An AI video generator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to help users make unique videos, as well as edit them. While some videos are based on existing footage or material, most AI video generators work by using a text-to-video process, where a user types in a text prompt and the tool generates a video from scratch based on that.

AI Video Generators to Know

  • GliaCloud
  • InVideo
  • Lumen5
  • Pictory
  • Synthesia
  • Synthesys
  • VEED
  • Wisecut

To be clear, we aren’t talking about deepfakes or other deceptive media. These AI video generators aren’t manipulating existing videos or photos with the intention of tricking users with fake or synthetic images. Rather, they’re a form of generative AI, meaning they are capable of generating original content based on the data they’ve been trained on and the inputs fed to them. Their purpose is to help users quickly create professional-looking videos for their personal or business use — whether that be a brief tutorial or a sales presentation.

Of course, not all AI video creators are alike. Some require more technical skills than others, while others need just a couple of text prompts. Whatever the case, with the power of AI, machine learning and natural language generation, these tools can automate the video creation and editing process.

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Popular AI Video Generators

A collage of the Designs.AI AI video generator. offers customizable templates, text-to-video and voice-over options. | Image: allows users to create videos through its wide selection of customizable templates, which are organized by industry, format and even season. It also offers a text-to-video tool where users type in the video’s title and script, and choose from voice-over and language options. Once the video is created, it can then be resized for compatibility across a variety of social media platforms. also uses AI to automatically generate custom banners, logos and mock-ups in a matter of minutes.'s AI Avatar generator. allows users to create customized avatars, which can be used as presenters in videos. | Image:

With, users can automatically generate videos at scale using nothing more than a link to a blogpost, or a PDF of a presentation. In addition to text, also allows users to create a customized avatar, which can be used as a talking presenter in a video as opposed to using an actual person. Avatars can range from photorealistic people to cartoon characters. After it is created, users can also hop into the videos and make changes before downloading it.


A collage of AI generated videos made by GliaCloud
GliaCloud can create content for any occasion, which can then be shared on social media. | Image: GliaCloud


Users can generate videos with GliaCloud using anything from a news article to statistical data as inputs. They also get access to GliaStudio for any media assets they might need, whether that be photos or music. Plus, GliaCloud offers specific features depending on whether the video is intended for news or marketing purposes. For instance, news videos offer the ability for users to easily edit and update their videos in real time to keep up with breaking news, while marketing videos allow teams to turn user generated content into videos that can be shared on social media.


Invideo's AI video editor.
InVideo offers advanced video-editing features and an AI-powered tool that solves design mistakes. | Image: InVideo


In addition to its text-to-video generator and advanced editing features, InVideo offers an intelligent video assistant — an AI-powered tool that automatically checks for and solves design mistakes. InVideo is capable of producing a variety of videos, including promos, presentations, testimonials and even memes, all of which can then be automatically shared on social media channels. The platform has been used by several major companies, including CNN, Microsoft and Caterpillar, according to the company’s website.


Lumen5's AI video generator dashboard.
Lumen5 likens the ease of its video-making platform to creating slideshow presentations, where everything can be dragged and dropped to the user’s liking. | Screenshot Lumen5


Lumen5 likens the ease of its video-making platform to creating slideshow presentations, where everything can be dragged and dropped to the user’s liking. Designed specifically with marketing teams in mind, the platform allows users to customize their videos with brand-specific fonts, colors, logos and more, and comes equipped with a large library of licensed videos and photos.

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Pictory using their AI video generator to go viral on TikTok. | Video: Pictory


Pictory makes it easy to convert longform text into short, shareable videos for social media, as well as edit them. It can also take a long video and, using artificial intelligence, extract “golden nuggets” hidden deep within them, making it a good resource for making quick highlights reels of Zoom meetings or virtual conferences. All videos created with Pictory are automatically captioned, making them more inclusive and accessible to viewers.


Rephrase.AI’s AI video generator creates videos in under five minutes. | Video: Rephrase.AI uses generative adversarial networks, or GANs, which are a class of deep learning models that use two neural networks to compete with each other — one generates fake images based on an existing image data set, and the other learns to identify the difference between the real and fake images. The platform uses this technology to create custom avatars, which can then be accompanied by AI-generated voice-overs. can also generate personalized videos according to the viewer, making it a good tool for e-commerce.


Synthesia's AI video editor.
Synthesia offers AI-generated avatars and voice-overs that can be translated into over 50 languages. | Image: Synthesia


Like, Synthesia also offers AI-generated avatars in its videos. The platform also uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to analyze written content and then generate videos with voice-overs, which can be translated into more than 50 languages. Reuters, BBC and Accenture are among the more than 40,000 companies using the tool, according to the company’s website.  


Synthesys AI generated avatars.
Synthesys has been used to generate sales videos, animations, explainers, TV commercials, podcasts and more, according to the company. | Image: Synthesys


Synthesys is yet another AI video generator capable of creating AI audio and AI avatars, using text-to-video and text-to-speech technology to do so. On top of being able to create videos with an AI presenter solely from a text prompt, it can also create voice-overs thanks to its library of 65 voices (35 feminine, 30 masculine). To date, Synthesys has been used to generate sales videos, animations, explainers, TV commercials, podcasts and more, according to the company.

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Veed's AI video editor.
VEED is an ideal tool for social media influencers, Twitch streamers and video podcasters. | Image: VEED


VEED is more geared toward AI-assisted video editing than generation, offering a wide variety of features ranging from background noise removal to captioning. It also has tools specifically for live streaming, allowing users to go live on multiple platforms at once, record it and edit it so it can be reposted on social media. This makes it an ideal tool for people like social media influencers, Twitch streamers and video podcasters.


An overview of Wisecut’s AI video editor. | Video: Wisecut


Wisecut is also focused on automated video editing. Using facial and speech recognition, the platform helps remove things like pauses and background noises, as well as generate subtitles and language translations. It also makes it easy to add copyright-free background music that is tailored to the video and edited so that it doesn’t drown out speech.

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