, all the way up to enterprise clients like Zoom and Fox Media. Its AIOps program is designed to reduce alert fatigue, provide incident context and automate manual tasks, boasting an 87 percent reduction in incident noise through embedded machine learning models. At the same time, the program improves the time it takes to identify what service is responsible for an IT incident, quickly locating the source of the issue and recommending a course of action. 

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Sojern’s digital marketing solutions have driven more than $15 billion in bookings for travel and hospitality businesses. The company has a travel marketing platform that uses data to facilitate campaigns that get messaging to the right customer through the right channel at the right time. The company established a London office in 2017 that includes employees from teams like marketing, sales, design, analytics and customer success.


Akeneo is a global intelligence platform with offices throughout Europe, including London. Its most popular product, the Akeneo Product Cloud, is an insights platform that helps retailers gather data on their products to influence sales strategies. The company’s other products are also geared toward retail and e-commerce businesses.


Google, one of the largest tech companies in the world, is known for its search engine and countless software and hardware products. In England, the tech giant operates several office spaces that contribute to Google’s innovative products and are designed to facilitate collaboration among employees.

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Sage is a British software company that develops financial and HR software for businesses of all sizes. The company’s software ranges from accounting platforms to people management solutions and project planning programs for construction companies. Sage was founded in Newcastle and has since gone public with a multi-billion-dollar valuation.


Deliveroo is a food delivery company that enables restaurants to sell and deliver to customers in their local area. To carry out the large number of orders, Deliveroo has been responsible for developing order processing software and logistics platforms to help drivers navigate to their destination.

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Oxford Instruments designs and manufactures technology products used for scientific research. The company, headquartered in Abingdon, develops everything from x-ray machines to microscopy cameras and cryogenic systems.

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