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Companies that offer fertility benefits make family-forming resources and care accessible to their employees — typically as part of their medical plan options or through a partnership with a third-party provider focused exclusively on fertility care. This type of employee benefit can provide coverage for costly treatments such as in-vitro fertilization (IVF), egg freezing and surrogacy. Here are nine companies with fertility benefits that allow employees to take advantage of education, counseling, medication, procedures and other assistance to help them reach parenthood. 

Companies With Fertility Benefits

  • Toast
  • Hinge
  • Pontera
  • The Org
  • Meta
  • Apple
  • The PNC Financial Services Group
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Boston Consulting Group


Companies With Fertility Benefits

Toast’s technology and solutions can be used by restaurants, bars, food trucks, bakeries and other food and hospitality establishments for everything from recording orders and processing payments to managing payroll and scheduling. The company offers its employees a broad range of perks and benefits that include support for fertility care and building a family through a partnership with Carrot Fertility. Toast also provides a generous parental leave program, subsidized backup childcare, free premium Care.com memberships and employee resource groups for parents.


Hinge’s dating app is equipped with features like a matchmaking algorithm and detailed profile options to help users build meaningful connections. The company’s range of perks and benefits for employees includes access to fertility care. That benefit comes with $10,000 in coverage for fertility preservation and is available to both spouses and domestic partners.


Pontera is a fintech company that offers a platform where financial advisors can trade and manage client retirement accounts and assets like 401(k)s that are known as “held away” accounts. The company offers a generous family benefits package that includes parental leave and reimbursement for fertility and adoption services.


The Org maintains an online database of public org charts for thousands of companies. The charts promote organizational transparency and let job applicants gain insight about the people they could potentially be reporting to and working alongside. Employees for The Org have access to an array of benefits and perks, including family-forming support through Maven Clinic, which can connect them to fertility specialists, virtual appointments, care advocates, classes and other resources.


Meta is the tech giant behind popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The company provides fertility benefits through a partnership with Progyny, which gives its U.S. employees access to a nationwide network of fertility clinics and specialists. The program also provides patient care advocates and other resources to support patients and their families.


Apple’s phones, laptops, smart watches and other devices are used by businesses and consumers worldwide. Apple employees in the United States have access to a variety of benefits for prioritizing their health and overall wellness. That package also has medical plans that come with coverage for fertility treatments.

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Financial services company PNC handles checking accounts, credit cards, loans and other banking services for businesses and individuals. Fertility treatment coverage through Progyny is included under the company’s medical plan options. Employees and their partners are given two “Smart Cycles,” which are Progyny’s treatment bundles, and can use a third if there is no live birth after the first two.


Morgan Stanley is a financial services company operating in more than 40 countries. Its employee benefits come with offerings to support families at every stage, from childcare options to college admissions assistance. Those programs include a $75,000 benefit that can be used to cover adoption, surrogacy and fertility treatment costs.

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Boston Consulting Group is a consulting firm working with global clients in industries like aerospace and defense, energy, education and finance. The company has an array of employee benefit options, from flexible working hours to tuition reimbursement. Its benefits also include adoption and fertility assistance, as well as back-up daycare to support parents.

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