The recruitment process can be timely and expensive. From promoting your employer brand to writing job descriptions and staying in close communication with candidates along the way, the process can take weeks or even months before a candidate is actually hired.

Luckily, in today’s technological world, there is a plethora of recruitment tools available to simplify the process and save time to focus on individual candidates.

To help you determine which platform is right for your team, we've included 72 recruitment tools with the base price along with software ratings from reliable sources, such as the world's largest B2B marketplace, G2 and software comparison site, Capterra.

Before we get too deep, feel free to jump to the tools you’re looking for by clicking on the links below.


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Job Description and Candidate Feedback Tools for Recruiters

Job descriptions can be tough to write, but they are often the first touch point for job seekers. If written well, great job descriptions will yield more high quality candidates. Here are six tools to boost your job description performance.  



SurveyMonkey is one of the most popular online survey tools around. While SurveyMonkey may no be known for recruiting, they offer specific surveys that help companies gain insight into employee satisfaction, career training and development and self-assessments. There are also a variety of customization tools that can be applied to the candidate-specific surveys to improve their experience with the hiring process.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.0 (2 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (174 reviews)

SurveyMonkey Pricing: Available by request


Gender Decoder

Gender Decoder is a free tool that helps reduce unconscious bias in your writing. Job descriptions often include words that appeal to one gender over another, and this software identifies gendered language to ensure your job posts appeal to the right audience.

G2 Crowd Rating: n/a

Capterra Rating: n/a

Gender Decoder Pricing: Free



JobScore, among other things, helps companies create the right application forms for every unique position. Their questionnaire process creates unique job templates for different departments to reuse and customize for their needs and simplifies the application process for candidates.

G2 Crowd Rating: 3.6 (12 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.0 (19 reviews)

JobScore Pricing: $49/mo



Textio is an augmented writing tool that utilizes data-driven feedback to improve job descriptions. Their services help customers attract active job-seekers, engage passive candidates and create augmented hiring teams within a company.

G2 Crowd Rating: 2.3 (2 reviews)

Capterra Rating: n/a

Textio Pricing: Available by request


Job Aggregator Tools for Recruiters

Job Aggregators are resources for recruiters to post job openings and job seekers to search for jobs in one convenient place. We’ve collected six of the most highly rated job aggregator tools out there.



ADP Workforce Now is an all inclusive, cloud-based HR Platform that helps companies of any size with their HR, payroll, recruiting, time off, tax and benefits administration needs. Additionally, they provide supplier diversity, corporate governance and code of ethics policies in nine different industries. To provide companies with service tailored to their specific needs, ADP Workforce Now has specialists based on company size and industry.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.1 (1,859 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.0 (2,348 reviews)

ADP Workforce Now Pricing: Available by request


The Applicant Manager

The Applicant Manager is a cloud-based applicant tracking system that services small-to-medium sized businesses. They provide services with database management, maintaining compliance with data related to EEO, disability and VETS and talent acquisition support. They have received more than three million applicants, filled more than 25,000 positions and hired 50,000 job seekers.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.4 (63 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (96 reviews)

The Applicant Manager Pricing: Available by request



hireEZ is a talent sourcing platform that streamlines the process from the initial call or email, following key metrics throughout the sourcing process and integrating conveniently with ATS/CRM software. Their high-end technology utilizes real-time AI sourcing tactics to ensure companies receive optimal sourcing and analysis strategies.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.7 (69 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (20 reviews)

Hiretual Pricing: $890/yr



LinkedIn Talent Solutions supports a vast network of more than 560 million members, 90 percent of which are potential job candidates. A cross between a professional social media platform and a job aggregator, LinkedIn Talent provides recruiters with the tools they need to optimize their career page, target candidates with ads and communicate with prospective candidates.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.2 (542 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (716 reviews)

LinkedIn Talent Solutions Pricing: $119.99/mo



Recruitee is more than a job aggregator. They start by helping customers build an employer brand that will help attract candidates interested in their mission, values and culture. They also help promote open roles, source candidates, track applicants and analyze and optimize tactics throughout the hiring process.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.4 (50 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (96 reviews)

Recruitee Pricing: $79/mo



SmartRecruiters allows companies to refine their hiring process by building a custom recruitment platform with personalized training programs to ensure everyone involved in the hiring process is confident and successful. Their Talent Acquisition Suite is a cloud-based recruiting software package that helps source, market, convert, track, collaborate, evaluate, offer and hire candidates.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.1 (235 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.0 (102 reviews)

SmartRecruiters Pricing: $10,000/yr


Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) help recruiters track candidates throughout the hiring process. They ensure recruiters are in consistent and clear contact with candidates, thus providing candidates with a smooth application experience. We’ve gathered the top 10 applicant tracking systems around.


ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now is a cloud-based human capital management solutions platform and an international leader in applicant tracking systems with more than 70 years of experience. Their services include payroll, talent management, attendance and scheduling, employment tax compliance module and benefits administration.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.1 (1,868 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.0 (2,363 reviews)

ADP Workforce Now Pricing: Available by request


Breezy HR

Breezy HR is an end-to-end recruitment software package for attracting and hiring great talent. Their services include sourcing and managing candidates, scheduling emails and SMS messages, posting jobs, analyzing metrics and team collaboration.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.5 (342 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (858 reviews)

Breezy HR Pricing: Pricing available in tiers


Greenhouse Software

Greenhouse is a recruiting software and ATS that has helped with more than 250,000 hires. Their products support companies throughout the process from recruiting, inclusion, onboarding, CRM and even hosting events.  

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.3 (210 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (378 reviews)

Greenhouse Pricing: Available by request



Workday HCM is an enterprise software that unites finance, HR and planning into one comprehensive platform. Companies and employees can access the platform from mobile devices, tablets and desktops, helping mid-to-fortune 500 companies make decisions wherever they are based on data-driven results.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.0 (754 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (359 reviews)

Workday HCM Pricing: Available by request



Lever has customers in 40 countries and their team speaks 20 languages — talk about diversity and inclusion experts. They have three distinct products for each stage of the recruiting process: Lever Hire, Lever Nurture and Lever Analytics, all of which integrate with most major HR platforms.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.6 (146 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (335 reviews)

Lever Pricing: Available by request



iCMIS offers recruiting solutions with their suite of HR tools that builds strong candidate pipelines by engaging candidates early in the hiring process. Their software offers automation, personalization and configuration to ensure candidates are fully engaged at every stage of the process.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.2 (307 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4 (484 reviews)

iCMIS Pricing: Available by request



Jobvite focuses on engaging individual candidates, thus resulting in a 25% decrease in time to hire. Their resources are broken down based on a company’s size and their scaling needs. It embraces today’s candidate with social recruiting capabilities, mobile optimized and branded career sites and on-demand video screening features.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.0 (259 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.0 (305 reviews)

Jobvite Pricing: Available by request


Ultipro Software

UltiPro Software offers services for managing HR tasks, ACA employers, payment, process and printing tax documents as well as printing paychecks. They also offer a wide variety of resources for employees and clients to educate themselves about the platform with whitepages, eBooks, videos, infographics and more.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.2 (789 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.0 (671 reviews)

UltiPro Software Pricing: Available by request



Workable streamlines the recruiting process with features for candidate sourcing, CRM, team collaboration and ATS. Their applicant tracking system comes with a clear up-to-date dashboard that displays every level of your customizable hiring pipeline with an inbox to ensure your hiring team is in close collaboration and communication with candidates.  

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.5 (40 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (302 reviews)

Workable Pricing: $50/mo



JazzHR starts with job postings and syndication and tracks applicants throughout the process, including interviews and assessments, offers and onboarding as well as reporting and compliance with employees. The platform also helps companies create streamlined workflows and automate or eliminate redundant tasks.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.4 (98 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (332 reviews)

Jazz HR Pricing: $39/mo


Social Media Management Tools for Recruiters

Social media recruitment campaigns consume a lot of precious time and resources that many companies don’t have to spare. With the right social media management tools, recruiters are able to create more comprehensive social campaigns and gain access to helpful insights to boost results. These five social media management platforms offer a variety of tools that support different company needs and resources.


Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a popular social media management tool that specializes in social analytics, engagement, publishing and listening. As social algorithms change, Sprout Social stays ahead of the game, providing companies with the knowledge and resources needed to stay in front of target candidates.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.3 (786 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (277 reviews)

Sprout Social Pricing: $99/mo



AgoraPulse is an all-inclusive social media management tool with both free and paid services. Features include engaging with conversations, listening to social conversations, publishing scheduled content, collaborating with other team members, tracking and reporting and, of course, building relationships with a target audience of candidates.  

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.5 (409 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (82 reviews)

AgoraPulse Pricing: $39/mo



Buffer specializes in publishing scheduled content, engaging with a target audience and analyzing the performance of a team’s efforts. Their platform allows companies to manage all of their social accounts on one platform and set custom access levels for individual employees.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.4 (601 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (573 reviews)

Buffer Pricing: $15/mo supports all your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram needs and is one of the few platforms that includes Instagram Stories. Their platform tracks performance across channels, allows you to build custom reports and monitor team performance.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.1 (388 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (27 reviews) Pricing: Available by request



Hootsuite does it all. The platform helps companies set goals unique to their business and provides a plethora of resources and tools to educate team members on all of the capabilities their platform has to offer. They integrate with all the major social platforms to schedule posts, monitor conversations, curate content, analyze metrics, manage a social team, ensure security and boost visibility and engagement.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.1 (2,311 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (1,323 reviews)

Hootsuite Pricing: $99/mo



Sendible integrates with all the major social platforms in addition to a few niche platforms, like WordPress, Medium, Blogger and Tumblr. They offer a variety of features from publishing and analytics to collaboration tools and social listening, where you can track competitors and industry terms to stay in-the-know.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.3 (425 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.0 (22 reviews)

Sendible Pricing: $29/mo


Zoho Social

Zoho Social is a complete social media management platform with tools to schedule and monitor posts among a team. On their single platform, companies can publish, share, collaborate, monitor, message candidates and analyze metrics along the way. They also offer live streaming, connections to users who engage with a specific brand, integration with Facebook Ads and integration with the popular Zoho CRM system.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.5 (1,242 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (1,584 reviews)

Zoho Social Pricing: Free


Networking Tools for Recruiters

Connecting with candidates can be incredibly challenging, and it takes a team-wide effort. There are a variety of tools that can streamline the networking process, but these are what we consider the six best tools for keeping your team on the same page and working toward a common goal.



Eventbrite is an online community of people searching for and hosting events. For recruiters, this platform is excellent for marketing networking events and informational sessions about a company to meet interested candidates in-person before starting the application process.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.3 (366 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (1,320 reviews)

Eventbrite Pricing: Available by request


Higher Logic

Higher Logic is a platform for bringing people and businesses together. The platform helps customers (or candidates) learn about the company, share ideas and become brand ambassadors.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.5 (109 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (62 reviews)

Higher Logic Pricing: Available by request



MeetUp is a platform for people with mutual interests to get together to learn and share their experiences with others. There are endless opportunities for people to take classes, learn a new skill, expand their network, test prototypes and even pitch to investors. For recruiters, it’s a great resource to meet candidates based on their skill sets and expand their recruitment network.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.5 (10 reviews)

Capterra Rating: n/a

MeetUp Pricing: Available by request



Quora is an online question and answer community for people to share their opinions and engage in discussion. A large portion of the website is utilized for businesses and industry-specific dialogue around certain topics. It’s a great place for employers and recruiters to join in on those conversations and meet thought leaders and passive candidates.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.5 (23 reviews)

Capterra Rating: n/a

Quora Pricing: Free


Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are a great way to find candidates based on their interests and expertise on a topic. Here, recruiters can contribute to conversations and reach out to passive candidates in meaningful ways.

G2 Crowd Rating: n/a

Capterra Rating: n/a

Facebook Groups Pricing: Free


Vanilla Forums

Vanilla Forums is a cloud-based community platform for people with similar interests and missions. The platform allows customers to customize their forums, themes and Q&As and it provides users with opportunities to crowdsource ideas and promote great content. It integrates with major marketing, social and recruitment platforms as well as with company websites and applications.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.4 (60 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (53 reviews)

Vanilla Forums Pricing: $689/m


Collaboration Tools for Recruiters

No matter what role you're hiring for, the recruitment process involves multiple people at different levels. In order to keep everyone on the same page and build strong relationships with top candidates, it’s essential to have one convenient platform for hiring teams to collaborate, share information and schedule consistent touchpoints with the individual candidates. These six platforms can help with everything from project management, scheduling follow-ups and tracking candidate progress.



Asana helps teams manage projects and track progress in real time with portfolios, task boards, customizable templates, calendar scheduling and timelines all while integrating with more than 100 different platforms.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.3 (3,283 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (5,744 reviews)

Asana Pricing: $9.99/mo (formerly Dapulse) optimizes workflows, tracks projects and manages teams, including creating, publishing and analyzing projects.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.6 (380 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (1,468 reviews) Pricing: $25/mo



Slack is one of the most popular collaboration tools available. Whether you're communicating with candidates, employees or other companies, Slack has an endless supply of channels based on specific topics to find and collaborate with industry leaders. The platform also offers voice and video calling as well as file sharing capabilities.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.5 (13,809 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (10,876 reviews)

Slack Pricing: Free



Basecamp helps teams collaborate with to-do lists, message boards, calendar schedules, document and file storage, real-time group chat, follow-up questions, search capabilities between projects and reporting and analytics for each project.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.0 (2,334 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.0 (8,801 reviews)

Basecamp Pricing: $29/mo



Trello is a management tool for everything from big projects to individual tasks that supports transparency and accountability for everyone involved. Recruiters, hiring managers and team members all play a role in the hiring process, and Trello helps ensure that communication is clear and consistent for both the hiring team and candidates.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.3 (3,265 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (8,475 reviews)

Trello Pricing: Free


Workplace by Facebook

Workplace comes with a wealth of features from text, video and live chat to organization charts, auto translator, news feed, groups and integrations for a seamless project management system across platforms.

G2 Crowd Rating: 3.9 (788 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (255 reviews)

Workplace Pricing: $3/mo


Chatbot Tools for Recruiters

Chatbots are becoming an essential part of the hiring process. They allow candidates to ask questions before diving into the application process and help recruiters connect with job seekers that may not be ready to apply. While most of these platforms were created for marketers and sales reps, smart recruiters are getting in on the action as well.



Intercom invites visitors (or candidates) to engage in conversation with their live chat pop-ups that respond to inquiries 24/7, helping to qualify potential applicants in real time. The software works with most existing tech stacks for smooth integration.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.3 (663 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (456 reviews)

Intercom Pricing: $49/mo



Freshdesk is a customer support software that includes a live chat feature that responds to messages in real-time based on the user’s behavior. Employers can respond to visitors directly from the software with contextual information of the visitor’s website path, user path and ticket information.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.4 (1,893 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (1,244 reviews)

Freshdesk Pricing: Free



LiveAgent is a cloud-based help desk software that connects visitors to companies with their LiveAgent service. They have a multitude of features for live chat, including proactive chat invitations, a button gallery, chat history, chat embedded tracking and internal chat.  

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.5 (840 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (611 reviews)

LiveAgent Pricing: $9/mo



LiveChat created a clean and user friendly software for live chatting. The software integrates with more than 130 tools and CRMs, helping 25,000+ companies communicate efficiently with visitors on their websites.  

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.5 (482 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 5.0 (562 reviews)

LiveChat Pricing: $16/mo



Olark helps companies acquire leads from their websites, collecting personal information like email address, name and location to create visitor profiles to nurture leads through the sales (or hiring) process.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.3 (182 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (359 reviews)

Olark Pricing: $17/mo


Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is a live chat software that improves ROI, SEO, Adwords and email marketing campaigns by connecting with visitors in real time. Their software tracks and engagees visitors, drives engagement with their CRM, scores leads and analyzes metrics along the way.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.3 (716 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (1,547 reviews)

Zoho Desk Pricing: Free


Screening and Skills Assessment Tools for Recruiters

Pre-screening candidates and vetting skill sets before hiring managers spend their limited time with in-person interviews can significantly reduce time to hire and improve outcomes. Here are 11 different interview assessment tools for tech recruiting, code review and general pre-employment testing and screening.


pymetrics Recruitment Tools Remote

The talent acquisition process is often riddled with biases, resulting in missed opportunities to find the best candidates. pymetrics is upending this trend with an unbiased soft skills platform, which goes beyond the traditional resume. Once candidates navigate to the pymetrics site, they can determine how they match up with available roles. This way, companies can view who best fits their positions and redirect applicants to other jobs they may be better suited for. 

G2 Crowd Rating: 3.5 (5 reviews) 

Capterra Rating: 1.0 (1 review) 

pymetrics pricing: Available by request  


Criteria Corp

Criteria is an online pre-employment testing software that tests aptitude, personality and skills. Tests are customizable by employer, and the software includes a library of tests and information for more than 1,100 different roles.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.2 (29 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 5.0 (42 reviews)

Criteria Pricing: Available by request



HackerRank specializes in technical recruiting. With more than four million developers on their platform and 1,100+ clients, the company has excelled in recruiting in this niche. To find the right match, they’ve created a real world coding environment with questions and code analysis.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.6 (202 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (19 reviews)

HackerRank Pricing: Available by request


The Predictive Index

The Predictive Index starts by collecting information from recruiters, hiring managers and stakeholders to develop an ideal candidate profile. Candidates are then screened against the ideal profile with behavioral and cognitive assessments designed to find the best match candidates.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.7 (71 reviews)

Capterra Rating: n/a

The Predictive Index Pricing: Available by request



Codility offers services for tech recruiting, employer branding and learning and development to ensure employees are confident in the language, framework and domain-specific knowledge of the Codility platform. The tech recruiting tool bases its screening on technical skills, saving time for qualified candidates, reducing unconscious bias and improving the overall interview process.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.7 (121 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 5.0 (20 reviews)

Codility Pricing: Available by request



HackerEarth Recruit provides online coding tests for companies to test tech candidates and assess their skills to make better-informed hiring decisions. Their service also helps companies scale their recruitment needs, eliminate bias, save time and money and improve the quality of hire for some of the most challenging roles to fill.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.1 (7 reviews)

Capterra Rating: n/a

HackerEarth Recruit Pricing: $119/mo



eSkill reduces time and cost-to-hire with more than 600 standard tests and 5,000 combined topics to create custom skills tests for an array of industries and roles. They also offer 24/7 support with expert guidance and integrate with most major HR systems.  

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.3 (76 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (52 reviews)

eSkill Pricing: Available by request



iMocha has more than 1,000 pre-built tests in addition to customizable tools that are available online for candidates to take at their convenience without the limitations of timezones and physical locations.  

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.4 (43 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (9 reviews)

Interview Mocha Pricing: $999/mo



Plum utilizes Artificial Intelligence along with industrial/organizational psychology to optimize the hiring processes. The platform is four times more accurate at predicting a candidate’s success than a resume by measuring innovation and work ethic among a list of match criteria.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.4 (45 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 5.0 (18 reviews)

Plum Pricing: Available by request



SkillSurvey offers technology services for hiring and credentialing with their products for reference checks, sourcing talent and peer referencing. Their data-driven approach provides employers with feedback on candidates that predicts their success as employees through references.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.5 (121 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (4 reviews)

SkillSurvey Pricing: Available by request


Taleo by Oracle

Taleo by Oracle is a comprehensive recruitment software that helps companies screen and interview candidates, make offers and hire great people. They leverage recruitment marketing and employee referrals to source high quality candidates and continuously improve engagement and satisfaction throughout their career.

G2 Crowd Rating: 3.2 (256 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.0 (123 reviews)

Taleo by Oracle Pricing: Available by request


Video Interview Tools for Recruiters

When you’re looking for the best talent, it doesn’t make sense to limit your talent pool by location or time zone. With video interviewing tools, candidates can answer either live or pre-recorded interview questions at a time and location convenient for them. These six video interview platforms offer a variety of digital interviewing tools like text, audio and live interviews


Spark Hire

Spark Hire offers one-way and live video interviews with video messaging capabilities. The video interviewing platform integrates with more than 30 applicant tracking systems and more than 1,000 productivity apps.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.7 (56 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 5.0 (48 reviews)

Spark Hire Pricing: $49/mo



HireVue Video Interviewing is a high-tech hiring platform for applicant management, candidate assessment and video interviewing. It streamlines the early phases of the hiring process by assessing job-related competencies with pre-built and customizable assessments as well as a brief and flexible video interview, saving recruiters time and money.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.2 (25 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.0 (21 reviews)

HireVue Pricing: Available by request



VidCruiter provides services for video interviewing, automated referencing, applicant tracking, live interviewing, audio interviewing and video onboarding. They also help with scheduling, applicant tracking and skills testing.  

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.6 (24 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (73 reviews)

VidCruiter Pricing:  Available by request


Background Check Tools for Recruiters

While mundane, background checks are an inevitable (and important) part of the hiring process. Here are six tools that check for everything from criminal records to employment history and international searches.


CareerBuilder Employment screening

CareerBuilder Employment Screening offers 360° profile checks including background checks and verification services. The report includes identity and credit, criminal and civil, employment, education and license as well as driving records.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.0 (34 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.0 (33 reviews)

CareerBuilder Employment Screening Pricing: Available by request



GoodHire provides employers with more than 250 million records accessible from mobile, tablet and desktop computers. They service background checks, credit checks, drug screening, healthcare sanctions, identity verification, international checks, ongoing alerts and personal background checks.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.0 (19 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (33 reviews)

GoodHire Pricing: Available by request



Intelifi checks criminal records (county, state and national), driving records, people searches, SSN verifications, drug testing, sex offender registries, bankruptcy and evictions, federal FBI background checks and employment and education verification.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.7 (11 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 5.0 (24 reviews)

Intelifi Pricing: Available by request



Sterling reports on everything from civil court records, credit checks, criminal backgrounds, drug and health screening, executive investigations, fingerprinting, I-9s and E-Verify, international checks, motor vehicle records, social media searches, SSN and verifications.

G2 Crowd Rating: 3.7 (23 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (5 reviews)

Sterling Pricing: Available by request


Veritable Screening

Veritable Screening background checks screen candidates' criminal and verification records, employment history, civil records, international searches, social media accounts, compensation and military service.

G2 Crowd Rating: n/a

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (30 reviews)

Veritable Screening Pricing: Available by request


VICTIG Screening Solutions

VICTIG Screening Solutions does in-depth background checks and drug testings including person search, verifications, motor vehicle report, workers compensation, credit checks, county, state and federal records, sex offender search database and Nationwide NetPlus for personal and alias names search.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.8 (193 reviews)

Capterra Rating: n/a

VICTIG Screening Solutions Pricing: Available by request


Onboarding Tools for Recruiters

The hiring process doesn’t stop with a great candidate. Recruiters have loads of legal paperwork to submit and trainings to coordinate with new hires, not to mention the task of integrating them into the company culture and their new role. Onboarding tools can save time, allowing you to focus on setting your new hire up for success. Here are six onboarding tools to help out.



Paychex Flex is a branch of the larger Paychex company that supports customers’ onboarding needs from collecting forms, setting up direct deposit and confirming their receipt and understanding of the employee manual. They also help develop employee handbooks that are compliant and easily understandable.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.0 (584 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.0 (705 reviews)

Paychex Flex Pricing: Available by request


Paycor Perform

Paycor Perform is an HR software and online payroll service that streamlines the onboarding process. New hires can start filling out paperwork before their first day, helping them feel more prepared and saving the first few days for learning and engaging with colleagues.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.0 (131 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (1474 reviews)

Paycor Perform Pricing: Available by request



Workday HCM offers human capital management services for enterprise companies, including payroll, benefits, compensation, time and absence, workforce planning and talent management.  

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.0 (754 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (356 reviews)

Workday HCM Pricing: Available by request



ApplicantStack supports all aspects of onboarding new talent with a library of templates, checklists and tasks in addition to E-sign forms, state and federal forms, background checks, EEOC and OFCCP compliance.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.5 (261 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (989 reviews)

ApplicantStack Pricing: $95/mo



Bamboo HR has an employee self-onboarding process complete with custom onboarding checklists so that new hires and employers are confident that all of the onboarding material is complete and safely secure.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.4 (354 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.5 (797 reviews)

BambooHR Pricing: $6/mo



UltiPro manages HR services from the cloud for benefits and payroll as well as setting goals and outlining expected tasks when a new hire joins a company. Their platform also identifies top performers and retention risks with a library of helpful tools.

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.2 (789 reviews)

Capterra Rating: 4.0 (666 reviews)

UltiPro Pricing: Available by request



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