Matthew Urwin | Mar 08, 2023

Recruiting videos are an essential part of every recruitment strategy.  It can, however, be a large undertaking of time, money and resources to create a well-crafted video that targets your candidate persona. You’ll want to learn the basics of recruitment videos to ensure your approach is effective in attracting candidates who will thrive in your workplace. 


What Is a Recruitment Video?

A recruitment video is a short video that showcases a company’s values, employees, benefits and other elements to get qualified candidates to apply. The idea is to target job-seekers who not only have talented skill sets, but who also display traits that mesh well with a company’s culture

Recruitment Video Definition

A recruitment video highlights what an organization does and what it’s like to work there, with the purpose of attracting candidates whose skills and personalities align with the company’s culture and needs.

Narrowing down a talent pool to include only qualified, best-fit candidates allows an HR department to conduct more efficient candidate searches. It also increases the likelihood that they’ll find a candidate who will stay with the company for a while, saving businesses even more time and resources in the long run.      

But not all recruitment videos have this intended effect. To attract the right candidates to your business, you’ll want to follow some best practices when making your recruitment video.  


Common Features of Successful Recruitment Videos

Recruitment videos serve both informational and marketing purposes. The beginning should include a quick overview of your company’s description, values and workplace culture. If your business has an office, you may also want to give a brief virtual tour of the layout.  

You should then cover the highlights of working at your company, placing your employees’ perspectives front and center. Several employee testimonials offer more than enough room for employees to discuss what they enjoy about working for your business and for prospects to visualize what your workforce’s day-to-day life looks like. 

This strategy allows you to broadly define what your company stands for before diving into the specifics of how you put your values into practice. Once you’ve finished these two sections, conclude your recruitment video by asking candidates to view open positions, apply for roles or follow another call to action.     

While there is no set way to film a recruitment video, there are a variety of different styles, ideas and topics you may want to focus on to get the best ROI on your efforts. To provide you with some inspiration, we’ve gathered 26 recruitment video examples.


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26 Recruitment Videos 

1. Appian

About the company. | Video: Appian

Talking about your company history and your workplace culture in under two minutes can be a challenge, but Appian rises to the occasion. This “About Us” video dives into the fast-paced, friendly culture that defines the Appian employee experience, and the company makes sure its own employees get plenty of talking time to back up their positive culture claims.


2. BlueCore

Working at Bluecore. | Video: Built In

Having the skills to both collaborate within a team and independently own projects are keys to success for those interested in pursuing a career at Bluecore. This video covers all the information a candidate looks for in a recruitment video, from the company’s mission and values to career growth opportunities, all backed by employee testimonials.


3. CSG

Life of a software engineer and developer at CSG. | Video: CSG

While not explicitly a recruitment video, this short CSG video highlights the company’s culture through the perspectives of a software engineer and developer. Asking the employees about their projects, remote work experience and thoughts on the product team reveals the day-to-day life of the company through a more organic format.


4. Digital Remedy

Digital Remedy's company culture. | Video: Digital Remedy

While Digital Remedy covers a range of benefits in this company culture video, it manages to make each detail memorable by placing its employees in the spotlight. Numerous employees get to share what they enjoy about the company, and Digital Remedy features videos of employees’ children when discussing remote work and work-life balance.


5. Enova

Behind the tech at Enova. | Video: Enova

It’s easy to get caught up in a company’s mission and products, so Enova takes its brand back down to earth in this “Behind the Tech” feature. Many recruitment videos showcase employees talking about the company culture, but Enova adds another personable element by including the off-script and goofy moments where its employees’ personalities shine through.


6. FloQast

FloQast presents built in brews with Built In Los Angeles. | Video: FloQast

When FloQast was hiring for a lot of positions, the company hosted a recruiting event and took advantage of the situation by turning it into a content-creation opportunity. The company created this video full of great content from the event to repurpose and share as they continue to hire. It also has several other videos covering the unique cultures of specific departments.


7. GrubHub

Benjamin delivers with GrubHub to make his dreams come true. | Video: GrubHub

Employees want to be able to pursue their own aspirations, and GrubHub taps into this desire in its Beyond the Wheel featurette. The video spotlights a GrubHub employee who wants to open a food truck someday and explains how he’s connected with professional cooks through his work as a delivery driver. This narrative allows GrubHub to target ambitious workers while describing the benefits of working for the company.


8. HomeAway

Life at HomeAway London | Vide: HomeAway

Few companies take advantage of boomerang employees (employees who leave and return to the company at a later date). In this video, HomeAway (now part of the Vrbo family) shares stories from a few of its very own Boomerang employees. Also, HomeAway has 26 videos about Life at HomeAway. The international company created recruiting videos for each of their offices across the globe in addition to short videos interviewing individual employees and documenting special events, like an annual Battle of the Bands competition, Movember celebrations and Bring Your Kids to Work Day.


9. Instructure

The beauty of creating an About Us video is that it can be repurposed for both clients and candidates. Why? Because both care about your company’s story and mission. Instructure does just that with this inspiring video on why education is key to the human experience from employees to customers. The company also has a series of more traditional recruitment videos.


10. J.P. Morgan

Breaking into finance as a non-finance major. | Video: J.P. Morgan

J.P. Morgan has well over a hundred recruitment videos. From Intern Stories to #BestAdvice and Technology Careers, the company covers all its recruiting bases. This video from a recruiter in China offers some advice for candidates interested in kickstarting their career at the company.


11. Kabbage

Kabbage Company Culture. | Video: Kabbage from American Express

This video by Kabbage starts with a candidate walking into their interview accompanied by a friend when things take a shocking turn. Needless to say, this recruitment video shares the truly fun, creative and eccentric side of the company’s team in all the best ways.


12. LogMeIn

LogMeIn corporate values. | Video: LogMeIn

LogMeIn’s classic recruitment video incorporates the core values of a company while letting various employees give their takes on what a specific value means to them. Many of the employees also conduct these brief interviews from the comfort of their homes or preferred locations, referencing LogMeIn’s remote work policy.


13. Motley Fool

Foolish office perks. | Video: The Motley Fool

With a name like Motley Fool, having a fun and quirky culture is non-negotiable. The company focuses its ‘Foolosophy’ series on different aspects of working and growing at the company, with this video listing a few employee benefits. Manicures, pedicures and massages reaffirm the relaxed culture of Motley Fool while also creating an informal tone through a one-on-one interview setup.


14. NetApp

The Apna campus is all about work-life balance. | Video: NetApp India

Office spaces can play a role in enhancing the employee experience, so NetApp doesn’t shy away from showing off its Bangalore campus. NetApp’s Apna campus video doubles as an office tour and as an ad for the company’s work-life balance culture, connecting different amenities to the individual experiences of employees.


15. PatientPoint

Innovation With Purpose. | Video: PatientPoint

PatientPoint’s patient engagement platform is used by healthcare providers to improve health outcomes and streamline the patient-doctor relationship. Its offerings include digital marketing solutions, interactive screens designed for clinical setting use and software that supports remote patient monitoring. This recruitment video dives deep into PatientPoint’s mission-driven culture, giving employees an idea of what it might be like to work there.


16. Pie Insurance

The United We Tech series Pie Insurance episode. | Video: Pie Insurance

Sometimes a straightforward interview format is enough to provide candidates with an in-depth look at your company, and that’s the route Pie Insurance chose to go in this United We Tech Series video. A guest host from Built In asks three Pie employees about their favorite projects, what working from home is like and other basic details that help candidates get a sense of the culture at Pie Insurance


17. Quirky

Take the interview. | Video: Quirky

The interns at Quirky have many more responsibilities than getting coffee and filing papers. This recruitment video shares all of the different types of departments and internships candidates can look into. It also encourages people to submit a video interview and provides instructions on how to submit their application on the company’s website.


18. RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot and Veterans4Quality. | Video: RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot (now part of Ziff Media Group) is keen on hiring veterans. So much so that they partnered with an organization called Veterans4Quality that helps companies recruit military veterans. This video highlights a few of their military veteran employees, who were sourced through the Veterans4Quality, and shares how the program has impacted their lives with a career at RetailMeNot.


19. Samsara

Living our values at Samsara. | Video: Samsara

For purpose-driven candidates, videos like Samsara’s “Living Our Values” feature can leave a lasting impression. Samsara not only reviews its core values, but interviews employees and asks them which value is most important to them and why. The result is a cross between a general company description and individual employee spotlights, prioritizing Samsara’s values without losing sight of its people.


20. Trendkite

An inside look at TrendKite's culture. | Video: Built In

In addition to having a bunch of fun and enticing benefits, like free food and hover-boards, Trendkite (acquired by Cision) prides itself in hiring a team of passionate, energetic, initiative takers, who can balance owning their work and having fun with colleagues. A core value for them is “One Team,” and celebrating both their individual and team wins no matter how small or big.


21. uShip

What uShip employees are saying. | Video: uShip

While some work environments may seem too stiff or too casual, uShip does a nice job walking the line between these two poles. Employees highlight the intellectual talent and culture of respect that they’ve come to appreciate at uShip. However, shots of the dogs also reveal a relaxed environment that complements a productivity-focused mindset.


22. Vertafore

Working at Vertafore. | Video: Vertafore

Vertafore has a series of four recruiting videos that are each about a minute long and focus on one individual employee. Each employee comes from a different department and are at different stages in their careers to share their perspective on the company and their unique experience.


23. WeWork

WeWork's pledge to hire 1,500 refugees. | Video: WeWork

In 2018, WeWork pledged to hire 1,500 refugees in just five years. They created a series of videos sharing stories from refugees and how their lives were impacted from starting a career at the company. No matter how you intend to scale, it’s important to create content that attracts your target candidates.


24. Xero

How to keep your staff motivated and engaged. | Video: Xero Accounting Software

Unlike most of the other videos on this list, Xero created a long twenty-minute video on a very important topic for candidates — employee happiness. As a company that’s dedicated to learning and growing, they sit down with an expert on how to create a team that’s motivated and engaged.


25. Youtube

YouTube employees answer your questions. | Video: Creator Insider

As the top video-sharing website in the world, you can expect a great recruitment video from the experts at YouTube. Needless to say, the company has a ton of great video content at its disposal, and it utilizes it to both tell its story and share why employees are passionate about working there.


26. Zappos

A little bit about holacracy. | Video: Zappos.com

Company structure and culture change all the time, so Zappos keeps candidates in the loop with this informative video on holacracy. Explaining how the company has adopted a holacratic approach reveals its ability to adapt and the importance it places on making sure employees can still succeed in a dynamic environment.


Free Guide: Hiring in the Age of AI

Strategies for using AI to streamline hiring processes, promote your brand, and attract & nurture top talent.


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