20 B2B Companies in India to Know

These B2B companies are streamlining operations through innovative services and tech products.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on May. 10, 2024
20 B2B Companies in India to Know
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Business-to-business, or B2B, companies provide services, products or software to other enterprises and are often critical when for companies scaling with limited resources. Despite their straightforward business strategies, B2B companies vary greatly from one company to another across a host of industries including logistics, data analytics and marketing, among others. We’ve rounded up some of the top B2B companies in India to know.

Top B2B Companies in India to Know

  • Microsoft
  • Cisco Meraki
  • IDeaS
  • Cleo
  • Schrödinger
  • Intelsat
  • Enfusion
  • Credit Repair Cloud


Top B2B Companies in India

Microsoft is one of the world’s largest tech and software companies with a number of B2B services. Many of its products, like Microsoft 365 and its AI chatbot Copilot, have enterprise features. However, its main B2B business comes from its Azure cloud services. Azure provides solutions for cloud hosting, app development and database management, among other services.


Cisco Meraki is a division of Cisco, a global cloud and IT provider. Its feature platform helps clients monitor their wireless networks, connected assets and IoT devices. Through its SASE platform, clients can also secure remote and hybrid employees from network vulnerabilities.  


IDeaS is a big data company that delivers solutions for hospitality businesses like hotels, airlines and resorts. It culls large data sets to inform its G3 Revenue Management System, which helps clients set prices as well as predict cancellations and consumer behavior. IDeaS is headquartered in the United States and runs a technology center in Pune

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Cleo provides freight and third-party logistics, or 3PL, services. Additionally, the company develops software for other freight movers to simplify their operations and offer greater visibility into their shipping network. Cleo’s integration software provides real-time business insights and helps resolve shipping errors. 


Life sciences company Schrödinger created a platform that helps other medical researchers make novel discoveries and advance medical research. With its tech, the company provides advanced molecular simulations and enterprise software to clients. Schrödinger has offices in Bangalore and Hyderabad


Intelsat is an internet service provider, or ISP, for media and aerospace companies. Using a network of satellites, teleports and fiber optics, Intelsat provides in-flight Wi-Fi services for its clients. 

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Chicago-based Enfusion operates an office in Mumbai and develops financial SaaS products. Asset managers and other finance professionals use its software to bridge financial data from various sources and execute complex investments. 


Credit Repair Cloud develops financial software. Its main platform helps monitor and manage customer credit scores, but it also develops sales and customer outreach platforms that help entrepreneurs launch credit repair businesses. 


Synaptics develops hardware and software for automobiles, mobile devices and other consumer electronics. Its products include embedded processors, display ports and chips enabled with Wi-Fi capabilities. Synaptics is headquartered in Silicon Valley with a design center in Telangana.   


Zensar Technologies builds and manages digital products for several Forbes Global 200 clients in various sectors. Its services cover a wide range of verticals, including data engineering, software development and application services. Zensar is a subsidiary of RPG Group and employs over 10,000 employees across three continents.  

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Fragma Data Systems helps its clients make sense of their data. It works with finance, education, retail and hospitality clients to create custom dashboards and visualizations to improve their KPIs and key metrics. The company is based in Bangalore.


LogiNext is an automation company helping customers with all their e-commerce needs. The company provides logistics solutions, including home deliveries, omnichannel fulfillment and route planning.  


Trusted by companies like Uber and Rocket Mortgage, Instabase uses AI to extract information from documents and other data silos, then helps clients analyze or build products using the relevant information. The company simplifies the analytics and building processes using bespoke applications.


Bengalore-based Zocket developed a generative AI platform for advertisers. The platform tracks important marketing metrics like impressions and ad spend, then aims to improve them by generating data-driving campaigns. Zocket’s product can generate campaign ideas by analyzing social media demographics and can also create marketing assets based on the campaign parameters. 

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Ninjacart is a B2B e-commerce platform for food producers and retailers. The company created a logistics infrastructure network to move produce from farms to several major cities in less than 12 hours. Its solution helps farmers receive better compensation for their products by exposing them to new, more competitive markets. 


HungerBox uses a digital platform to provide catering services to schools and businesses. With its platform, students and employees order food from nearby restaurants. Meanwhile, the restaurants and employers that sponsor the service for workers gain access to analytics for their sales and other metrics. 


Medikabazaar operates an e-commerce platform for medical businesses. Through the site, dentists, vets and other medical facilities can order supplies ranging from personal protective equipment to diagnostic tools. Medikabazaar also tracks client data to ensure they are not overspending or overstocking equipment.


OfBusiness is an e-commerce and fintech platform for raw materials like steel, chemicals and textiles. Through the site, businesses can procure materials and arrange delivery. The company also provides smart financing and advance payment options to facilitate business. 


Udaan is an e-commerce startup founded by former Flipkart executives. It connects small businesses across India, helping them source wholesale products and find new customers from the more than 20,000 sellers on the platform. Udaan also provides credit-trading services through its finance arm. 


Servicing DTC and B2B businesses, Delhivery is a fully integrated logistics provider. When partnering with clients, it handles warehousing and freight needs and even provides specialized services like express delivery and cross-border shipments.

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