Matthew Urwin | Aug 01, 2023

If you’ve been keeping up with the AI text-to-image space, you’re probably aware that Stable Diffusion shut down their free Discord image-generating bot in August 2022 and released the DreamStudio web app.

DreamStudio Explained

DreamStudio is a generative AI text-to-image web app developed by Stable Diffusion. Similar to DALL-E2, it utilizes natural language processing to generate images from prompts and offers users input controls to further customize the image. It’s considered a competitor to DALL-E2.

Stable Diffusion was a latent text-to-image diffusion model that could produce a picture from a brief descriptive text prompt in less than 10 seconds. It was a free and faster competitor to OpenAI’s DALL-E2 that functioned nearly identically but without as many filters. And yes, it could generate portraits of celebrities and politicians.

DreamStudio is a web app that provides a suite of generative design tools that allows users to create images with AI. It utilizes natural language processing and an offering of user input controls to create images. It’s considered a more affordable alternative to DALL-E2. Here’s what you need to know. 


What Is DreamStudio?

“DreamStudio is a new suite of generative media tools engineered to grant everyone the power of limitless imagination and the effortless ease of visual expression through a combination of natural language processing and revolutionary input controls for accelerated creativity,” according to DreamStudio’s website.

Dreamstudio image screenshot
Image created on Dreamstudio. | Screenshot: Jim Clyde Monge

From the first look, I like how clean and intuitive the user interface is despite the fact that it uses terms like “Seed,” “CFG” and “Steps”, etc., that can be confusing for beginners.

However, you can also increase the number of images that you want to generate with a single prompt.


Two images generated with Dreamstudio
Two images generated with Dreamstudio. | Screenshot: Jim Clyde Monge

DreamStudio also provides a dedicated page that discusses the basics of writing good prompts

dreamstudio prompt guide screenshot
Dream Studio’s prompt guide. | Screenshot: Jim Clyde Monge

The web app also comes with a handy history page, but it doesn’t store the images on the server. You can only see a little preview and the generation parameters like the prompt, dimensions, seed and classifier free guidance (CFG) scale.

history of images created screenshot
Generation parameters preview for images. | Screenshot: Jim Clyde Monge

You also have to “Redream” to retrieve the high-resolution image.

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How to Use DreamStudio

To get started, visit DreamStudio’s website and sign up for an account. New users receive 200 credits, with the option to pay for more credits once this initial amount runs out. 

After logging in, you’ll see a blank interface with features on the left and right of the screen. Navigate to the left side and enter a text description of your desired image in the prompt box. You can alter the image by making your prompt as specific as you want and using the features on the right side of the screen to manipulate the style, number and other elements of the image.   

Make any other adjustments needed before pressing the “Dream” button to produce your image. If you’re satisfied with the final result, you can click the “download” button in the center of the image to download it.  


Is DreamStudio Free to Use?

No, DreamStudio is not free. The price to use DreamStudio is approximately $1.18 for every 100 generation credits.

The settings chosen will determine how generating credits are used. The higher the steps and resolution, the higher the cost.

DreamStudio credit cost for pixels screenshot
DreamStudio credit cost based on pixel size. | Screenshot: Jim Clyde Monge

DreamStudio also offers API access that you can use in your own apps or bots. Here’s the pricing model.

dreamstudio price chart
DreamStudio price chart. | Screenshot: Jim Clyde Monge


Can You Sell Images Created in DreamStudio?

Yes, you can copy, modify and distribute your images — even for commercial purposes.

Additionally, you may change or overpaint the images in your own artistic style before posting them to your social network accounts.

An introduction to Stable Diffusion's DreamStudio. | Video: MattVidPro AI

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Advantages of DreamStudio

Personally, I was shocked and felt a bit sad when Stable Diffusion shut down the free discord bot. Although it was anticipated, I did not think it would happen so quickly.

On the plus side, the new DreamStudio app will provide additional functionality, stability and a more seamless user experience. It now competes directly with Dall-E2 in the market. The created results are equally nice, and it’s a less expensive choice.

The commercial space of text-to-image tools is starting to heat up. I’m excited to see what’s going to happen next.


DreamStudio Use Cases

While AI image generation continues to evolve, there are currently some exciting ways DreamStudio can be used by individuals and companies alike. 


Creative Endeavors 

Individual creatives can develop their own artistic styles by experimenting with DreamStudio’s smart filters, typography tools and other editing features. Users do have the right to sell whatever they create with DreamStudio, allowing independent artists to support their own business or side gig.  


Educational Content

DreamStudio can be used to generate images that accompany text in online courses, textbooks and other learning materials. The AI generator itself can also aid art teachers in exposing students to different styles and techniques. 


Marketing Campaigns 

Marketers leverage DreamStudio to design images and visuals for social media posts, website landing pages, marketing materials and other formats.


Professional Branding

Smaller teams or individuals can turn to DreamStudio to generate logos for branding purposes. Gamers, graphic designers and other creatives can also produce avatar images and artistic headshots.


Frequently Asked Questions

When was DreamStudio released?

DreamStudio was released in August 2022.

Who owns DreamStudio?

DreamStudio, along with Stable Diffusion, is owned by Stability AI.

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